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Review: "Knox" by Eve Jagger

Author: Eve Jagger
Title: "Knox"
Book 3 in series Sexy bastard
Main characters: Cooper Knox and Shelby Masters

First of all, a few sentences of explanation :) I am able to post this review on the day of the release because I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author :) and before you all get into "since she got the book for free her opinion will be biased" let me stop you right there :) I am extremely proud of the fact that this blog and the fb page of it are mine and that I always write my own, personal and honest opinions :) even if sometimes they are different from yours :) but hey, I respect that :) so was I excited about this whole situation? hell yeah :) you can read all about it in my #RandomRamblings post from earlier today :) for your convenience I'm gonna leave you the link -> here <- :) but my opinion would be the same if I would find that book and got it on my own :) in fact, I was reading it with a much more critical eye than usual... :) why, you ask? well I'll tell you :) before I read a book I do a lot of research on it, checking my #BookBesties opinions and so on, so generally reviews I write are positive :) that's because I end up reading a book I really want to :) but this time I knew nothing about it :) which was exciting and new :) I actually chanted to my kindle "please be good, please be good, please be good..." before I started reading, because I would hate to write a bad review if the book would suck (although I would do it if that was the case) after Eve wrote to me... and she's such a nice person :) so imagine my joy when the book turned out to be fantastic :) and after my longer than expected explanation, let me dive right into the actual review :)

This book is #3 in the Sexy basterd series, but can totally be read as a standalone ;) I mean, I read it this way cause it was the first book ever written by this author that I came across :) although I would recommend you to read the prequel novella before reading this story, but it's currently free on Amazon so grab it while you can, you are not gonna regret it :) that novella describes a one night stand between Knox and Shelby... or what they thought would be a one night stand ;) and it gives you a great insight into both of the main characters of the story :) the actual book picks up a week after that :) it's a contemporary sports themed romance :) and believe me, even though I know basically nothing about most sports in general, it never stopped me from enjoying books about athletes ;)

So about our main couple... :) I absolutely loved Shelby :) she was funny and clever and you know how I love me a smart and sassy heroine :) she recently got promoted to VP of PR for Atlanta's football team :) she believes that baseball is not a real sport... just slightly better than golf really... which is hilarious when you take into the account that Knox is a... yeah, you guessed it... a baseball player ;) and he's definitely not just a hot and sexy athlete... :) he's funny and smart as well... :) he gets traded from New York to Atlanta and that's why the one night stand turns into something more... but there's a catch... :)

But before I go into more details about that, I need to tell you more about the secondary characters in this book :) so we got the couples from previous stories :) Ryder and Cassie from book #1, and Cash and Savannah from book #2 :) and after seeing them in this story I am definitely gonna want to know how they ended up together :) so it's great that in this book there are absolutely no spoilers about their histories :) and because Eve Jagger was such a sweetheart and sent them both to me, I am definitely gonna be reading them sooner than later... :) there was also Jackson, a very overprotective older brother of Shelby... seriously, there's overprotective and then there's whatever Jackson was doing... no wonder Shelby took the opportunity to go wild when she could ;) more about that in a second :) I also adored Ruby and Avery, Shelby's friends :) they were funny and supportive and surprising voices of reason on more than one occasion so basically best besties ever ;) but they all took second place after our fantastic main couple :)

So the catch that I mentioned earlier is about this... Ryder, Cash, Knox, Jackson and Parker are friends... and I mean they've been friends for years and hooking up with your friends sister is a big no-no in bro code... or so I've been told ;) but before you get all mad at Knox I have to say in his defense, that he didn't knew that on New Year's Eve, when he spent the night with Shelby... but she did... bad Shelby ;) in her defense, she really needed a break from her brother blocking every attempt at a relationship with a guy... :) besides it was suppose to be a one night only thing, since she lives in Atlanta and he in New York... so you can imagine his surprise when they meet again... :) they quickly decide to be just friends and to keep that one night a secret from everyone else, but since the attraction between them only grew and the chemistry is sizzling hot it's not long before there's a repeat of that New Year's Eve magic ;) and after that, they decide to see if there can be more between them... but in secret from others... of course stuff gets complicated along the way... some stupid decisions are made, but fortunately for me they are handled afterwards in a pretty grown up way... :) not to mention that the book ends with a fantastic epilogue... :)

I can honestly say that I adored this book :) the writing style was fantastic and there were two perspectives guys... and you know how much I love that :) especially when it's done as great as here, when you can actually see the difference between the way that Shelby and Knox think and talk... :) it was funny and emotional and sexy as hell... :) and I mean sizzling-hot-blushing-all-over-biting-your-lip sexy :) <fans herself> ;) just the right amount that makes you all hot and bothered without crossing the line into the "his hand is... where??? wait... and then the leg goes around and twists and... how's that even physically possible?!?" territory :) I devoured the prequel novella and the actual book in two days :) and I can't wait to read other books in this series :) and dearest Eve, I am seriously hoping that you are already working on or at least plotting out book #4 because I need more awesomeness from you :) the fact that I might have not heard of her if she hadn't contacted me is too scary to think about... <shudders> ;) so I'm just gonna concentrate insted on the fact that I now have one more amazing author to look for when I need a smart and sexy romance that will make me laugh and make "aaawww" noises in all the right places :) if you don't know her yet, do yourselves a favor and go check her out right now :) it's gonna be sooo worth it :)

I have for you some quotes today :) they are both from the novella and the full lenght book, because those two goes really good together ;) I wanted to share more, but some of them were too spoilerific or straight up too sexy to share in public ;) so this is just a glimpse into all the awesomeness that awaits you in the actual story :) oh, and the quotes from the novel are from the ARC version of it, so there might be slight differences in the finished version :) happy reading :)

If you are wondering why I would like to have a friend like Ruby, here's your answer ;) it's her advice about Jackson :)
"'Give him hell,' Ruby says as I zero in on him. 'And if that fails, give him a kick to the balls. At the very least, it might buy you time for sexcapades while he recovers.'"

One of the first conversations between Knox and Shelby :)
"Knox pulls the car up to the side of a community baseball diamond and I raise my eyebrows. Looks like every other field in suburban America. My mom and dad used to drag me to a similar one every summer to watch Jackson play. They'd even tried to get me into softball, but it hadn't stuck.
I give Knox a side-eye. 'I know diamonds are a girl's best friend, but for the record I prefer them shiny and encased in platinum.'
'I hope you find a guy with deep pockets for those expensive tastes.'"

Part of another conversation between our main couple :)
"'So.' Shelby takes a swig of her whiskey. 'Why baseball?' She needles me with her foot and I grab it before she can pull it away.
'Because I like to play a fake sport.' I run a finger lazily up and down her calf, loving the way she trembles at my touch. 'Why football?' I ask. 'Wait, no, let me guess - it's a real sport with plenty of eye candy?'
'You think you're cute, don't you?' she asks.
'Absolutely not. I'm hot as hell.'"

One of Shelby's inner monologues... and I totally get it ;)
"Dangerously sexy and masculine, but with a clean-cut, all-American ball player's swagger that makes you want to rip off that checkered button-down shirt he was wearing friday night to find out what's underneath. Only I already know.
And I also know what comes next. Kisses that just about melt your panties off, and hands that will have you writhing with a wild, animal desire in a record amount of time. The Atlanta Braves' new starting pitcher is very, very good with his hands.
I've been staring at the same spot on my screen for the past five minutes. Focus, Shelby."

One of the reasons why I am so curious about other books in this series :)
"'Ladies' night has officially begun!' Savannah pops the cork on a bottle of Merlot as she kicks off her shoes. 'Speaking of which. Shouldn't Ryder be off running a fight club or tending a bar?'
'Don't worry, Savy, I've got my prize fighter well-trained,' Cassie responds as she curls up in Ryder's lap. 'He knows he's bound to the girls' night code of secrecy.'
'My lips are sealed,' Ryder says. 'Besides, you can't kick a man out of his house when he's supplying the booze.'"

Just one more reason why I love sassy Shelby ;)
"'Don't forget that my overprotective older sibling will be around to cockblock any potential love connections I might come across.'
I swear that guy has a way of smelling any potential action that's coming my way. It's a wonder Jackson didn't sniff out the fact that something was going on between me and Knox up on that roof deck on New Year's. I wouldn't have been surprised to see him somersaulting over the building with a fire extinguisher, ready to douse even the tiniest spark."

I absolutely loved this part of a conversation between Knox and Jackson after Knox helped out Shelby ;)
"'What's going on, man?' I say as casually as I can.
'I'm calling about Shelby.'
Shit. I freeze in the midde of my house like he's going to pop through my door with a baseball bat in hand, ready to take his revenge.
How did he find out?
I panic, running through possible excuses. It's not what it looks like, I was just dropping her off at home. And staying over. And leaving looking like my head was stuck into a wind tunnel the next morning. Um...
'Thanks for taking one for the team last night, dude. I owe you one.'
I practically collapse against the sink in relief."

One of the reasons why I love group scenes so much... :) and no, I can't explain what exactly they are discussing, I'll leave that little gem to discover for you on your own ;)
"'Avert your eyes,' Ryder says as I come down the stairs. 'It's the third member of the fabulous streaking trio.
'We thought you guys were coming later,' I say with a scowl.
'And miss the annual meeting of the Naked Ladies' Water Ballet society?' Cash says. 'Not a chance.'
'Heard we missed quite the show,' Savannah says. 'No one thought to snap a pic?'
'Thankfully they didn't. And we agreed never to discuss this topic again,' Avery reminds the group.
'We're legends, Avery' says Ruby. 'I'm comfortable with that.'"



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