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Review: "Shadow spell" by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
Book 2 in series Cousins O'Dwyer
Main characters: Connor O'Dwyer and Meara Quinn

This is the second book in a trilogy, so it's gonna be a bit tricky to write you a review without spoiling too much in case you haven't read the first book yet ;) but I'll do my best :) if you are interested, and just missed it before, I'm gonna leave you the link to my review of book #1 -> here <- it's spoiler free with a bit of introduction to the whole story :) but in case you're not in the mood to read the whole review, here's the quick summary ;) there was a Dark Witch in the 13th century who had three kids, and there was also an evil sorcerer who wanted her and her power for himself.... without giving much more details away, that story did not ended in a good way, and her children and their descendants to this day haven't really defeated him... I'm telling you about this, because the first two chapters in all the books are about her kids, and what happened to them a bit later in life :) and from chapter 3 we skip ahead to our century and main characters :) and about our main couple... ;)

Connor is one of the descendants I was talking about :) he's very friendly, open and talkative :) people are drawn to him, and he always has something good to say to them :) I loved him from the very first time I saw him in the previous book, so I was looking forward to reading his story ;) he also works in a falconry school which I think is pretty awesome :) and then we have Meara :) strong, stubborn, amazing Meara ;) she's definitely not as open to other people as Connor, but she has her own reasons to be more suspectful of love... she has a big family and more often than not they get on her nerves but she loves them nonetheless... ;) she works in the stables with Boyle (more about him in a bit) :)

Meara and Connor have been friends for years, never wanting to risk that for the elusive "something more"... until some dramatic events in this book, and don't worry, I won't give away any details ;) but something happened that resulted in a hot kiss in the car... ;) and once you open that door... there's really no going back ;) but it was actually really sweet to see how he tears down wall after wall around her heart... not to mention that usually it's the other way around, and it's the guy who needs some convincing... ;) and once their friends knows what is happening... apparently it was obvious for them that it was just a matter of time ;) and about that friends... :)

We have Iona and Boyle, the main couple from book #1 :) Iona is the magickal descendant in their case... and no, that was not a typo, the "k" is there on purpose, cause it's the spelling from the books ;) she came from America and now she's with Boyle, co-owner of the stables where she works :) and even though they got their story, all six of main characters are very present in all of the books, so even though the romance part of the story concentrates on a different couple each time, all of them have vital parts to play in defeating the evil sorcerer... :) and we also have Branna and Fin :) Branna is the descendant, but Fin has his own magickal connections that I won't reveal here in case you haven't read the previous book and you don't want any spoilers ;) as I said, I count all six of them as main characters of this whole series, because they appear a lot in all of the books, but there is a bit more of each couple in their own story ;) and we can't forget about the animals :) all three of the descendants have their own special connections to a hound, a hawk and a horse... again, I don't want to say too much about it, just that it's really important and the bonds between them are beautiful :)

This book continues the quest to defeat the evil sorcerer... the first book lasted for about half the year, this one is about 3-4 months and I'm guessing we will round up the whole year in the third and last book ;) Nora Roberts really likes to do that in her trilogies :) which is actually a very beautiful metaphor, and works really well especially if there is magick involved ;) I really can't say much more about what exactly is happening in this story, because it would be too spoilery for you if you haven't read the first one... or just too spoilery in general ;) but I am gonna say this... Nora Roberts is a lovely author, who creates amazing characters and beautiful connections between them... the middle book in each of her trilogies is always a charming mix of a couple who is already together, a couple whose journey we can witness and a couple who is on their way... ;) we also have another attempt to defeat the big bad character and resolve this great conflict, and it's no spoiler that it won't really work how they wish it would work... I mean, if we all know there will be three books, we also know that they won't defeat him in book #1 or #2... it's gonna be in the conclusion ;) so I am very curious about the ending of that whole story :)

I have just two quotes for you today, because a lot of them are too spoilerific to put here, and the rest of them are too long... ;) most of the really good ones are from scenes when we have all six of them, and the banter is really good :) but I can't quote here like three whole pages ;) so you gotta take my word for it, the book is written in a great style :) happy reading :)

Part of a conversation between Connor and Megan, one of his clients about a hawk, Sally ;)
"'Here's my card. My website's on it. And I wrote my personal email on the back when I got my camera. In case you have any questions or follow-ups about... Sally.'
'That's grand.' He slipped it into his pocket.
Shortly, after helping Megan settle Sally in her container for the trip, Connor climbed back in his lorry.
'That's grand? That's all you have to say about it?' He cast his eyes to heavens as he drove. 'What's come over you, O'Dwyer? The woman was gorgeous, single, clever, and a keen hawker. And she gave you an open door a kilometer wide. But did you walk through it? You didn't, no. <That's grand> is all you said, and let that open door sit there.'"

Part of a conversation between Connor and the rest of the circle ;)
"'I'll tell you, but... thanks.' He took the glass Boyle offered, drank. Winced. 'Jesus, it's brandy. Can't a man get a whiskey?'
'It's brandy for fainting,' Boyle insisted.
'I didn't faint.' Both mortified and insulted, Connor pushed the glass back at Boyle. 'I fell unconscious from my wounds, and that's entirely different. I'd rather a whiskey.'"



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