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Review: "Sacked" by Jen Frederick

Author: Jen Frederick
Title: "Sacked"
Book 1 in series Gridiron
Main characters: Knox Masters and Eliot "Ellie" Campbell

I found this book through goodreads recommendations :) and when I read in some of the comments that if you liked Game on series or Off-campus series you're gonna like this one, I knew I had to try it :) cause I looooved both of them ;) and it turned out to be quite good ;) it's a new adult sports themed romance, so there is some angst and stuff that could be resolved if the characters actually would talk honestly with each other ;) but let us dive into a bit more details, shall we? ;)

Knox, our hero, is this football star on campus with great prospects of playing in the NFL :) he's smart, handsome... and by handsome I mean unbelievably hot ;) and he's really charming too :) not in a player-who-gets-all-the-ladies kind of a way, but more in this determined-yet-not-sure-how-to-do-it way :) although to be honest he could pretty much get any girl on campus without even trying ;) and did I mentioned that he's a virgin... ? ;) no...? ;) after dropping that little bomb on you let us move on to Ellie :) she's new on campus :) her brother is on the football team and their parents are awful... like really... awful... I would use other words but I have a "no cursing" rule in my reviews ;) she's keeping a pretty big secret... she's helping her brother pass some of the classes without his knowledge... and have been doing that for years, since she suspects that he has a learning disability but refuse to be tested... it is of course a more complicated situation than what I just described, but I don't want to spoil you too many details :)

Now about the chemistry and the relationship between main characters... ;) Knox knows... from the moment he meets her, he "knows" ;) he just knows that she's the one for him... that she's different and is just... sorry, but for me this kind of certainty is a bit too much too fast... :) or maybe it's just that today my more cynical side is louder ;) and hey, I can't deny that they do have chemistry from the start ;) and I do love that she wasn't fawning all over him just because his a star football player... like pretty much most of the girls do around him ;) she actually doesn't really want to have anything to do with him at first, because of that secret that I mentioned before :) but he's pretty determined and relentless in pursuing her, so she finally caves... and who can blame her? ;) if I would have this kind of a guy charming my pants off I would probably cave too ;) and I would probably do it much faster... ;)

Besides the main characters, we meet a lot of other people... and since this is just book #1 in a brand new series I can't wait to know whose story will be next :) because let me tell you... there are many interesting possibilities ;) we have Riley, Ellie's awesome roommate :) and I'm really curious who she will end up with :) there's Ty, Knox's twin brother :) because one funny and sexy football player just wasn't enough :) not to mention all of Knox's teammates, and that includes Ellie's brother :) I would like to read a story about so many of them... believe me, there are just too many for me to mention each and every one of them by name here ;) but I will say that the scene when his teammates learn how important Ellie is for Knox and that he needs a plan to win her over... is one of my favourite in the whole book :) it's hilarious and "aaawww" all in one ;)   

I really enjoyed this book... maybe not as much as I did Game on series or Off-campus series, but it was a pretty good read... could I use some more info about certain people and events that shaped our main characters? sure :) would I be happier with a bit less angst and drama that could have been resolved wih an honest conversation early on? definitely :) did I felt that the resolution of the whole situation near the end of the book was a bit rushed? maybe a little :) but the writing style was really good and I definitely enjoyed the two perspectives, cause it's always a plus for me in a book... :) the ability to see things and events from both main characters points of view ;) it was a good book... like upper-middle good ;) maybe not one of those drop-everything-you-are-doing-cause-you-have-to-read-it-NOW books, but there aren't many of those around ;) and I'm sure that some of you will read it and it will instantly became one of your go-to book to re-read over and over again :) and some of you will start it and never finish it, cause it just won't interest you :) and that's ok, because we are all allowed to have different opinions :) I shared mine here, and what is yours? :)

I have some quotes for you to show you what awaits you, if you decide to give this one a try because hey... it was a pretty good book ;) I would put more, but some of them was too spoilerific ;) happy reading ;)

Part of the first conversation between Knox and Ellie :) Knox first
"'Running these steps is good for my heart. As a bonus it sweats the stupid out of me.' I wink but then realize I'm wearing my aviators and trucker hat so that action is for nothing. For the best, really. Winking can be a douchebag move at times.
'Do you have a lot of stupid to sweat out?' She holds back a laugh.
I grin back. 'It regenerates every day.'"

Part of a conversation between Ellie and her roommate Riley ;)
"'Riles, I got you,' I call as I kick the door shut.
She nearly squeals with glee when I hand her the coffee.
'You are a goddess. I knew you were exactly the right roommate for me when your response to my Craigslist ad was that you made a mean cup of coffee.' I open my mouth to confess that the best I know how to do is operate a Keurig, but she waves me off. 'I know you lied. It's enough that you understood that coffee is an essential part of the day.'"

A little scene between Knox, Ellie and Riley :) after Knox kisses Ellie in a bookstore ;)
"'We're in a bookstore,' I say in a scandalized voice.
'You've never kissed a guy in a bookstore before?' He grins, the wicked mischievous grin I'm beginning to associate with something tremendously naughty. 'There's a first time for everything.'
Riley's face pokes itself around the end of the bookcase. 'Is it safe to come into the True Crime section? Because I saw some mauling going on and ran for safety.'"

When Knox won Riley to his side in a bookstore ;)
"He shakes Riley's hand. 'Nice to meet you.'
'You guys look like you had an intense conversation.' She smirks.
'Ellie and I are discussing where she's taking me on our first date. I hope it's not to that dog movie. I swear he'll die at the end and then I'll sob like a fucking baby. Nearly had to walk out of Bridge to Terabithia. That shit is not good for my image.'
Just like that, Riley's pants get charmed off." 

And one more with Ellie and Riley ;)
"Thankfully Riley doesn't say another word... until we exit the bookstore. 'So when is the wedding?'
'What are you talking about?'
'You said you would marry the first guy who hit on you at the bookstore.'
'Riley, you are not funny. Not at all.'
'Really? I'm feeling pretty hilarious.'"

A little something about Knox and the support of his teammates ;)
"'Men. Can we get on subject here?' Matty waves his hand toward my bent head. 'Masters asked me for texting advice. The girl is turning him down.'
The amount of disbelief in Matty's voice is heavier than the sledgehammer in the weight room. Memo to self: do not bring up women around the team again. Have I hassled these guys when they had chick problems? I squeeze the back of my neck. Maybe. Oh shit, probably.
'Maybe she's got a boyfriend already,' Jesse offers.
'We can take him out,' Matty replies immediately.
'Like how? Kill him?' I say sarcastically.
'Nah. But maybe maim.' Matty shrugs. I can't tell if he's serious or not."

How Ellie describes Knox... the best and most nerdy description of a guy I read... like ever ;)
"I haven't been reasonable or completely honest. If I'm honest, I'll admit that Knox Masters is exactly the type of guy I want to date. He dominates a sport I love. He's confident but not arrogant. He's funny, able to laugh at himself, and... shit, hot as the fires of Mordor. I mean, the One Ring could be forged in his hotness."



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