Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: "Stars above" by Marissa Meyer

Author: Marissa Meyer
Set of nine novellas from series The Lunar chronicles
Main characters: well... about that ;)

Ok, first a few words of explanation ;) this is a compilation of nine novellas, four of them published before and five brand new :) they are all set in the fantastic world created by Marissa Meyer and offer us additional glimpses into the lives of sooo many characters that I couldn't possibly name them all in just one line above :) but don't worry, I will let you know something more about all of the stories ;) and know for the second part of the explanation... since these novellas come from many different times, some of them before the events in the first book and some of them after the last one, there is no way for me to tell you more without some major spoilers :) so if you are completely new to this series I would like to point you to my review of the last book, which is in fact a spoiler free review of the whole series, that you can find -> here <- :) read it first, and then once you read the series you can come back here and read this review... or, you know, if it's not a problem for you to know some major plot twists before reading the actual books then by all means, keep reading ;) I'm just gonna use the names of the characters without bigger explanations who are they, because I'm assuming all of you who stayed with me know who I am talking about ;) and if you don't know but still want to read this review, just read my review of the whole series that I left a few lines above for you first, cause I introduce all main characters there ;) and then come back to this one :)

Ok, you've been warned people, so let us dive into more details about each of the nine stories :) with some major SPOILERS :) ok, I promise it was the last warning :) I will know proceed to the actual review ;) so here are the stories, in the order from the book :)
  • "The keeper" -> new story :) it's about Scarlet and her grandmother :) we get to see how and why Scarlet came to live with her... it also shows how and why her grandmother helped with hiding princess Selene, or how I'm gonna call her from now on... Cinder :) told you there were gonna be spoilers ;) I really enjoyed learning more about Scarlet's grandmother and her life... it was a very nice surprise to see a bit of her past here :)
  • "Glitches" -> available before :) it's about how Cinder came to live with her adpotive family... how it all started... plus it show us the beginning of Iko, one of the best secondary characters in this series ;) I mean, who wouldn't love an android who pretends to faint, even though it's physically impossible for her? ;) but here we see just the first glimpse of her :)
  • "The queen's army" -> available before :) this is a story about Wolf... how he became queen's soldier, how he was taken from his family as a young boy, how they changed him physically and mentally, how he trained for years... it was heartbreaking to read, but I loved to see this glimpse inside his life, because it showed me why he is the way he is now... he may be my favourite hero in this series... well, to be honest it goes back and forth between him and Carswell, it changes depending on my mood of the day ;)
  • "Carswell's guide to being lucky" -> available before :) and speaking about the infamous Captain... ;) here we get a glimpse of his childhood... a proof that he was charming and clever way before we met him for the first time ;) he can talk his way practically out of everything ;)
  • "After sunshine passes by" -> new story :) this one is about young Cress, showing us how she got on the satellite where we met her first :) it's a glimpse into the life she lived before, and what's gonna be her life until she meet other major characters in this series ;)
  • "The princess and the guard" -> new story :) it's a look over the years at Winter and Jacin... it starts way before when they were just young kids and then follow them throughout years after... how they stayed friends, how it slowly changed into something more... even though none of them admitted it out loud... it also shows how Winter got her scars...
  • "The little android" -> available before :) this is the first short story ever that made me cry... it's about all new characters in this series... I mean Cinder appears here for a short scene, but nothing more... the focus is on someone different... I don't want to say anything more, just that it was a beautiful, although sad and emotional story that made me appreciate that much more how wonderful writer Marissa Meyer is... how talented to make me care so much about characters I just met...
  • "The mechanic" -> new story :) it's a look on the first meeting between Cinder and Kai but from his perspective :) it was a very cool bonus to see what was going inside of his head when he met Cinder at the market... ;)
  • "Something old, something new" -> new story :) this is like the second epilogue to the whole series... it takes place two years after the end of the last book :) as the title suggest, there is a wedding... even though I was guessing it would be between Winter and Jacin or Cinder and Kai, it's actually between Scarlet and Wolf :) all eight main characters of this series come together to celebrate :) it was probably the cutest, most adorable story of them all :) I won't share any more details here, but I enjoyed it immensly :)
I have to say that I absolutely adored these glimpses into the lives of the characters I came to love throughout the series :) and even though not all of them were happy and cheerful, and some of them even very emotional... they all gave me this additional depth into the characters I loved before :) they were all written in an exceptional style... and I have to admit that I'm already used to it from Marissa Meyer... to be honest, it's something that I start to expect from her books, and she did not disappointed me so far :) the only little thing that I was missing, was the more detailed conclusion to Winter and Jacin's story... all other three couples got their happy endings... and they just... sort of... I don't know... for me it's just lacking some details :) I would like to know more... how is Winter handling her gift... are they officially together... there are so many more things I would love to know... :) but it's just one tiny thing, that absolutely does not diminish the fact that these stories were a fantastic read :) I recommend it as a beautiful addition to an already amazing series :)



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