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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #7

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Hello hello my awesome people in the brand new edition of my #RandomRamblings post :) this one is definitely gonna be very book-ish related :) and since I've recently started to discover how much awesomeness can be found on Goodreads, I'm gonna share with you some of that stuff too ;) but before I start, I would love us to be #GoodreadsBesties :) so if you haven't already and you want to... ;) and I hope you'd like to, but if not we're still cool ;) be sure to find me there and send me a friend request :) I'm right here -> bookworm8619blog <- :)

Before I get into all the details about my account, I wanted to share with you guys something that gives me great joy :) I am on an ARCs binge read lately :) which is a great accomplishment for me and my blog :) because to do that, I need to have access to ARCs :) and I have quite a few of them :) and most of them are very good :) I signed up lately on NetGalley and to a few release blitzes and I've been going through the books that are gonna be published in the next two months or so :) I figured that since, first of all, I am curious about them, then I should read them :) and second of all, I have a few reviews all ready to post, so with the upcoming releases in april, I'm pretty much set when it comes to regular posts on my blog :) and believe me, I am sooo looking forward to being able to share with you guys my full reviews of some of them, cause there are some gems in there that you should all read :)

Now that my biggest joy is out in the open, let's go to the last part of the headlines... because what fun would be in doing them in order ;) I used to have a private account on Goodreads :) but it was a total mess... like seriously, all over the place... ;) I used it mostly to keep track of the upcoming releases and didn't know that you could do so much more there :) I created the "official" Goodreads account a few months ago, but haven't really done anything with it until recently :) when I finally sat down to check it out more thoroughly I was blown away :) so I quickly decided to get rid of the messy account, cause it would take me forever to go through it :) and now I am slowly updating my new one :) I am adding the books I've read, the ones I want to read and reviews from my blog there :) it's been going slowly, but I'm getting there ;) just give me some more time ;) and of course if you have some book recommendations, you can always send me them there or here or on my facebook page :) cause you know I'm always on the lookout to add some stuff to my ever growing #BookMountain ;) I am also rocking my Goodreads challenge for 2016 :) I'm way ahead in my 52 books :) cause I already read 29 :) but I'm not gonna change the number :) when I was thinking about how many I want to read, I figured that one book per week is a good amount :) cause I have times when I read one book in two days, but there are also times when I read one book over two weeks :) so I figured that 52 per year is a good balance :) but now that I am reaching that goal much sooner than I expected, instead of upping my amount, I'm just gonna see how the rest of my year will go and adjust my next year challenge accordingly :) you may also notice that not all of my books have reviews or even star ratings... that's because I've read some of them too far in the past and I'm not sure how to evaluate them :) because there are series that I truly love in general, but I know that some of those books were 4 stars reads, and other 5 stars :) so until I re-read them at some point, or have a lenghty and detailed discussion with my sister about them, I will leave them be ;) but if you want more info about some of them, or want to ask about some things that might be considered a spoiler, feel free to do that :) I'll do my best to help you and answer that :)

Last but not least I want to talk to you guys about my shelves on Goodreads :) first of all, I have a lot of them, but most are pretty self-explanatory like names of authors or series :) genres are also pretty clear :) even though some of you may put books in other categories, there's not much explaining to be done about them :) I want to talk to you about four others I have there :) first of all, "ARC" shelf :) it's the one where I have all the ARC's I got, plus the occasionally free book I got from the author after it was released :) I'm always mentioning that fact in my review, but if you would be interested in what books and reviews might be coming soon, you can check it out :) second shelf I want to tell you about is "all time favourite" :) as the name suggests, you can find all my favourite books ever there :) it can change with time, but all of the books there have a very special place in my heart :) they all have in common a fantastic writing style, characters that stole my heart and just overall awesomeness ;) next we have "tbp + date" :) all of that shelves mean "to be published + month and year" :) and they are gonna be the source of my "books I can't wait to get my hands on" posts ;) so if you want a sneak peak or you are just curious about what books I am looking forward to the most, check them out :) but I do have to warn you, I don't have all of the books on them yet, since I'm still updating all of my shelves :) and the last ones I want to talk about are "recs to check + genre" :) since so far I've been writing down all of the recommendations I get from #BookBesties or find on blogs and through some of my favourite #BookTubers... ;) by the way, I'm gonna have to do a #RandomRamblings post about them at some point :) would you be interested in that? :) me sharing some fun people who talk about books? let me know :) but back to my shelves :) I used to write all those authors / books / series down in one spreadsheet in excel, but recently I found some of them mentioned there like four or five times... ;) so I decided to start marking them on Goodreads :) that way I can see if I already looked at it before and I can have them divided into smaller categories, so when I'll want to check something new, it will be easier to find a book perfect for my mood ;)

That's a wrap for today people :) hope you enjoyed my ramblings, because I had a blast writing it, as I always do :) if you have questions, comments or suggestions, be sure to contact me here, on my facebook page or on goodreads :) cause I always love to hear from you :) maybe you want me to babble about something in particular next week? :)



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