Monday, April 11, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #8

The huntsman: winter's war
My NetGalley ratio struggle
It's here... the book finally came ;)

Hello my awesome people on another edition of my #RandomRamblings post ;) I may shock you a bit, if you know me and my love of chaos... ;) or maybe more that the chaos definitely love me ;) but I am gonna do this post in the order of the headlines... ;) I know, shocking :) so without further ado, let's dive into the first one :)

"The huntsman: winter's war" is one of my most anticipated movies of the year :) it has fantasy, awesome villains and Chris Hemsworth in it... ;) what more could a girl want? ;) I even have a trailer for you :)

And I am finally going to see it in two days :) I mean, I hope to do it, because my sore throat and the beginnings of a cold may stand in my way... ;) but fingers crossed that I will be able to see it soon... :) well, in the worst case, it's gonna be next week, so either way, very soon :) <shudders with excitement> I can't wait :) if you know me a bit, then you are aware how much I'm in love with fantasy stories... and when they are retellings of fairy tales... ooohhh, it's even better :) and to be honest, it's both queens that are my main reason to go see it on the big screen, not the huntsman ;) but whenever I'll go, you can expect a review-ish type of thing about it in some other edition of #RandomRamblings post :)

So onto the second part of the headlines :) A few weeks ago I finally joined NetGalley, which is a great source of possible ARCs for professional readers, blogers and such :) and I requested a bunch of them :) I didn't get all, but I actually got quite a bit :) which leads to my struggle ;) cause there is a "feedback ratio" on each profile, that shows you how many feedback you sent out of all the books that you got accepted for :) and mine is about 50 % right now... with the preferable level of 80 % :) which is really bugging me right now... and let me tell you why :) I don't sign up for many "release blitz" or "cover reveal" events, because when I do, I need to be sure that I will be able to fully participate... the same goes with ARCs sing ups :) I need to be sure I will be able to read the book before the date when I should post my review :) but on NetGalley is like... every time I go there, I find another book or two... ;) so even if I'm reading all the previous ones, my ratio is not changing... :) so I decided to not request anything more until I finish all the ARCs I already have... :) especially since I need to be able to read what I want and not to feel the pressure to read this or that, just because the date is coming closer... :) cause you know me and reading under pressure... it never ends well :) and I need my ratio to go up, because I need it to reflect the responsible and awesome blogger that I am ;) if that makes any sense... ;) it does to me, soooo... ;)

And now let me freak out over this little gem that came in the mail a few days ago :) there's a pretty awesome story that goes with it, but first, some pics :)

"Happily ever ninja" by Penny Reid is book #5 in her Knitting in the city series :) it's a contemporary romance about a couple that is already married for some time :) she is an amazing author, but at some point I'm gonna do a post dedicated solely to her and all of her awesomeness :) today I want to concentrate on my story :) so, a few months before the release of this book, Penny wrote on her facebook page that it would be a wonderful idea if the chapter headlines were actually parts of real life letters between couples or to a future spouse, in case you are single, like yours truly ;) she said that they can be long, short, happy, sad, basically whatever you want them to be... :) and every person whose letter got chosen will get a signed copy of it... you see where I'm going with this...? ;) so I decided that it would be a good idea to try it... :) it was a really good feeling actually, to put my thoughts into words like that... a sort of therapeutic experience... ;) it was a very personal letter and I sent it and just got in out of my mind... especially since a few weeks passed by, then some more and I haven't heard back... and then, two days after Christmas I got an e-mail from Penny saying she chose my letter and to sent her an address where the book should go :) I squeeled... and then went into shock... and then sort of hyperventilated a bit ;) and then I went into panic mode, because that e-mail have been sitting in my inbox for TWO DAYS before I read it :) I immediately responded, but since the book was out in the late january I wasn't sure when it will get to me :) but that detail was not important :) and then on friday I finally got it in the mail :) and it's so pretty :) I pet it all the time... it's not weird, right? lots of people pet their books... don't they? ;) it stands proudly on my shelf, so I can look at it constantly :)

So that's a wrap for today people :) but before I go, I'm gonna mention to you, that this week is a busy one here on the blog :) cause you're gonna get from me a brand new review of a book today :) and it was such an addictive read, I can't wait to share with you my thoughts :) then later today you'll get a bonus: a cover reveal :) and then also this week, additional TWO reviews :) I know, I'm spoiling you ;) hope you'll enjoy it ;)



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