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Review: "Blood magick" by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
Book 3 in series Cousins O'Dwyer
Main characters: Finbar "Fin" Burke and Branna O'Dwyer

This is the third and last book in this series :) so we have a big conclusion to the overall story arch and I will do my best to write you a spoiler free review even if you are brand new to this trilogy ;) but first, if you missed it before, and because these books are so connected, I'm gonna leave you my reviews of the previous stories so you can check it out if you want to :) this is book #1 -> here <- and you can find book #2 -> here <- :) but if you're not in the mood to read them now, here's a quick summary of the story :) there was a powerful Dark Witch in the 13th century and a very evil sorcerer who wanted her and her power for himself... that story did not ended well and her children, and their own descendants have not truly defeated this evil sorcerer to this day... I'm mentioning that, because the first two chapters in all of the books are about those three children and what happened to them... and then we jump to our own century and the circle of six characters who play the main roles in this story now :) each book is centered around a different couple among them, but all of them appear all the time and are equally important :) but let's focus for a moment on the couple from this story, shall we? :)

Branna is the descendant in this pairing and definitely someone I can relate to... she is NOT a morning person, and so am I ;) although not in such an extreme way as her... seriously, do not come close to her until she's had her coffee... there is much damage a pissed off witch can do to you is she wants to ;) she is also the one who thinks too much and worry about everything and everyone... the fact that they have not yet defeated the evil sorcerer took its toll on her... but still she remains strong :) I think she's the center of the whole group, especially since everyone tends to gather in her place to eat her food ;) and the we have Fin... he has a magickal connection of his own, and no, that's not a typo :) "k" is there on purpose because of the way it's spelled in the books :) but back to Fin :) he's powerful and... well, because of the spoilery nature of other informations I would like to share with you I'm not gonna say anything more :) all I can add is that he is a businessman who owns or co-owns a few places in their town and who travels a lot... and there is a very good reason for that, because...

Fin and Branna were actually together some time ago... when they were both young and much more innocent... there is of course more details of that story that I can't share with you, but I can say that I missed reading about them when they were young... we know from book #1 that there is a history there, so I was kind of hoping that when I will get to their book I will see a flashback or two to that time... but unfortunately, that's not the case... theirs is the most complicated relationship in this series, because even after all these years spent pretty much apart, they still love each other... so it's very satisfying to finally see their happy ending... :) you can't count that as a spoiler guys,... you know I only read books with good endings, right? ;) as in all of the other books, the romance part is only half of the story... the other half is of course the attempt to defeat the evil sorcerer... and as you can probably guess, since it's the conclusion to this series, that this situation is resolved... :) but ssshhhh... no more details about it ;)

Besides the main couple, we have the rest of the circle as well :) so there's Iona, descendant of the Dark Witch, who came from America to Ireland and fell in love with Boyle, the co-owner of the stables where she starts working, from book #1 :) and there is also Connor, the descendant who works in a falconry school and Meara, who works with Boyle, from book #2 :) I don't wat to say too much about them, since all of them got their own reviews, so if you're looking for a bit more details, go check out the links I left you in the first paragraph ;) as I said before, they are a big part of the story because I am counting the six of them as main characters in this series :) and let's not forget about the animals, since all the descendants have a very special connection to certain animals... I don't want to say too much, cause it's pretty cool, but there is a horse, a hawk and a hound ;)

Because this is a conclusion to the trilogy, we do get a lot of answers in this book... :) our final couple gets together and we see how this big overall arch ends :) not to mention that there is also a lot of really good stuff happening with the two previous couples ;) and as in all her books, Nora Roberts have a way of creating beautiful bonds and connections between characters... and I am not talking only about the couples... but also about those friends and family relationships :) this trilogy is an equal mix of contemporary romance and magickal elements, and since all the books are already available, you don't have to wait to see how it all ends ;) go check it out ;)

As in other reviews of this series, I only have for you a few quotes, because most of the ones I would like to use are too spoilery or they were a few pages long ;) since all the best banter occur during scenes when they are all together and I can't quote here all chapters ;) so just believe me that the writing style is really good and this is just a very small example of what's waiting for you in the books ;) happy reading :)

Part of the conversation between Branna and Meara :)
"'I couldn's find a bloody thing that applied to this.' Branna sat, poking at the salad she'd made to go with a pretty penne and a round of olive bread.
'I'm not sure you can Google the cave of a sorcerer from the twelfth or thirteenth century.' Meara slathered butter on the bread.
'You can Google near to every bleeding thing.'"

Part of a conversation between Branna and Fin about a party ;)
"'How many are coming?' Branna wondered.
'I don't know, precisely. I just set the word out.'
'You could have half the country there!'
'I didn't set word that far out, but if that's the case, the caterer will be busy.'"

Fin and Branna a bit further in the book ;)
"Fin came in with a ridiculously enormous bouquet of lilacs. The scent of them filled the air with spring and promise. She wondered where he'd traveled for them, and arched her eyebrows.
'And I'm supposing you're thinking a forest of flowers buys your way into dinner and sex?'
'You always favored lilacs. And both Boyle and Connor did mention going off tonight to give us the cottage to ourselves. Who am I to disappoint my mates?'"



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