Thursday, March 31, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) april edition

It's this time of the month people :) the time when I once again share with you all sorts of books I can't wait to get my hands on in the upcoming month :) and this time I have for you three full lenght stories and one novella :) all written by different authors and even though I'm very curious about all of them, the winner is pretty clear... ;)

"The player and the pixie" co-written by the fantastic duo of writers :) L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid :) I love these ladies individually, but when they are working together... magic happens ;) it's book #2 in Rugby series, and you have no idea how happy it makes me that this turned out to be a series :) when book #1 got published last year, I was afraid it's gonna be a standalone... and by the way, it's amazing and you all should go read it now ;) and the sequel is just around the corner :) it's gonna be a contemporary sports themed romance and I am counting down the days... ok, maybe even hours before I can get my hands on that little gem :) I don't want to tell you who the main characters are gonna be, cause they both appear in the first book, but I am definitely curious how those two will end up together :)

The second book I'm really looking forward to is "Dirty" by Kylie Scott :) it's book #1 in her new Dive bar series, and it can sort of be counted as a sequel / spin-off to her Stage Dive series :) and I say that because Vaughan, the hero of this story appears in the last book of Stage Dive series... :) and I can't wait to get to know him more... ;) I loved reading about the members of Stage Dive... seriously, I inhaled all four books in 5,5 days so you can imagine my anticipation... ;) I love her writing style and I'm really looking forward to dive... see what I did there? ;) into this contemporary romance :)

Now I'm gonna tell you about the novella :) "Z" by Larissa Ione is the newest addition to her Demonica series :) which reminds me that I am still one novella behind... oops... gonna have to remedy that before reading this one... ;) but let's come back to "Z" :) we met Zhubaal, the hero of this story before, and I have to say I wasn't his biggest fan at the beginning... ;) but of course after getting to know a bit more about him, now I can't wait to see how his story will go... :) it's gonna be a paranormal novella set in the world full of demons, angels and all sorts of other creatures... ;) and Larissa Ione has a very entertaining writing style so we'll see what she has in store for him ;)

The last book I want to talk to you about is "The obsession" by Nora Roberts :) it's a standalone contemporary romance with a mystery / suspense element to it :) even though I'm behind a book or two when it comes to her recent writing... and this woman can write... ;) I mean, she produces five whole books per year... :) and I love her for it :) but anyway... her writing is great and I adore the way she creates characters and builds connections and interactions between them... :) so a new Nora Roberts book is always something I'm looking forward to :)


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