Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: "Marked in flesh" by Anne Bishop

Author: Anne Bishop
Book 4 in series The others
Main characters: well... about that ;)

Ok people... first a few words of explanation :) this review is gonna have two parts :) the first one, when I will tell you about this whole lack of one main character and a bit more about the world in general, is gonna be totally spoiler free :) and then the second part, when I will concentrate on reviewing this particular addition to the series with spoilers from the previous three books, but no worries, it will be very clearly marked, so there's no way you're gonna read something accidentally :) if you read a spoiler it's gonna be totally your fault, cause I'm gonna give you like three huge warnings, so don't go blaming it on me later ;) are you guys ready? ok, let's start with some basic info :)

This series definitely has a paranormal / urban fantasy vibe and it takes place in sort of an alternative version of our world :) and the world in these books is populate by two different types of creatures :) one of them are humans and the second one are others :) and those "others" can take many different forms... we have among them sanguinati (think vampires), shape shifters of many different sorts, elementals and many, many more :) in the first two books, Meg Corbyn is the main heroine, but with each additional story we get to know more characters, so by book four we have a pretty large group :) but let's go back to Meg :) she's very unique :) she stands sort of between humans and others... cause technically she's human, but... :) let me try to explain :) she's cassandra sangue, or a blood prophet as they are called... that means that her skin is very valuable, cause every cut on her results in a vision of the future, that many people are willing to pay a lot of money for... so the blood prophets are kept in compounds, supposedly for their own good... we met Meg in the first book, after she escaped... she headed straight for the courtyard :) and courtyards are places in big cities, when some of the others live as sort of a representatives for all of them, to keep humans in check... I don't want to say much more, in case you are new to this series, but I will add this... :) the first book is my absolute favourite so far... :) it was a fantastic introduction to this whole world and all sorts of different creatures in it... the second book was also really good, showing us more and diving deeper into the details and secrets of the world and its inhabitants... but the third one was kind of a disappointment for me... mainly because I expected a bit more resolutions than questions from that book... it had soooo much subplots and I missed my favourite Lakeside courtyard characters :) but no worries, this fourth book was better :) so now let me go into a bit more datails about it :) and this is your first SPOILER WARNING :)

Seriously people, if you have not read the previous three books, and you don't want to know what happened in them DO NOT READ THIS PARAGRAPH :) to all of you who are still reading, be prepared to see some SPOILERS :) not too many, but I know how I hate to read unexpectedly in a review something like "and I hated when XXX died" and I'm here like "hello... not all of us read this book already, maybe a little warning?" :) that's why I do spoilers free reviews most of the time :) but sometimes an exception has to be made :) ok, now let's finally go to the book :) after the third one, the story dragged a bit for me, and the beginning of this one was similar... I was afraid after reading the first few chapters, that it would be a repeat of my impressions from book #3... fortunately, that was not the case :) things were definitely happening in this book, let me tell you... :) a lot of them :) I totally understand why some opinions I've read claimed that it feels like the last book in a series ;) because we finally have this BIG THING happening near the end of this book... the thing that we were building towards for quite some time now :) in this book humans finally learn why you should never piss off others... because the ones you see are definitely not the most dangerous creatures that exist in this world... and I was cheering for them so much... :) so be prepared to see that Humans First and Last finally get what they deserve... :) we also see a possibility for the blood prophets to share their visions in a way that will maybe let them live longer... it's a very interesting idea, so I won't say anything more about it so you can discover it for yourselves :) we also see how the cassandra sangue are living outside of the compounds... not to mention, that we get to know even more about certain secondary characters in this series... ok, so maybe there weren't many spoilers in this paragraph, but hey, better to be safe than sorry ;)

Now let me tell you a bit more about my impressions :) I've had a bit of mixed feelings about the beginning of the book... on the one hand, I loved that there was a bit of an explanation about the situation and all main characters, cause if you read a lot of books, like I do, you might have troubles remembering what happened previously, what are the rules of the world you're currently reading about and so on... :) so these few sentences here and there definitely helped me remember what's been going on :) on the other hand, the amount of subplots and places the book took us to, was a bit too high... but then one thing happened after another, so many surprising twists and turns and I was glued to the book reading page after page after page, because I needed to know how all of this will end... :) I was actually afraid that this BIG THING will happen in the last book and I was trerrified that I will need to wait a whole year to see the consequences of some really stupid and terrible things some humans did... but don't worry... it's all in this one... :) so all in all I really enjoyed this book :) even though some parts of it made me really sad... it stands on the high second favourite place in this series for me :) and I am more than curious to read the conclusion to this series, cause I have some ideas what can happen in it... and all I can and will say is "it's about time" ;) all of you who read this series know who and what I'm talking about ;)



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