Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: "Sugar daddy" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 1 in series Travis family
Main character: Liberty Jones

I have a dilemma people... because there are some things that I need to tell you about this book... there are also some things that I really really want to tell you about it... and then there is a whole lot of things I absolutely cannot tell you... and I think it's gonna be really hard to find a compromise between the three ;) so bare with me and hopefully by the end of this review we will all be happy ;)

So you might be wondering why I wrote that there is only one main character :) let me explain :) the official blurb may be a little misleading, because after reading it (you can find it by clicking on the book title above) I expected something a bit different :) so if you want to know the real feel of the book don't click on it and just keep reading :) we meet Liberty when she is fourteen-ish ;) she moves to a new place with her mom ;) and basically the first half of the book is the next ten years of her life, how she handles the things that happen to her... I can't say anything more, even though I'm really tempted, but I don't want you to have any spoilers... and yes, I am aware that this book was published a few years ago, but to some of you it may be brand new ;) like for me before I read it ;) so no spoilers from me ;) the actual "romance" part starts in the second half :) and it's not exactly a "love triangle" either... at least not in the usual sense... yes, there are two guys involved, but... maybe let me tell you first about the guys :) one of them is Hardy, someone she fell in love with, when she moved to that new place as a teenager... there was definitely chemistry between them, but they shared only a kiss or two before he left... and then years later she met Gage :) they kind of had a rocky start, but it turned into something more over time :) so you can probably guess by now, that is exactly the moment when Hardy returns to her life... and that is all that I'm gonna say :) well... maybe I will also add, and don't follow the link if you don't want to know ;) that the other guy, will be the hero of book #2 so you will read his happy ending as well ;) I really can't write anything else, because I don't want to share too many details, so maybe instead of focusing on the little things, let me share with you my feelings and impressions of the whole book :)

I first got to know Lisa Kleypas and her writing style through two of her historical romance series :) Wallflowers and The Hathaways :) they are both amazing, hilarious, sexy and surprising :) I was mesmerized and swept away into the pages of each and every single one of those books :) so I was both curious and had kind of high expectations about this book :) curious, because I wasn't sure is she could repeat that magical feeling from her historical romances in a contemporary story... :) and my expectations were pretty high, because I was already used to her fantastic writing style :) and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed at all :) well, after I adjusted to the fact that it's not a straight up romance from the very first chapter ;) it's more of a book showing the growth and changes of a woman... how she deals with what life throws at her... how those situations and people she meets along the way influences her :) it was a fantastic read... :) and when we got to the second part, the more "romance" part of her story... my oh my... ;) it was even better ;) so I definitely would recommend the book, just be prepared for something different :) but don't worry, it has a truly beautiful happy ending with an adorable epilogue :) and I am very satisfied, cause I was totally rooting for her to pick the guy that she actually ended up with ;) but don't worry, I won't tell you which one it is ;)

I have just a few quotes for you, because... well... most of the really good ones were too spoilerific ;) but believe me when I say that the book is written fantastically, and there are definitely moments that will make you laugh, tear up a little, make "aaawwww" noises, gasp in surprise and your toes will absolutely curl in a few places too ;) so be sure to check it out ;) happy reading :)

When Hardy helps Liberty with her fear of dogs :)
"'Now,' Hardy coached, 'offer a biscuit to the black one with your hand open, palm up. Don't look him directly in the eyes. And don't make any jerky movements.'
I switched the biscuit to my left palm.
'Are you a lefty?' he asked with amiable interest.
'No. But if this hand gets bitten off, I'll still have my good one to write with.'"

Part of a conversation between her and Hardy :) Liberty first :)
"'I'm the worst basketball player in school,' I told him. 'Maybe all of Texas. I can't make the ball go in that thing.'
'The hoop?'
'Yeah, that.'
Hardy studied me for another long moment. A smile curled one corner of his mouth. 'I can give you some pointers. Lord knows you couldn't get any worse.'
'Mexicans can't play basketball,' I said. 'I should be given a waiver because of my heritage.'"

When Liberty helps Gage when he's sick :)
"'You need to eat something,' I said decisively, 'even if it's just a piece of toast. Before rigor mortis sets in.' I held up a finger like a stern schoolteacher as he began to say something. 'I'll be back in fifteen to twenty minutes.'
His mouth turned sullen. 'I'm locking the door.'
'I've got the key, remember? You can't keep me out.' I slung my purse over my shoulder with a nonchalance that I knew would annoy him. 'And while I'm gone - I'm trying to put this diplomatically, Gage - it might not be a bad thing if you took a shower.'"



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