Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review: "The perfect play" by Jaci Burton

Author: Jaci Burton
Book 1 in series Play by play
Main characters: Michael "Mick" Riley and Tara Lincoln

My sister started this series before me, and after reading the first book she came to me and said that I will absolutely love it :) that it's fun and sexy and just a really good, relaxing read... and I have to say that she was absolutely right... again... damn it ;) it's a contemporary sports themed romance and even though we have glimpses of future main characters in this story, this book can be read as a standalone :) but let us dive into more details about our main couple ;)

Tara is an event planner, and has her own firm :) she is also a single mother to a teenage son :) but more about Nathan a bit later ;) she works hard to be a businesswoman and a good mom :) sometimes too hard, forgetting about herself in the process ;) but it's totally understandable, once you learn what kind of a life she had when she was younger... don't worry, I won't spoil you anything :) Mick is a professional quarterback and a star of his team :) he's smart, hot and just overall awesome :) but he also has some stuff in his past that changed him and made him who he is today... again, don't worry, no spoilers from me ;)

They meet at a party that her firm puts together for the team :) they have sparkling chemistry from the start, that leads to a one night stand... a steamy and very hot one night stand I have to add ;) at least she thinks of it that way :) he has other plans :) she fascinates him and he decides to pursue her more... :) she tries to dicourage him, but after seeing that her being a single mom and busy is not a problem for him, she agrees to give it a chance :) from the very start it's a smoking hot romance :) like seriously sizzling-makes-you-blush-do-not-read-in-public-places hot :) but there are also some surprisingly sweet scenes, especially once Mick meets Nathan :) I really loved the interactions between our main couple, how quickly they grew so close... :) and even though there is some drama near the end of the book... come on, we all know that something must go wrong before the happy ending ;) it was a truly fantastic read with a beautiful conclusion :)

Besides the main couple, who are totally awesome by the way ;) we have lots of equally awesome secondary characters :) we have Nathan, Tara's almost fifteen-year-old son :) he has his moody and worse moments, but all in all I really liked him... especially in a very cute scene with his mom near the end :) he also loves football, so he's a fan of the Tara-Mick relationship from the very start ;) and there is also Mick's whole family :) his younger brother, Gavin and their youngest sister, Jenna :) their stories are next in the series ;) not to mention their parents, an absolutely charming couple :) the love and connections between people in that family are a true delight to read :) they definitely add a great depth to the story :) and we can't forget about Elizabeth, Mick's agent :) she's drop dead gorgeous and wickedly smart :) she doesn't always make the best choices, but you can see why she will be a heroine in another book... ;) and once you read this one, you'll have a pretty good idea who will be the hero of that story ;) but shhh... I'm not saying another word ;)

I really loved this book :) it was written in an amazing style, and the best proof of that is that I was in the middle of the book before I even knew what was happening ;) it was funny and smart and so freaking sexy that I seriously advice you not to read it in public places because...just trust me on this ;) it was a great story with likable characters... I loved that they started from this insanely hot attraction between them and then it grew into something more... this absolutely adorable closeness and intimacy, when they trusted each other and shared their secrets... :) and I have to say that if other books written by Jaci Burton will be this good, you can count me as her new fan ;) so if you need a good read, without too much drama... a story that will melt your heart and make you blush... ;) with characters that you will cheer on from the start, look no further and give this one a try ;) it will be worth your time ;)

I have for you just a few quotes today ;) and believe me, not because those were the only ones I could find ;) there are much more in the book, but I didn't want to show you everything ;) so this is just a little encouragement for you to see what amazing stuff waits for you once you pick up the book ;) happy reading :)

Part of a conversation during their first night together ;) Mick first
"'I didn't bring you here to seduce you, Tara. I just wanted to spend more time with you.'
She covered his hands with hers. 'Maybe I'm seducing you. You wouldn't want to hurt my feelings, would you?'
His lips quirked. 'I'd never do that.'
'Then kiss me.'"

And another little glimpse into that night ;)
"He reached up and started pulling pins from her hair. She tilted her head back and lifted her lips.
'Determined to destroy my Cinderella image, aren't you?'
He dragged a pin from a golden strand and let it fall to the floor, then dove into the softness of her hair for another. 'You get any more beautiful and I might drop dead.'
She arched her brows. 'You're very good at that.'
'My sister liked having her hair put up.'
'No, not that. The lines.'"

And one of Tara's thoughts during that night ;) I can so relate to that ;)
"Tara dragged in breaths and let them out in rapid succession. Hyperventilating and passing out would be the most embarrassing thing she could do right now, but Mick's face was buried in her neck, and it was a serious erogenous zone. If he licked her there, she'd rob a bank for him."

Part of the conversation between Mick and Elizabeth ;) Elizabeth first
"'Shouldn't you be working out with your trainer or in bed with some hot woman? And if you are in bed with some hot model or actress, let me know when and where so I can send a photographer to get a pic, 'kay?'
He laughed. 'No. I need you to find a woman for me.'
'I'm appalled you think of me as your pimp, Mick. It's sort of true, but I'm appalled. Who is she?'"

Part of a conversation between Tara and Mick near the beginning ;) Mick first
"'Invite me over for dinner. We'll have pizza.'
'You don't strike me as the pizza type.'
'Then there's a lot you don't know about me.'
No doubt. 'That's not a good idea.'
He leaned in closer. God, he smelled good. Her hormones noticed.
'Invite me over for pizza.'
'Would you like to come over for dinner tonight, Mick?' Damn hormones.
His smile could melt a woman straight into the floorboards.
'I'd love to. Give me your address.'"



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