Monday, April 18, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #9

Fantasy... oh how I've missed you
Feeling the pressure 
How I STILL haven't seen THAT movie

Welcome to another monday and a brand new edition of my #RandomRamblings post :) this one is gonna be a mix of very different topics, but I'm just gonna explain about them more as I go :) so let us start completely out of order this time :) because chaos, that's why ;)

So about THAT movie... :) "The huntsman: winter's war" is one of my most anticipated movies of this year... and I was so excited to see it... you can read all about it in my #RandomRamblings post from last week :) I have link for you right -> here <- :) but have I seen it yet? funny you ask... cause that's a big no... my stupid cold prevented me from seeing it last week, but I am extremely determined to see it this week... finally :) so no spoilers, if you've already seen it :) be cool :)

And in the vibe of the chaos and everything let's jump back to the first part of the headlines :) last week I read a really good book... "A court of thorns and roses" by Sarah J. Maas and I absolutely loved it :) expect a full review soon, so I'm not gonna go now into too many details, but I will say this :) it was a fantasy story, a retelling of a fairy tale even, and it was soooo good that it reminded me why I love those kind of books so much :) you may not know that about me, cause if you follow my blog, you may think that I am more of a contemporary / new adult, real world books and stuff :) but that's not exactly true :) it just happens that I read the majority of fantasy and / or paranormal books before I started my blog :) that's why there's so little actual reviews of these types of books here... and it just sort of happened that I discovered a lot of fantastic contemporary authors in that time, and they had more than one book written and it just... I don't know... :) they just needed to be read I guess... ;) it also connects with the stuff that I'm gonna write about in the next paragraph, but I will explain that in a moment :) let's go back to fantasy :) it's been so long that I forgot how much I love and need those books :) so I am definitely gonna incorporate more of them into my reading from now on :) I already have a bunch of recs to check :) you can find them on my shelf on goodreads named in the same way :) and if we're not already, be sure to send me a friend request so we can be #GoodreadsBesties and I can stalk your account to find more recs :) that's me -> bookworm8619blog <- :) and if you have a book rec, be sure to send it my way :) even though my #BookMountain is already way too big, I'm always on the lookout to add more books to it ;)

And that brings us to that middle part of the headlines :) I just wanted to share with you guys some stuff that's been going on in my head... :) and I'm talking about the pressure of being a book blogger... don't get me wrong, I am talking solely about the pressure I put on myself, it's not like there are people standing behind me with bats or something ;) let me try to explain... it might be a little chaotic, but just bear with me :) I love reading... as long as I can remember I was drawn to the written words... to the worlds and characters created by an endless list of authors... I love the escape these stories can provide... losing yourself between pages... :) and my blog was created from that love of books :) I love sharing my passion with you guys, and writing for you about different authors and stories... you have no idea how amazing it is to hear from you that you bought a book because of me and loved it :) or that you discovered a new favourite author here... :) it warms my little cynical heart so much... ;) and the more I was writing here, the more my writing style evolved and improved... at least I hope it's better not only in my opinion :) but lately I've been feeling this pressure... like I said, it's totally internal... this pressure to read more... write more... post more... and I need to shake it off :) because it's starting to take the joy from my reading... and that's not good... :) so I needed to remind myself that not all my reviews have to be super long... not all my reviews have to have quotes... I don't have to post four of them in one week... no one is forcing me to do it... :) so I just need to take a step back nad chill ;) but don't worry, that does NOT mean that I'm gonna disappear on you or anything :) I have a lot of really cool books that I got my hands on before the release dates... so many lovely ARCs that I can't wait to share with you... :) so I will be posting reviews and other interesting stuff... :) I guess I just needed to get this off my chest :)

That's a wrap for today people :) if you have any thoughts, opinions or book recs you'd love to share :) be sure to write here or on my facebook page :) cause I always love talking to you guys :) big big hugs full of book-ish love to you all ;)



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