Friday, April 29, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) may edition

Well hello there my awesome people :) how time flies by... ;) because it is yet again end of the month, and that means I get to ramble about all the books I can't wait to read from the upcoming month... :) and I am not talking about all the ARCs that I am currently in the middle of reading... it is like abyss of awesomeness for me, because... well, free books ahead of the release dates :) and most of them are sooo good... ;) but their time will come, and this post is about something else :) so I'm gonna talk to you about five absolutely fantastic books that I am really looking forward to... it was hard to choose the one I can't wait to read the most, but ultimately it had to be... drumroll, please... ;)

"Grin and beard it" by the phenomenal Penny Reid :) it's book #2 in her Winston brothers series and I am so in love with all six of them that it's not even funny :) it's gonna be a contemporary romance and if you follow my blog for some time now, you know how much I love Penny and her writing style :) she is my ray of sunshine in the sea of mediocre writing :) her books are hilarious, quirky, smart, unique and just perfect... <sighs> :) and I may or may not read an excerpt from this particular book in one of her newsletters... that was a mistake ;) becuase the waiting time for this story was significantly harder after I did that ;) but now it's just a few weeks away and I'm super excited :)

The second book that I can't wait to read... and it's just around the corner ;) is "A court of mist and fury" by Sarah J. Maas :) it's the sequel in her A court of thorns and roses trilogy :) I read the first one a few weeks ago, so my waiting period was not very long, but don't worry, I will suffer with the rest of you waiting for the conclusion to this gem :) it's a fantasy story, a retelling of sorts with magic and all sorts of creatures... :) book #1 had "Beauty and the beast" vibe in it, but I have a feeling that in this second one more stories will be incorporated into it :) and I am all for it, because I loved the beginning and can't wait to see where all of this goes :) I am also definitely looking forward to writing the review for this book, where I will be able to share a bit more spoilers, cause I deliberately wrote my review of the first book totally spoiler free :) we will see how this story will turn out, cause I certainly have my ideas that I would love to see unfold in this one... only time will tell if I was right ;)

The third book I really want to read is "Idol" by Kristen Callihan :) it is the only one without a cover yet (as of yesterday when I wrote and edited this post) that's why it's missing from the collage of the covers below :) it is book #1 in her new series, VIP :) and believe me, I am dying to see what she has for us now... :) cause I already love her sports themed series, Game on :) and her paranormal / steampunk series Darkest London :) so when I heard that she will publish a book about a rock star I was like "hell yeah... gimme gimme gimme..." :) I am a big fan of her writing style and the way she crafts stories and characters, so my expectations are pretty high... but I have yet to be disappointed by one of her books, so I'm pretty optimistic as well ;)

Book #4 in this post is actually a standalone... or it's a standalone as of this moment, because who knows... maybe it will turn out to be the beginning of a series :) and it is "Showmance" by the lovely L. H. Cosway :) and again, I am already a fan of her writing style, because I absolutely adore her Hearts series and Rugby series that she co-writes with amazing Penny Reid... and yes, that is the same Penny Reid I mentioned in the second paragraph of this post :) so it's yet another book that I have very high hopes for, but at the same time I'm pretty certain that it will be just as good as I hope, if not better :) another contemporary romance that will brighten my days... :)

And last but not least we have a paranormal romance :)  "The darkest torment" is the newest addition in Lords of the underworld series written by Gena Showalter :) and a word of warning, you do need to read this one in order, otherwise you will be totally lost... trust me :) but it's a very interesting series with ancient warriors cursed to house demons in their bodies as a punishemnt for their involvement in opening the Pandora's box... :) and even though the main hero of this book was not the one I wanted to read about next, I am curious nonetheless what Gena Showalter prepared for him :) I was really looking forward to read about a few other possible couples, but I guess I do understand that some of them needed a bit more time and build up before a book of their own :) plus, I did enjoyed all books in this series, even if I wasn't sure about the pairing before, so I'm hoping this one will be just as fun and entertaining :)

That's a wrap for today people :) I shared with you all sorts of different stories that I can't wait to read in the upcoming month... or to be more precise, the books that I want to read that are gonna be published in the month of may, cause I have no idea if I will be able to read all of them so soon... because of all the ARCs :) my sister is already pretty mad at me, because I still have yet to read books I wrote about last month... and the month before that... ups... :) but I will get to it :) I promise :) I'm sure we have some books in common, but what else are you looking forward to get in the upcoming month? let me know, cause I'm always looking for stories to add to my ever growing #BookMountain :) leave a comment here, or contact me on Goodreads or on my facebook page :)



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