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Release blitz + Review: "Kissed by reality" by Carrie Aarons

Author: Carrie Aarons
Standalone, but... ;)
Main characters: Finn Wyatt and Leighton Aldridge

First of all, let me explain a few things ;) I received this ARC in exchange for an honest opinion, and by now I hope you trust me enough to know that I will always write you my real thoughts and that I would never recommend you a book that I didn't love myself... :) and to be honest, I did have Carrie Aarons and her books on my #BookMountain for some time now, so when I saw the opportunity to get my hands on her newest gem, I knew I had to give it a try :) so imagine my joy when it landed on my kindle :) and the best adjective I can use to describe this book is... addictive... :) also surprising works really well ;) but mainly addictive :) I'm gonna elaborate more on that in a minute, but I have to say one more thing first :) I know that by now you might be used to the fact that I pretty much always put quotes at the end of my reviews to show you the writing style and the vibe of the book... but I couldn't do it this time :) and believe me, not because the book sucked :) quite the contrary :) the writing style was amazing, it's just that there's so much history between our main couple and a lot of things are happening really quickly in the story, one surprising twist after another, that pretty much all that I wanted to use was too spoilerific :) but take my word for it, the writing is amazing :) ok, now that all that is out in the open, how about we dive a bit more into the details about our main couple :)

So... Finn and Leighton... :) when I say there's history between them I mean it :) they met on one of the programs in "Mr. Right" franchise... a dating reality tv show :) they connected pretty much instantly and got together very quickly after that :) but things got... well, it ended for reasons that I can't tell you :) sorry :) but now we have a few months later and Finn, a wounded war veteran, is America's newest Mr. Right and Leighton decides to go back to that franchise to win him back... that's pretty much all the details I can share with you... :) if you think I'm kidding or exaggerating, be sure to read the book and then tell me what more can you say without spoiling what's gonna happen... ;) it's much more trickier... is that even a word? :) nevermind, let's use it anyway ;) so it's much more trickier than you think... :) also, I love when I have in books description of certain characters that compare them to actual people :) I have a pretty good imagination, but it's easier to visualize, when I can just google them ;) so to give you a little glimpse into our main couple I have for you pics of the actors mentioned in the book that they look like :)

So now that you know how they look, I will try to tell you a bit more about them... and really guys, I am doing my best to come up with stuff I CAN share with you, but it's not easy :) so like I mentioned before, when they met there was an instant connection :) he was mesmerized by her, and I can't really blame him :) she was fun and snarky and never made him feel like less of a man because of his prosthesis... because he lost part of his leg... and I loved that about her :) so even after they broke up, I was rooting for them to get back together :) and, well... damn... I really can't say anything more ;) just be prepared for the unexpected... ;) cause there were quite a few surprises along the way before a very beautiful ending to this story :)

Now about the secondary characters... :) again, my problem is still the same... I can't tell you a whole lot about them, mainly because it would expose some of the key players for you too early on in the book, but I will share with you my favourite scene-stealer... ;) Carter, Finn's younger brother :) he was hilarious and just a real gem... plus, it definitely doesn't hurt that he was compared to Thor on more than one occasion... ;) and even though this book is a standalone, at least for now ;) I can absolutely see a potential for some future books about certain characters... and Carter would be definitely on top of my wish list ;) so you have to read this book soon, so we can all start a petition together to inspire Carrie to write about him ;)

Even though I can't share with you guys any details about this story, because it really is best for you to not know certain stuff before they happen, I can share with you my thoughts and impressions :) so I kind of wasn't sure what to expect of this book, cause to be honest, I never watched, nor do I have any inclinations to do it in the future, any kind of dating reality tv show :) so imagine my shock when I fell in love with this story :) it was the best kind of a surprise :) this book was addictive from the start :) it's the perfect adjective to describe my experience with it :) the writing style, the characters, all the twists and turns in it... and believe me... I was surprised more than once... :) it starts as this really fun and entertaining story, but it's the second part of it that shocked me the most... it was surprisingly serious and emotional at times... not to mention astonishingly sweet... and I definitely did not expect to tear up reading it... don't worry, no spoilers from me :) plus, it has two perspectives people... and you know how big of a fan I am of that :) especially when it's done well, like in this case :) so if you are looking for an entertaining story with a fantastic writing style, that will make you feel all the feels... seriously people... ALL of them :) look no further and pick this one up :) it's funny, sweet, sexy, surprising and will keep you up way too late just so you can finish it ;)

I even have the links you might need right here ;)

And I know that I didn't have quotes for you, but I do have some very pretty teasers... ;)

About the author :) 

Author of romance novels such as the Over the Fence series and Red Card, Carrie Aarons writes sexy, swoony and sarcastic characters who won't get out of her head until she puts them down on a page.

Carrie Aarons has wanted to be an author since the first time she opened a book, and can't describe what it feels like to be able to write love stories as an actual career. She loves spinning tales that include dapper men, women with attitude, and the occasional hunky athlete.

When she isn't in what her husband calls a "writing coma," Carrie Aarons is freeing-up her jampacked DVR, trying to become the next HGTV star as she DIYs her very first house, and planning her next travel adventure. She lives on the east coast with her husband whom she loves dearly for supporting her crazy dreams and putting up with her sassy, extroverted ways.

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