Monday, March 21, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #5

Plans for the next week and a half
Fangirling over authors
My very first ARC's

Hello my awesome people :) we have another monday and that means a new edition of my #RandomRamblings post :) and this time I'm even gonna write about everything I mentioned in the headlines in that exact order... ;) I know, shocking :) but hey, you can't always be chaotic and all over the place like I usually am... ;) so first things first :)

Since I am going away to visit my family for the holidays, I am gonna be away from my computer and wifi... ;) and that will affect my posting habits for a few days... but no worries, I figured out a plan that will make all of us happy :) so the plan is as follows: you will have a brand new review later today :) I know... two posts on the same day... crazy ;) but it's happening for the reasons I'm gonna share with you later in this post, so for now just keep reading :) then you'll gonna have another review on thursday, before my departure :) next week, my #RandomRamblings post is gonna appear on tuesday, not monday, but that's just a one time exception, since I'm back home that day :) and after that, a new review on wednesday and "books I can't wait to get my hands on" post on thursday :) and after that we'll see... ;) so if you think about it, not much is gonna change on the blog :) I will also prepare a few posts for my fb page so there will be something new there every day :) but it may take me a while longer to react if you guys write something to me :) because there's only so many things I can do on my phone and mainly because when you visit your family, you usually want to actually spend time with said family :) at least I want to do just that :)

Now about that second part of the headlines... :) you guys know already that I love to read... :) duh, it's pretty obvious :) I've been blabbing about books for quite some time now... ;) so for me authors are like celebrities / rock stars :) I know in the logical part of my brain that they are just human people and everything, but it doesn't change my reaction when I interact with them :) I'm in a full blown fangirl mode at that point :) and I am only talking about interacting online... I'm afraid to think what would happen if I actually saw them and got a chance to talk to one of my favourite authors face to face... :) but I appreciate each and every time an author takes time to respond to what people post on their social media pages :)

And now let's go to my favourite part of the headlines... ARC's... plural and everything :) it was suppose to be just one, but recently I got another few :) and I am super excited about all this :) I mean, it's books... not only that, but it's free books... free books that I received BEFORE the release date :) <squeels with joy> :) and I am not ashamed of my reactions at all... :) although to be honest I said more than once throughout the last few days this phrase:

To those of you who watched it without sound, she says "I have got to chill" :) and I know that for some people my level of excitement might be really high, but I don't care :) I'm happy and I wanted to share my happiness with you guys :) I started this blog out of my love for books and me wanting to share that passion with others :) and recently I started dipping my toe in the NetGalley and ARC's and all that stuff :) and it's exciting :) and to those of you who might think that I will write only good reviews about the books I get that way... don't worry :) I am extremely proud that everything I post on my blog and my fb page are honest and true to my thoughts and impressions :) everything you guys read was written by me, no one else :) well, except all the quote / pictures that you see on the fb page :) those gems are all made by my sister J :) she finds the quotes and pictures and creates all of them for all of our pleasure :) I am more than happy to share them with you, but I would never take credit for her work :) thank you J :) but everything else, the reviews, daily ramblings on fb page and now this weekly posts are all me :) and the reason why most of my reviews are good ones is because I do a bit of research before actually choosing a book to read :) so that's why I'm rarely disappointed in them :) they are usually highly recommended by my trusted #BookBesties :) but even if I don't like the book or something in it, I'm never rude or disrespectful... you guys, there's a difference between saying that you didn't like the main character and claiming that the author is stupid and no one should ever publish his or her books... and believe me, I've read stuff like that online... not cool... ARC's are my way of trying out stuff that I'm interested in, but may not have a chance to find on my own :) I signed up for books that really caught my attention and by the time you'll be reading this, I'm gonna be reading one of those interesting stories ;) but I will always have a special place in my heart for Eve Jagger :) she was the first author ever to contact me about an ARC of her book :) and now I am extremely grateful that she did that... because not only she's like this super nice person but she writes amazing stories :) in fact the review that will appear later today is gonna be of one of her books, "Knox" :) and believe me, you'll want to read it and then go and get it for yourselves cause it was sooooo good... :) but more details about that in a few hours ;)

That's a wrap for today people :) I hope that by now you guys trust me to share only my honest opinions with you... :) and since I'm gonna be away I need to prepare next week #RandomRamblings post in the next few days... so what do you guys think if I would do it about movies? :) I mean, I'm probably gonna do it anyway, but it would be nice to know that you'd be interested in it :) yeah... movies, definitely... with some very cool trailers so we can geek out together :)



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