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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #4

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Usually I write about more than just one thing, but since this idea will take a lot of space... probably... because we all know how I like to babble about books ;) and since I wanted to still have the three parts headline, that's what you got ;) usually I write these posts on sundays and edit them the same day so they are all ready to post first thing on mondays, but since this one will require a lot of thinking and deciding... and probably a brain storming session with my sister, J :) I'm starting it a few days earlier :)

Ok, so first things first, a quick explanation :) I've seen these posts and videos around for quite some time now, and I always enjoy reading/watching them :) why? because they are always so interesting :) basically, it's nine, well... not questions, but more like talking points :) yep, there are nine opinions for you to share with the world :) and believe me, I've heard some very interesting ones already :) but I do feel the need to point out, that this will be only MY opinions :) you may agree with some of them and disagree with the others, but please respect them :) there's no need for the pitchforks people ;) and definitely no need to storm the castle ;) like I always say, I love that we all can have our own opinions and thoughts and impressions about different authors, books and series :) we just have to remember to respect those differences :) and the fact that I don't like something, doesn't mean that it can't or shouldn't be your favourite book :) that being said, let us dive into the good stuff... ;) and one more thing, I tried writing about different books/series and not repeating the same stuff all the time, to give you more examples ;) ok, now we can dive into specifics ;)

#1 a popular book or series that everyone seems to love but you hate :)
the first that comes to mind is Assassins series by Toni Aleo... it's a series of contemporary sports themed romances... I've heard so many good things about it before I finally decided to try them and... well... the beginning was not so bad... I actually liked the characters... but then the further I got into the book, the more I was annoyed by the heroine... and then near the end she just seriously pissed me off... not cool... then I just skimmed the rest of the book and that was it... and with the huge #BookMountain waiting for me I don't think I will ever go back to this author... if you want to know more details let me point you out to my review of the book -> here <- there's one more series I want to mention here, because for a long time it's been a really sore spot in my #BookLife ;) and I am talking about The inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini, mainly the fourth and last book in it... for those of you who have no idea what sort of books they are, it's YA-ish fantasy series with dragons and magic ;) I know, sounds interesting, right? let me tell you more... I actually quite enjoyed the first three books, and was very excited to read the last one, the big conclusion to this story... because in all the previous books it seems that we were building towards this Big Ending :) yeah... not really... I don't remember much details but I do remember my impressions after reading the book... I was sooo disappointed by the quality and this sort of a "meh" ending, by the multitude of different subplots introduced to the story, that didn't actually go anywhere... I would probably be able to mention much more books and series that I stopped reading because I was disappointed about the quality of the story and/or writing, but I promised to at least try to keep it not very long ;) so let's go straight to the next question :)

#2 a popular book or series that everyone seems to hate but you love :)
the series that I want to write about is not exactly the one that everyone hates, but I hear a lot of very mixed opinions about it... it seems to be a hit-or-miss with a lot of people... and I totally get it, cause it's not a book for everyone... but I absolutely love it :) Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi :) it's a YA sort of a dystopian-ish trilogy, that has a very unique writing style :) and I can totally get why some people can't stand it, but it went straight to my heart and I loved it from the start :) even though it have some things that I really don't like in books (more about those in #4 and #7) it still didn't changed my opinion :) 

#3 a love triangle when the main character ended up with the wrong person or an OTP that you're not a fan of :)
ok, first of all, I felt old, because I had no idea what OTP means :) so with the help of Google ;) I discovered that it stands for One True Pairing :) as in a couple who ended up together in a book :) and to be honest I don't have an answer for this one :) because A -> I don't read many books with a love triangles (go to #7 for the explanation) and if we're talking about the few that I have read, I was satisfied with the ending :) and B -> the same can be said about couples from the books I've read... none comes to mind... I was happy with the pairings, sooo... sorry, no controversies here ;)

#4 a popular genre that you rarely reach for :)
ok, about this one, what you need to know first, is that I am a #RomanceReader :) I need romance in a book to enjoy it :) it doesn't necesserily needs to be ONLY romance, but it has to be at least fifty/fifty between the romance plot and other things that are happening in a book/series :) so there's close to zero chance for me to read a book that has no romance plots in it whatsoever :) but when it comes to romances, I read a lot of subgenres... :) historical, contemporary, paranormal, new adult and so on... :) but a genre that I rarely reach for is young adult :) mainly, I'm getting to old for some of that stories :) and usually there is just sooo much unnecessary angst and more often than not I just scream internally at the characters to talk with each other, because a lot of that drama could be resolved with a conversation :) don't get me wrong, there are some YA series out there that I LOVE, but they are definitely exceptions to the rule for me :)

#5 a popular or beloved character that you don't like :)
it was actually my sister, who helped me remember about that character :) so thank you J :) and it's Charley Davidson from the series named after her written by Darynda Jones... if you don't know it, it's a paranormal-ish series about Charley, a PI and Grim Reaper in one :) to be honest, I read about 5,5 books in this series... I gave up in the middle of the sixth one... at first I really enjoyed those books, they were different and fun and had a very sexy hero... <sigh> Reyes... :) but the further I got into them the more Charley kept pissing me off... I mean, you are a grown up woman, learn from your mistakes... but did she listened to me? noooooo... so after another repeat of her doing stupid stuff that was not thought through I had to quit... for my own mental health :) and the safety of my phone (I read e-books on my phone) because if I kept reading I would throw it against the wall... ;)

#6 a popular author that you can't seem to get into :)
I have two answers for this one :) first one is Cassandra Clare... to be honest, I read the first three books in her Mortal instruments series, but it was years ago and in translation, so I'm not counting that ;) and even though the ideas seem like something I could enjoy, it's the stuff around the author that makes me keep my distance... the accusations and law suits about plagiarism... and the bullying... all of that kind of ruined her books for me, so there's very little chance I'm ever gonna read her work again... if you don't know what I'm talking about, a quick Google search will give you all the answers... ;) plus, I am a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon so I'm kind of staying on her side of this conflict... ;) the second author that I can't get into is Christine Feehan... and guys, I know that she's a super popular author with a bunch of series, some of them very long, but... it's just not for me... I tried to read the first books in two different series, and couldn't finish either one... I don't know, her style just doesn't click for me :) and I am not saying that it's awful, absolutely not... :) she has lots of fans for a reason, I'm just not gonna be one of them :) 

#7 a popular book trope that you're tired of seeing :)
for this one I also have two :) first of all... love triangles... ugh... I am really tired of seeing love triangles, and it's one of the reasons why I rarely read YA books, cause this is a very popular trope in those books... I just personally think that there's sooo much more that can make a book and the story interesting than the constant back-and-forth between a girl and two guys (or vice versa) don't get me wrong, I don't automatically hate all love triangles, but it's very hard to write a good one... :) second thing that I really hate in books are women whose lives evolve solely around a guy... I can't stand women whose only reason to be alive is to be with "her man"... and remember, I am a #RomanceReader, so I have nothing against love, but I adore when heroines of my books are smart... brave... funny... and just have a life of their own... :) they pursue their dreams and passions and look for a partner in a man :) I loooove reading about those women :) they are always an inspiration :) 

#8 a popular book or series that you have no intention of reading :)
Ok, for this one I have to say Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon... I know, I know... it's a hugely popular series, especially now with the TV show and everything... and I know that some of my #BookBesties who will be reading this are huge fans of this one, but me... I have no intention whatsoever to read this series... I'm not curious... not even a little bit :) and I know it's suppose to be this epic love story and all, but time traveling...? I don't think so... ;) besides, one look at my huge #BookMountain and I know how many other books I am very curious about... so I won't run out of things to read for a long time... ;)

#9 they say "the book is always better than the movie" but... a movie or a TV show adaptation that you prefer more than the book :)
I actually have one of each :) but I am gonna start with the movie :) and I can't believe it took me all that time to figure this out :) when I finally found one it was <facepalm... of course it's this one> :) and I am talking about my favourite movie of all time ;) "Stardust" :) I absolutely love that movie... it has fantasy, magic, romance, comedy, adventure, humor, all in one :) I do have to admit that I saw the movie first, and I loved it so much, that I decided to read the book, since the book is always better... yeah... not for me and not this time... the book is actually quite different than the movie and maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it that much... I don't remember many details, cause I read it years ago, but I do remember that I was disappointed... as for the TV show, I'm gonna have to go with "The vampire diaries" :) even though I no longer watch it, I was a fan for quite some time, but the books... well, that's a whole different story... again, I tried to read them after I started watching the show, and I was not able to finish even the first one... my sister powered through two or three of them and then surrendered too... they just weren't good...  and I am not saying they were awful and no one should read them, they are just... not my kind of entertainment ;)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) I hope we are still friends :) and don't hate me for my opinions... I'm certainly not gonna hate you if you will say that a series or an author that I love, you hate :) I have no problem with respecting our differences of opinions :) and with that in mind I would love for you to share with me your own unpopular opinions :) you can do it here or on my fb page :) and it doesn't need to be all nine points, it can be just one or two... :) whatever inspires you :) looking forward to reading your thoughts ;)



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