Monday, March 7, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #3

Book-a-thons, read-a-thons, monthly TBR lists
Tags... tags everywhere
How rock stars took over my entire week

Welcome my awesome people to another edition of my weekly "random ramblings" post ;) I was hoping to go for a walk today... and by today I mean sunday, when I'm usually writing these posts, so yesterday for all of you reading it now... or just sunday before the publication date of this post if you are reading it at a later date ;) so I was hoping to go for a walk before writing you guys anything, but then the weather was like "nope, not today" and decided that this day will be rainy and gloomy and just bleh... ;) but worry not, it gave me time to actually finish some stuff on my blog, and today is the perfect day to share it with you :) so let me start from the second part of the headlines, cause apparently going in order is too boring ;) I even found you a meme for that ;)

But fear not, all those tags are actually a good thing :) you may or may not know already that I am a bit technologically impaired ;) I know my way around some stuff, but there are definitely things that cause me troubles :) but I am doing my best to conquer them as well... it just takes me a bit longer ;) now about that tags... :) I realized, that with more and more posts on my blog, it's getting harder to find particular reviews :) it's starting to get harder for me and I have a spreadsheet with all the links and descriptions in it, so I can only imagine how hard it may be for you guys :) like, when you read a review of a book that's part of a series, or you're wondering what other books by that author I wrote about, or you're just looking for a book in a specific genre... :) now I have a solution for all those problems :) I found out how to add tags to my reviews and how to make a list of them all on the right side of my blog :) sidenote: the list of tags is not visible in the mobile version of my blog, I have no idea why or if there's a way for me to change that... I'll keep working on it, but in the meantime you have two choices A -> only look using tags on your computer or B -> switch my blog on your mobile to "computer version" :) and of course if you know the solution to my problem, please let me know :) the fastest way to contact me is through my official fb page :) so be sure to check them out and of course let me know what you think :)

And now let's go back to the first part of the headlines :) I heard about all those three things from the BookTubers that I subscribe to on YouTube :) book-a-thons and read-a-thons are pretty similar :) it's basically participating in a reading event :) like reading a particular series in this week :) or reading books that match a list, for example "book with a city in the title", "book with a name in the title", "book in a genre that is outside of your comfort zone" :) so basically you can do whatever you want with that, it's an extremely flexible idea :) but you get what I mean :) and then there are also monthly TBR lists :) it's basically declaring at the beginning of the month what you're gonna be reading in that upcoming month :) yeah... this would never work for me :) maybe book-a-thons/read-a-thons as a sort of a challenge if my mood would be just right or as a way of finding and trying out new books/genres, but monthly TBR lists... no way :) and let me tell you why :) I'm a very peculiar reader... or maybe not, maybe a lot of you guys do it the same way :) if so, let me know that I'm not alone :) I always "go with the flow" when I read :) my mood changes constantly, sometimes in the middle of a book :) so I've been known to put down a book and take a break :) and when I go back after a while it's always even better :) I skip between genres all the time :) it's a way for me to keep things interesting, and to have different reviews for you guys :) so even though I usually have a vague idea what I plan to read soon, like if I'm gonna be in the mood for a historical romance it's gonna be this, and if paranormal then that, but it can change in a heartbeat :) plus, it really doesn't help that I'm constantly on the lookout for new book recommendations... ;) sometimes there's something new that catches my eye and BAM! ;) love at first sight ;) that's exactly what happened to me last week ;) so now let us go into the details about that last part of the headlines ;)

Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott :) I read four books in five and a half days... :) I am in serious #BookOverload people :) if you don't know the books, I'm gonna have a full review of the first story on wednesday, but in the meantime let me tell you this :) it's a series about members of this band called Stage Dive :) each book concentrates on one of the guys, but the rest of them, and during later books, their significant others as well, appear throughout the whole series :) they have a fantastic writing style, they're absolutely hilarious and emotional as well... seriously, I have only good things to say about it :) so be sure to check my review, but if you need a good read, look no further ;) I mean that... they are all tall, and tattooed... <sigh> I had sooooo much fun with those books :) and now I need a break before reading something else :) and it just so happens that any day now this little gem will be published :) so it all worked out perfectly :) although I'm a bit afraid of reading that one, but it's quite of a long story, and I'm not gonna share it now :) you're just gonna have to wait for the review ;) before I'll end my portion of ramblings for today, I wanted to share with you my current wallpaper :) yes, I have this awesome pic as a wallpaper on my computer, and it makes me smile every time I see it :) so I figured that it would be a good idea to share those feelings with you :)

That's a wrap people :) I have to say that I am enjoying more and more writing these posts... :) I actually had a different idea for this one, but it got bumped to next week when rock starts invaded my life ;) but don't worry, it's gonna be a really good one and I promise to share it with you next week :) as always, be sure to share your comments and thoughts here or on my fb page cause I love talking with you guys :) and I'm gonna have for you two new reviews again this week :) book #1 in Stage Dive series on wednesday and then on friday... I'm not sure yet ;) maybe a sports themed romance... what do you guys think? ;)


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