Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #6

Fantasy, action and adventure
Laughing like a muppet
Movies I can't wait to see on the big screen 

Welcome to another edition of my #RandomRamblings post :) this week on tuesday as an exception, instead of our usual monday post :) but that's beside the point :) I want to talk to you guys about movies today :) cause apart of being a huge #BookWorm and reading all the time I also love going to the movies :) and even though I enjoy comedies and romance movies and on occasion or two even dramas :) what I love the most are action and fantasy movies :) all others I can watch at home and enjoy them equally, but those are the ones that I need to see on the big screen :) and I wanted to share with you guys some of the movies that I'm impatiently waiting for :) but before that, let me explain that middle part of the headlines ;) I think I mentioned it before in one of my other #RandomRamblings post, but if you missed it or don't remember, I'll say it again :) my sister, J, is always saying and complaining a bit ;) that when we go to the movies and it's a really funny one... well... I tend to laugh really loud ;) she compared me to a muppet on more than one occasion ;) but that's ok cause I really don't care ;) I have a great time and I'm not ashamed of that ;) but I do try to tone it down a bit if the movie is really hilarious... ;) "try" is the key word in that sentence... ;) and now let me share with you guys some of the movies I'm counting down the days to see, in the next few months :)

So the first one, and I'm gonna do them chronologically by the date of the premiere, because I can't decide which one I'm looking forward to the most is The huntsman: winter's war :) it's a sequel, but actually a prequel to Snow White and the huntsman... I'm not quite sure :) but it's the mix of everything I love in the movies... :) amazing characters brought to life by fantastic people, fantasy mixed with action plus a little bit of a retelling fairy tales... count me in ;) Emily Blunt's scream in this trailer still gives me chills...

The next one is of course Captain America: civil war :) I am a huge fan of other Marvel superhero movies so you can imagine the anticipation that's been building inside of me to see this one :) even though I hate to see my favourite characters on the opposite side of a conflict, I can't wait to see this one on the big screen :)

Movie #3 is X-men: Apocalypse :) why I can't wait to see this one? again, the action and fantasy elements... plus, I've always been a fan of the mutants... :) not to mention that I adore the actors who are playing most of the parts in this movie :) I mean, come on... James McAvoy AND Michael Fassbender in ONE movie?!? <double sigh> ;)

Next one is strictly fantasy :) I have been hoping for a sequel to Alice in Wonderland for a long time and now Alice through the looking glass is finally almost here ;) I loved the first one and I'm very curious if they are gonna capture that magic in the sequel... I guess we'll find out soon, won't we... ;)

The next one is Warcraft :) and even though I'm not a fan of the game... well, it's not like I hate it, I just never played it... to be honest, I'm afraid I'm gonna get addicted, so better safe than sorry ;) but again, fantasy elements are definitely a plus for me in this one :)

Now this one... this one I am looking forward to with a smile on my face... ;) Now you see me 2 is a sequel to the surprisingly titled Now you see me ;) and since I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, I am counting on the repeat of action, comedy and a bit of magic ;)

I'm not gonna lie... the main reason I want to see The legend of Tarzan is Alexander Skarsgard ;) but I mean come on... I know some of you are thinking exactly the same thing... ;) don't worry, your secret is safe with me :) don't get me wrong, I would be interested in this movie even with another lead actor, but this one definitely encourages me to go see it on the big screen... ;)

And last but definitely not least there's Suicide squad :) I have a good feeling about this one... ;) what's not to love? interesting characters... sarcastic humor... action... :) fingers crossed it's not gonna be a disappointment... :) plus, the use of "Bohemian rhapsody" in this trailer is just... pure perfection... :)

That's a wrap for today people :) what movies are you anticipating the most? do we have some of them in common? be sure to share them here or on my fb page :) cause I would love to geek out over them together :) plus, did you guys knew that I'm on Goodreads? :) click on this link -> here <- and send me a friend request, so we can be #GoodreadsBesties together ;)



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