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Review: "The emperor's edge" by Lindsay Buroker

Book 1 in series The emperor's edge
Main character: Amaranthe Lokdon

First of all, I need to say something... :) Karen, I owe you big time for recommending me this series... :) maybe not like "I will give you my first born child" or anything, but close enough :) I did not expect it to be this awesome, especially when you said that the first book is really good, but the next ones are much better... ;) and now I'm sitting here thinking "it's gonna get even better?!?" and I don't know if I should be afraid :) someone actually may have to use smelling salts to revive me after I will fall dead from all the awesomeness... ;) and by that I mean Sicarius... ;) <sigh> you'll understand more in a second :) Karen, you had me at assassiny shenanigans when you were recommending this series to me and I'm glad I listened to you :) cause now we can share our love for this band of misfits and hopefully I can convince more people to read it :)

So let me tell you a bit more about this series... :) which is not gonna be easy cause even after reading this book I still have troubles putting labels on it and this world in general :) but I'll do my best :) I think the closest one I can come up with, is that it's a fantasy book with a bit of a steampunk-ish vibe going on... ;) but it's a mix of so many genres, that you shouldn't think too much about it and just go with the flow :) it's gonna be worth it :) but I am certainly hoping to learn more about the world in the next books :) by the time you're gonna be reading this I'm probably gonna be half way in the series :) and if you want to check, you can always add me on goodreads :) and in case you are wondering if it has a romance plot... well... :) sort of :) you can definitely see that some things might happen between certain people in the future, but it's definitely more subtle and slow burning :) now let me tell you more about the characters :)

Amaranthe is sort of the main character... ;) now let me explain why :) we meet her when she is one of a few female enforcers in the empire :) but that quickly changes when she learns about a nefarious plot to kill the emperor, not to mention the betrayal on his own court... dun dun duuuuunnnnn... ;) she's smart and clever, but I love that she's not some super warrior, who suddenly knows how to fight in several different styles :) but she definitely uses everything she has to get herself out of many different troubles throughout the story :) after some stuff that happens, and no, I can't share details, so you'll gasp in surprise just as I did ;) she joines forces, or the closest you can do when you are dealing with a dangerous, mysterious and feared by everyone assassin, Sicarius :) it may be wrong but I am totally swooning over him right now :) Karen, we can sigh together over him from now on ;) and not only him, but she gathers the most unexpected, weird, awesome and entertaining group of misfits I've read about :) I don't want to say too much about them here, so you can have the best and most funny surprises on your own, but Books, Maldynado, Akstyr and one more, whose name I can't share now because that person joins them near the end of the book, are a mismatched and hilarious group and I love them all :) there's also the emperor himself, and Sespian was a surprisingly interesting character as well :) I would love to tell you more about them, but I'm afraid that more details would be too spoilerific :) believe me, just by knowing their names you know who's gonna be important :) and I truly believe that it's better if you see for yourselves why I love those characters... ;)

The writing style reminded me a lot of Penny Reid, which is a huge compliment, cause I absolutely love her :) this book was quirky, smart and hilarious, because saying it was simply "funny" is not enough :) at first I was a bit confused, cause we are thrown in the middle of the world that we know nothing about... :) and to be honest further down the road we don't get too much explanations either ;) but once you embrace that, and just concentrate on the characters and action, the book is absolutely fantastic :) once you have all the main players in one place, hilarious banter follows them everywhere :) and I am more than excited and curious to know more about them :) especially since I know that in the future books we are apparently gonna get chapters from different points of views... :) I can't wait to get inside their minds... :) so if you don't know that series and this author yet, be sure to do yourself a favor and pick at least the first book to try it out :) if you enjoy smart writing style, hilarious humor, surprising twists and turns, adventure, assassins and shenanigans this book is perfect for you :) I really hope that I convinced you to read it by saying stuff and actually not saying any details... :) it was quite a challenge this time, because a lot happened in this story and I don't want to give away any spoilers :)

I have just a few quotes for you today, but believe me... this is just a small glimpse into all the awesomeness that is this book :) I couldn't put here the best banter, because it involved a lot of spoilerific details, but I hope these few will convince you to pick up the book and see for yourself how amazing it is :) happy reading :)

One of many reasons why I love Amaranthe and her way of thinking ;)
"'Uhm, hello,' she said, then cursed herself for sounding like a scared child. 'I'm Corporal Amaranthe Lokdon. Commander of the Armies Hollowcrest requested to see me.'
'It's late,' one of the guards said in a voice reminiscent of boots grinding into gravel.
'I realize that. Could you check to see if I'm on the list?' She had no idea if there was a list, but it seemed like the right thing to say.
Both guards offered flat unfriendly stares. Their humorless expressions were so similar Amaranthe wondered if it was part of the training. Disapproving Stares, the Advanced Course."

Part of the first interaction between Amaranthe and Sicarius :)
"'Can you help me?'
He stared at her without expression. Amaranthe shifted her weight, and snow compacted beneath her boots.
'I understand you probably don't get asked that often,' she said, 'but the expected responses are yes and no. Stony silence is not helpful, though if it was accompanied by a nod or head shake it would be decipherable."

And another one with Amaranthe and Sicarius ;)
"'If you can get a team together, I'll work with you.'
Amaranthe just managed to curtail a triumphant fist pump. 'That'll be acceptable. Any other concerns? Any questions?'
'One,' he said. 'During what phase of this plan will you start wearing clothes?'
She looked down. It wasn't exactly that she had forgotten she was standing in icy water, stark naked; she'd just forgotten to care. Reminded of her state, she blushed and grabbed a towel.
'Truly, Sicarius, if it weren't for your sinister reputation, I'd suspect you of a sense of humor.'"

And one more with them :) I just can't help myself :)
"'Remember,' Amaranthe said, 'the goal is to recruit this fellow to work for us. We don't want him killed or maimed.'
Sicarius slanted her a cool look.
'Of course, you know this already. I'm just concerned that your...' she groped to express her concern diplomatically, '...admirably honed assassin's instincts might forget.'
Silence was her answer. She tried not to feel nervous. It didn't work."

A bit of a group interactions :)
"A wagon loaded with ice rumbled through a cross street, and the driver whistled at Amaranthe. Maldynado snickered, and she quirked an eyebrow at him.
'Sorry,' he said. 'Am I supposed to defend your honor when they do that?' I'm a little unclear on the boundaries of our agreement.'
'No, I was just wondering why it was funny.'
'Because he was eyeing you like he thought you'd be a good time, and you're... ah...'
'Reserved?' Books suggested. 'Dignified?'
'No,' Maldynado said. 'Do you think you're a dictionary or something?'
'A thesaurus perhaps,' Books said.
'Proper?' Akstyr asked. 'She's kind of proper.'
'No,' Maldynado said. 'It's more...'
'Focused,' Sicarius said.
The others considered, then nodded and grunted agreement of this pinpoint description. Amaranthe smirked; at least dissecting her character together kept them from snapping at each other. She might be able to create a cohesive unit after all."

And the last one between Amaranthe and Sicarius :)
"'You said nothing to me of the newspaper clippings.'
'No, because you were displaying... snippiness yesterday.'
'Snippiness?' he asked.
'It's a word.'
'I think not.'
'I'll ask Books when we get back.'"



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