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Review: "Night play" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Title: "Night play"
Book 5 in series Dark hunter
Main characters: Vane and Bride

Even though I use the term "dark hunter series" I mean by that the whole dark hunterverse, including dark hunters, were hunters, dream hunters and everything else you can think of ;) and this book was the first one with a were hunter as the main hero... and what a hero he was... ;) but before I dive into specifics, I will add, that even though it's a series, and I always recommend to you to read them in order, each book written by Sherrilyn Kenyon can be read as a standalone... well, you are definitely instantly curious about other books and characters, but you always get just enough informations to follow the story in each book :) which is very useful for someone like me, who jump between genres all the time and read so many books that it might result in forgetting certain details of the world, or the rules... ;) so don't worry, you won't feel lost ;) and now let us talk more about this book... ;)

Vane is a... well, I wanted to say that he's a Katagaria or a were hunter, but if you don't know the books, it won't tell you anything ;) so let's just say that he's a powerful creature that can take forms of both human and animal, and in his case it's a wolf :) because when I use the term "were hunters", and they don't like it very much so shhhh.... ;) it includes a lot of creatures... you would be surprised how many shape shifters can there be and how different they are from each other... but it's all explained very good in the book, so all you need to know is that Vane is a wolf in his animal form :) he's very powerful and have this alpha thing going on... <sigh> my favourite kind of a vibe... ;) I think that if I had to choose, and thankfully I don't... ;) but if I had to choose, shape shifters would be my favourite kind of paranormal creatures... I've always been a sucker for those sexy, dominant and protective guys... and Vane is no exception ;) he looks like a sin and makes you want to do bad things... with him, to him... whatever ;) he may be rough around the edges but that's one of the reasons why I loved him ;) and then we have Bride... she's totally human, and after a break-up with a sorry excuse for a guy... she's down to earth and is an owner of a store... she also have troubles with totally accepting the way she looks... cause she's a bit on the plus size... but I love how normal and fun she is... and how much more were hiding inside of her, that comes out before the book ends ;)

They met the day when Bride's boyfriend broke up with her... and all I can say to that is "congratulations Bride for not having to endure this kind of a jerk any more"... but it's always painful when you are rejected by someone that was suppose to love you and be there for you... so when this sinfully sexy guy comes into her store and sets his eyes on her, who can blame her for her reaction? ;) I'm certainly not judging her for a moment of fun with him in the dressing room... ;) cause I would also be like "yes to all" ;) but after what was supposed to be a "one time only thing" it turns out that Bride is his mate... and that means that he has three weeks to convince her to accept him or he will be unable to sleep with anyone else until she dies... ouch... ;) so there's plenty of heat and mutual attraction between them from the start... :) and even though he decides not to pursue her at first, because he doesn't want to put her in danger of living in his world with him, it doesn't take him long to change his mind when he gets to know her more... :)

Besides our main couple and their struggles ;) there is much more going on in this book... cause at the very beginning, Vane and his brother, Fang, are pretty much left for dead as a punishment for something that I won't even attempt to explain here now, because it would include spoilers from other books ;) but what I can say is that this particular event changed his brother from this playful guy into a wolf in a near comatose state... but don't worry, we get to see a ray of hope about him in this book and he gets his own story down the road, so he'll get his happy ending ;) so we got this whole other thing that I can't really discuss here, happening in the book, but I will concentrate on something that I can share with you ;) and that is their relationship :) I absolutely loved Bride's reaction when she finally found out about Vane and all that stuff ;) I mean, it wasn't done in an ideal way, cause she pretty much witnessed some shocking stuff without preparation, but the way she went into a bit of a shock and then claiming it's all a dream was a very believable reaction... I would freak out too if I was in her shoes ;) but after the initial shock I loved how she decided to give them a try... not immediately said "sure, you're a magical creature who can change into wolf and travel through time and space, so of course I will throw all my life away after knowing you for a couple of days to be together" ;) but she does give him a chance to show her how he is and how it would look like if they would be together :) and I absolutely loved it :) how both of them changed the other person... how they affected each other... <sigh> ;)

And let us not forget about secondary characters... ;) cause in her books they are always an awesome addition to the whole story and makes you that much curious about reading their own books ;) and let me tell you, there is one particular scene that made me laugh so hard I almost fell to the floor ;) because when a bunch of formal dark hunters, an eleven thousand-year-old warrior, a demon and a mouthy and sarcastic squire start to give dating advices to a shape shifter... it's something you don't want to miss ;) thankfully for Vane, their significant others showed up just in time to save him and his potential relationship with Bride ;) besides that, we get to know a lot more about the were hunters, different types of them and of course we get to meet many of them :) and that only adds depth to this already fascinating world that Sherrilyn Kenyon has created :) there is also a bit more about the main couple from the next book, because Bride is best friends with Tabitha :) and Valerius... well, he makes an appearance that started to change my mind about liking him ;) and let's not forget about Bride's family... they appear in only one scene, but they definitely leave an impression on you :) in the best possible way of course ;)

Ok, to be perfectly honest I love Sherrilyn Kenyon, and the more her books I read the deeper my love is... but I can't help it... well, it's not like I'm really trying anyway... ;) but her style of writing just "clicks" for me :) I love the sarcastic humor in her books, the swoonworthy and tortured characters and the fact that no matter how much bad things happen in a book, I know that there will be a happy ending for our main couple :) or at least that was the case so far... ;) and I'm hoping she will keep it up ;) and if you haven't seen it before, be sure to check out her website :) it's full of additional informations, pictures, book trailers and sooo much more... ;) it's the best author website I have ever seen ;) and it's just one more reason why I love her and count her as one of my favourite authors ;)

I really tried not to flood you with quotes this time people, but as you can see it didn't exactly worked... ;) but it was the best I could do... ;) and don't worry, there's much more of them in the book, but before you read it, enjoy these few ;) happy reading

Part of a conversation when Vane tells Bride why she should keep the necklace he wants to give her ;)
"Keep the necklace, please. It looks good on you, and I have no one else to give it to. I'm sure my brother wouldn't want it. He'd probably shove it someplace real uncomfortable if I gave it to him. And if he didn't, that would scare me even more."

Bride's reaction when she sees Vane naked... and I have to agree with her ;)
"It was all she could do not to drool. Or faint. Really, no mere mortal woman should be in the presence of someone this fine and not need oxygen."

Bride and her friends supporting her in the best possible way after a break up ;)
"Tabitha hugged her too and patted her on the back. 'Remember, if you need Taylor's kneecaps broken, I have just the tire iron and I won't ever tell the media who put me up to it.'
Bride laughed, grateful for her friends and their kindness to her in her hour of need. 'You're such a nut.'
'I'm serious, though. You change your mind, speed dial the number. I can be at his place in under twenty minutes.'
'Ha!' Mina said. 'With your driving? You'd be there in less than ten and that's with a flat tire going against traffic.'"

A beautiful part of a conversation between Vane and Acheron, the boss of all dark hunters ;) Vane first
"'What are you saying?'
'I think you already know. Will Bride have a better life without you? Who's to say? Maybe there is some human out there who can appreciate her. But will he ever appreciate her as much as you do?'
No. Vane knew it deep in his heart. Her tender touch was priceless to him."

When Bride is thinking about going to her ex to get her stuff back ;)
"If she did, she was taking Tabitha with her just for the sake of vengeance. And if Tabitha happened to bring a tire iron well, it wasn't as if Bride could keep her from it. It was a free country, after all. And if the tire iron ended up falling against Taylor's kneecaps a time or two or three dozen, well, accidents did happen."

Just a small part of that dating advice scene I mentioned before ;)
"'Julian, how did you meet your wife?'
Julian shrugged. 'My brother the sex god cursed me into a book for two thousand years. Grace got drunk on her birthday and summoned me out of it.'
Vane rolled his eyes. 'That's useless. Kyrian? What about you?'
'I woke up handcuffed to Amanda.'
Vane could work with that. 'So I need to get a set of handcuffs?'"

Part of a conversation between Bride and Vane ;) Vane first
"'If I keep smelling you, we might make a spectacle here tonight.'
'What kind of a spectacle?'
'I just might toss you over my shoulder and carry you out of here so that I can ravish you again.'
She laughed at the thought. 'Would you really?'
She saw the raw, ragged truth in his eyes. 'I would if you'd let me.'"

Another beautiful conversation between Bride and Vane a bit further down he road... <sigh> :)
"'Is this all there is between us, Vane? Just sex?'
He laid his cheek against hers in such a loving gesture that it tore through her heart. 'No, Bride. Sex is just the physical demonstration of what I feel for you.' He took her hand and led it to his heart where she felt it pounding against her palm. 'No one has ever touched me like you do. You're like a whisper. Gentle, soft. Soothing. In my world, the people only shout and scream. But you, you're my haven.'"

And the last one, a cute little scene with Bride's family about her ex ;)
"'I could kill him for her,' Fury offered.
Vane cleared his throat.
'Well, he could have an accident,' Fury tried again. 'Humans have those all the time.'
Patrick gave an evil laugh. 'I have a shovel.'
'Screw that,' Paul said before he sipped his wine. 'I have a gator in the backyard.'
They all laughed."



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