Friday, March 11, 2016

Review: "Changing the game" by Jaci Burton

Author: Jaci Burton
Book 2 in series Play by play
Main characters: Gavin Riley and Elizabeth Darnell

First of all, I need to admit that I needed a break while reading this book... but don't get me wrong, not because it was awful or anything, but because my mood changed and I didn't have as much fun as I should have while I'm reading about some hot athlete ;) I mean, if you need a visual just look at that cover... ;) so I decided to listen to the voice of my inner bookworm and skip to something else... and again, it was the best decision ever :) cause after a short break I got back to this book and it was much better ;) and that only proved my point :) so now let me tell you more about this book and why you should put it, and this series, on your list ;)

We met both main characters in book #1 :) Gavin is the brother of Mick, the main hero from that story, and Elizabeth was his agent... she's not anymore because of some stuff that I can't say more about, in case you haven't read that book yet :) but let me tell you more about our couple :) Elizabeth is a bad-ass agent for a lot of athletes :) she's smart, tough and uses all she can to her advantage, including the fact that she's smoking hot :) she's one of the best in her business :) and even though she's no longer Mick's agent, Gavin is still her client :) and about him... ;) Gavin is a baseball player :) I could probably go back to the book and found you the exact name of the position he plays, but to be honest, I know nothing about baseball, so it's probably safer if I remain as vague about sport related details as possible ;) but since he plays regularly, you can assume that he's really ripped... and that is totally true ;) again, just look at that cover... <sigh> ;) he's this easy going, laid back guy, who's a bit tired of living in the shadow of his big brother... he's also a huge ladies man... ;) but who can blame them, since he's charming as hell ;)

They've known each other for about seven years, since she's been his agent for that long :) she's actually been in love with him for quite some time now... although can you really call it love? but either way, she definitely felt something more towards him, and he had no clue about it :) but around the time she messed up big time with his brother, she kissed Gavin... and that definitely left an impression... ;) so a few months later he finally hunts her down to... how can I say it... seal the deal ;) they have this short termed fling, that ends because, well... this is the only outcome when you're not really communicating with each other ;) but don't worry, there's much more going on in the book, but I can't spoil you every little thing now can I? ;) so let me just say that it's hot, hot hot ;) with an exception for a sweet scene here and there... but mostly hot ;)

Besides the main couple we have lots of fantastic secondary characters :) first and foremost, the whole Riley family :) there's Mick, from previous book, along with his fiancee and her teenage son ;) although Mick is acting throughout most of the book like a real jerk... I get that he has a point, and he's still mad for a reason, but enough is enough ;) don't worry, he finally gets it ;) and then there's Jenna, their sister :) and a heroine of the next book :) and I have to say that I can't wait to read the story about her and a certain sexy hockey player... <coughs> Ty <coughs> ;) I don't know why, because I have no clue about hockey either, but there's something about hockey players that gets me all dreamy... ;) and of course we cannot forget about the parents :) I love them :) they are both so wonderful and welcoming and I can't get enough of them :) but there are also some new faces, especially Shawnelle and Haley, wives of Gavin's teammates :) they quickly became good friends with Elizabeth :) but all of them definitely added another awesome layer to this book :)

I was afraid of reading this book, cause I didn't really knew how this particular two can end up together... and after my a bit rough start, I was starting to doubt my initial love of this series... fortunately it was only because I was in a mood for something else... and when I got back to this story... damn... it all clicked in the best possible way ;) writing style is really good, similar to book #1 :) so the main adjective I can use is hot, hot, hot... and yes, I needed to repeat that more than once cause it was that hot ;) don't worry, it was also funny and with a lovely ending ;) so I can definitely recommend it with a clear conscience :) and more, my sister already read the next four books, and she says they only keep getting better and better, so I am really looking forward to reading them :) and I can already start to see a pattern of introducing a bit better main character or characters from the next book in the story you're reading, which I love, cause it gives me an additional glimpse and makes me that much more curious about the next book ;)

I have for you just a few quotes today to give you a little glimpse into what's waiting for you inside the book... don't worry, there were a lot of really good ones I couldn't share here because they were A -> too spoilery, B -> too hot, sexy and inappropriate or C -> all of the above ;) but be sure there's much more waiting for you once you read it all :) happy reading :)

Part of the conversation between Elizabeth and Gavin ;)
"'You surprise me, Gavin.'
'Yeah? In what way?'
She turned her back to him again and shrugged. 'In a lot of ways.'
'Wanna give me a list?'
'No. Your ego is inflated enough.'
'Now that hurts my feelings.'
'No, it doesn't.'
'You're right. It doesn't.'"

And another conversation between them when she discovers one of his talents ;) Elizabeth first
"'What are you making?'
'Pan-seared salmon with pasta and spinach cream sauce.'
She laughed. 'No, really. What are you making?'
He slanted her a look. 'That's really what I'm making.'
'I'm stunned. And will be highly impressed if you don't poison me.'"

Part of the scene when Shawnelle and Haley try to give Elizabeth advice... it involed a lot of alcohol ;) Shawnelle first
"'See, this is the problem with men and women and relationshits. Shit. Relasinsips. Dammit. Relationships. There, I got it. Lies and games and positioning. You should try honesty. Communication.' She tilted her head at Haley. 'Look how well communication worked for Haley. She's having great sex now.'
'I'm already having great sex.'
Shawnelle snorted. 'You know what I mean, missy. Don't try to double-talk me. I'm a lawyer.'
'Yeah, but you're a drunk lawyer.'"

Part of Elizabeth's inner monologue ;)
"Elizabeth nursed a cup of coffee and the largest glass of orange juice ever. Whose brilliant idea had it been to have margaritas? Hers, probably. Ugh. This was a good time for a self-reminder on the evils of alcohol and why she very rarely overimbibed. Weren't girlfriends supposed to watch over you and prevent you from doing stupid shit like this? As she recalled, Shawnelle and Haley, her partners in crime, had gone along for the ride with her. At least she took comfort in the fact they were probably suffering just as badly as she was this morning."



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