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Review: "Kiss of the night" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 4 in series Dark hunter
Main characters: Wulf and Cassandra

Before I start my actual review, I feel the need to say that Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favourite authors :) I love her style of writing... it just "clicks" for me ;) that's why some things that may annoy me in other books, doesn't bother me in hers ;) and I can totally understand when some people say that they don't like her books, or something like that... we all have a right to our own opinions, and I just happen to love her ;) so usually all my reviews show this love ;) but what can I say? her sarcastic humor and tortured heroes just work for me ;) I'm not gonna apologize for that ;) you've been warned ;) and it definitely doesn't hurt that her website is THE BEST author website I have ever seen :) it's full of additional informations, book trailers and more... every time I'm there, I discover something new... ;) and now let us jump to the actual review ;)

Before I tell you more about the book, let me start with something about the whole series and that world in general... :) when I say dark hunter world or series I mean the whole dark hunterverse with dark hunters, were hunters, dream hunters and everything in between ;) and believe me... there are a lot of possibilities ;) I am only on book 4 now and already there is soooo much information... :) but don't worry, she writes all her books in a way that you get all the necessary info to understand the book you are reading, even if it's the first one in this series that you have in your hands... but I do encourage you to read them in order, because sometimes they overlap each other and same characters appear in more than one of them... not to mention that you can definitely see a growth and change in some of the characters throughout more than one book and it's just more rewarding when you read them in order :)

Ok, so now let me tell you more about our main couple :) we have Wulf, the dark hunter... although he didn't exactly chose to be one, like most of them did... he was tricked into it by a woman... don't worry, I won't say more, so no spoilers from me ;) all of them have different powers and abilities and stuff, and what is the most characteristic for him, is that no one remembers him... well, there are some exceptions, but most people forget him when they leave him... so he keeps his distance, and I can't really blame him for that... he's also a great warrior, like all dark hunters... and we have Cassandra, a half human half appolite, who is hunted by pretty much everyone... which is a shame since her death will bring the end of the world as we know it... I kid you not... it's true :) she's smart and brave, and have some fighting skills of her own... and the way she does her best to live her life to the fullest, knowing that she will die on the day of her twenty-seventh birthday is amazing... I'm not gonna go into more details why she has to die, let me just say that it involves a curse from a god, cast upon all appolites years and years ago... don't worry, it's all explained really well in the book :)

They meet when he helps her while she's attacked in a bar with her bodyguard, Kat... and immediately sparks fly... but nothing more happens between them... until that very night, when they have sex in their dreams... ok, to be honest I am perfectly aware of how all that sounds... but stay with me ;) after that, things escalate pretty quickly... and by that I mean all the danger that she's in... and Wulf is designated by Acheron, the boss of all dark hunters (it's the shortest possible way of describing him, because believe me... he has a long and complicated and very mysterious story of his own) to guard her... and I can't say anything more without spoiling you some pretty surprising twists and turns ;) but what I can say is that their relationship is actually very sweet... :) even though they are supposed to be enemies, this sort of thinking goes out the window pretty quickly... and from then, it's actually very cute how they are together... so most of the drama in the book is actually outside of the main couple... cause the whole situation seems pretty impossible to overcome... I was really curious how Sherrilyn Kenyon will be able to give them their own happy ending... :) but she delivered as always ;)

Besides the main couple we have as always a bunch of secondary characters as well ;) so there's Kat, Cassandra's bodyguard... who may or may not be more than she seems at first sight ;) but I can't tell you more... ;) there are also a few characters that surprised me along the way, but I can't tell you more about them either, so I won't spoil you the book if you haven't read it before... :) we also have an appearance of all the previous heroes, but when and why I can't tell you that... :) I am truly sorry for being so secretive, but there is really no way for me of saying anything without spoilers, so I'm gonna shut up now ;) all I can and will say, is that the secondary characters, as always, add another awesome layer to the already great book :) and there is definitely some potential for future main characters here... but I can say that about every book in this series... ;) which only makes me more curious about future stories ;)

I always have the same problem with writing reviews of her books... how to convince you how awesome they are without spoiling you anything if you don't know the books yet... ;) so I will say this... if you love sarcastic dialogues and witty banter... cause I do ;) if you adore cute epilogues and always fall for the tortured and yet emotional and swoonworthy heroes... ;) and if you love kick-ass heroines, Sherrilyn Kenyon should be your go-to author :) and this book is no exception :) and adding to all that, I absolutely loved how in this book we got to know so much more about the dark hunter world... because if you thought that all daimons are bad and all appolites are evil, think again... there is soooo much we didn't know... and I've got a feeling that there is a bunch of stuff I have yet to discover in future books about all of them... I hope you'll forgive me for not explaining some of the terms I'm using here, because if you know the books, you know what I'm talking about, and if you don't know the books, the amount of space it would take me to describe you everything would be much longer than this review ;) so just trust me on it and try the books ;) you won't regret it :)

I have a few quotes for you to show you why I love her style of writing and interactions between characters so much... and trust me... there is much more of that in the book ;) happy reading :)

A little glimpse at Wulf at the beginning of the book ;)
"While the Dark-hunter was distracted, the Daimon holding her moved the gun from her temple and fired four shots into him. The Dark-Hunter turned very slowly toward them.
Fury descending over his face, he glared at the Daimon who had shot him. 'Have you no honor? No decency? No damn brains? You don't kill me with bullets. You just piss me off.'"

Part of a conversation between Wulf and Cassandra near the beginning ;) Cassandra first
"'I don't have to stay here.'
'Yes you do.'
She gave him an arch look. 'I don't think so, and unless you take that anger out of your voice when you speak to me, all you're going to see is my heinie as it goes out that door.' She pointed to the front door.
The smile he gave her was wicked and cold. 'Have you ever tried to run from a Viking? There's a damned good reason why the western Europeans wet themselves whenever our names were mentioned.'
His words made her shiver. 'You wouldn't dare.'
'Feel free to try me.'"

Something between Acheron and Wulf ;) Acheron first
"'Sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right.'
'What do you mean?'
'You'll see one day, little brother. I promise.'
Wulf ground his teeth. 'I really hate it when you play Oracle.'
'I know. All of you do. But what can I say? It's my job to annoy you.'
'I think you should find a new occupation.'
'Why? I happen to enjoy the one I have.'"

A little sass from Cassandra in her conversation with Wulf ;)
"Cassandra cocked a brow at his wardrobe as they walked through the closet. Everything from the hanging items to every pair of shoes lacked color. It looked like a great black hole.
'Like black, do you?'
One corner of his mouth quirked up. 'It serves its purpose. It's hard to look intimidating in pastels.'"

Part of a conversation between Talon and Zarek, heroes from previous books, in a situation I can't tell you more about ;)
"'If you hate it here so much,' Talon asked, 'why did you agree to come?'
In a subtle gesture of flipping Talon off, Zarek scratched his eyebrow with his middle finger, which was covered with a long, sharp metallic claw. 'Astrid wants me to make friends. I don't know why. Some weird woman thing. She's trying to make me more sociable.'"



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