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Review: "Lick" by Kylie Scott

Author: Kylie Scott
Title: "Lick"
Book 1 in series Stage Dive
Main characters: David Ferris and Evelyn "Ev" Thomas

You guys... this book was... just... I have no words... GAH!!! :) it was freaking AMAZING!!! :) I am totally counting on my enthusiasm to dial down a bit after I write my review cause I kind of have a feeling that my sister is starting to get tired of hearing me saying all the time "this book was so awesome" :) especially since she read this whole series months ago and immediately after finishing it she kept telling me to read it, cause I would love it... so now I am totally kicking myself for not reading it sooner... why, why, WHY have I waited so long?!?!? :) I could have read this awesomeness and re-read it a few times in the months they waited for me to finally pick them up :) so if you haven't read them yet, do not repeat my mistake and go check it out now :) and let me tell you why it will be your bestest decision ever... ;) and yeah, bestest is totally a word ;)

First of all, we have our main couple :) Evelyn studies architecture and is just turning 21 :) she's smart and sweet, but definitely not a pushover ;) she's more of a "good girl" type :) but she is perfectly able of tearing someone a new one, when she feels that they deserve it ;) David on the other hand... ;) he's about five years older than her and he's definitely one of the "bad boy" type of guys... with his dark hair, a bit longer... and all the tattoos and piercings... <sigh> and did I mentioned that he's the lead guitarist in this super hot band Stage Dive? ;) and he writes songs... <double sigh> ;) sorry, I spaced out for a second there... ;) but I'm gonna do my best to stay on David.... damn it, I meant "stay on topic" ;) stupid brain... ;)

Before I tell you more about how our main couple got together, let me first concentrate a bit more on the secondary characters :) so we have the rest of the band, obviously :) Jimmy, the lead singer and David's brother and Ben, the bass player, appear in only a small scene here and there... so there's not much I can say about them... :)  but we definitely see more of Mal, the drummer, who is the hero of the next book... and one I absolutely cannot wait to read :) he's super hilarious and I can't have enough of him :) we have also Lauren, Ev's best friend and roommate :) she's an awesome friend, caring and protecting and funny as well :) I wouldn't mind to have a Lauren in my life :) there are of course more people, but you can discover some of them on your own ;) all you have to know, is that they are all there for a reason... and I definitely cannot share some of those reasons because I want you to gasp in surprise like I did ;)

Now back to our main couple... :) now that is a crazy story ;) as I said before, Ev just turned 21, so when Lauren proposed to celebrate in Vegas, she agreed... I mean what can go wrong with that plan? ;) so after a lot of tequila shots, she wakes up on a bathroom floor... with a huge ring on her finger... yep, they got married :) and not only married, but they also have tattoos of each others names... ;) and the best part is that she doesn't even knows that he's famous :) what can I say... she's more of a country fan ;) and did I mentioned that she doesn't remember any of that? ;) I don't really want to tell you much more besides that, because you don't need more informations to enjoy the book, but I am gonna say this... :) there's talking about annulment... then there's all the media hoopla around them and intruding in her life... there's also a getaway to a secluded place for an intense and oddly adorable few days... and then there's of course the big complication, a bit of a time jump and a beautiful happy ending :) see how I said some stuff without actually saying stuff? ;) you're welcome :) what I loved most about their story, is that they actually act pretty grown up... talking with each other and stuff :) so there is not much of unnecessary angst that I can't stand in books :)

Sometimes miracles can happen... you're in a certain mood and you manage to match a perfect book to that mood... :) I think this is what happened in my case with this story... and this series in general :) or maybe it's just so freaking awesome all on its own ;) I mean seriously, the writing style is simply fantastic :) I laughed and gasped and made "aaawwww" noises and then laugh some more :) chapter after chapter went by without me even noticing how far along I am... and before I knew it, the book ended :) did I thought that the whole scenario was realistic and do I expect that to happen to me in real life? hell no :) but it doesn't mean that I can't enjoy reading about it :) cause it was definitely entertaining ;) and as I said before, learn from my mistakes, and if you haven't read it before, be sure to do it soon... like seriously... very soon ;) you can trust me on that :)

I have a few quotes for you today :) believe me, I wanted to put here a lot more of them, but first of all, some of the absolute best ones were much too spoilerific :) and second of all, some of them were too long to quote here :) but believe me, these few are just a glimpse of the amazing banter you can see throughout the whole book, not only between our main couple, but also with amazing secondary characters :) happy reading :)

Part of a conversation between Ev and Mal :)
"'What about that song?' he asked. 'You like this?'
Miranda Lambert strode on screen in a cool '50s frock and I grinned. 'Miranda is mighty.'
'I've met her.'
I sat up straight. 'Really?'
More sniggering from Mal. 'You're impressed I've met Miranda Lambert but you didn't even know who I was. Honestly, woman, you are hard on the ego.'
'I saw the gold and platinum records lining the hallway, buddy. I'm thinking you can take it.'"

Part of a conversation when David tells Ev about their Vegas night ;) David first :)
"'Plus, I'd never been propositioned quite like that.'
'Yeeeeah. Okay, stop now.' I covered my face with my hands and he laughed.
'Relax,' he said. 'You were very sweet.'
'Sweet is not a bad thing.'
He pulled the Jeep into a gas station, stopping in front of a pump. 'Look at me.'
I lowered my fingers.
David stared back at me, beautiful face grinning. 'You said that you thought I was a really nice guy. And that it would be great if we could go up to your room and have sex and just hang out for a while, if maybe that was something I'd be interested in doing.'
'Ha. I have all the moves,' I laughed."

Part of a conversation between Ev and David a bit further in the book ;)
"'So, come on,' he said softly, taunting me. 'What's the plan here, Ev? How were you going to convince me?'
'Oh. Well, I was um... I was going to seduce you, I guess... And see what happened. Yeah...'
'How? By complaining about me buying you stuff?
'No. That was just added bonus. You're welcome.'
He licked his lips, but I saw the smile. 'Right. Come on then, show me your moves.'
'My moves?'
'Your seduction techniques. Come on, time's a-wasting.' I hesitated and he clicked his tongue, impatient. 'I'm only wearing a towel, baby. How hard can this be?'"

And the last one between our main couple ;)
"I had to stop looking at him. So I took a deep breath and studied my knees. My bare knees. I'd gone to sleep wearing jeans. Now I had only panties and my tank top on. My bra had also mysteriously disappeared. 'What happened to the rest of my clothes?'
'They left,' he said, face serious.
'You took them?'
He shrugged. 'You wouldn't have been comfortable sleeping in them.'
'How on earth did you manage to get my bra off without waking me?'
He gave me a sly smile. 'I didn't do anything else. I swear. I just... removed it for safety reasons. Underwire is dangerous.'
'I didn't even look.'
I narrowed my eyes on him.
'That's a lie,' he admitted, rolling his shoulders. 'I had to look. But we are still married, so looking is okay.'"



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