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Review: "Dark witch" by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
Title: "Dark witch"
Book 1 in series Cousins O'Dwyer
Main characters: Boyle McGrath and Iona Sheehan

I have to say that I have surprisingly little reviews on my blog of books written by Nora Roberts... which is quite weird to me, since I've read most of her books... seriously, the number reaches above a hundred... :) that includes both, books published under "Nora Roberts" and the In death series written under a pseudonym :) and I am a huge fan of her writing style, the way she creates stories, characters and connections between them... the only reason why I have so very little reviews of those books on my blog, is because I've read the majority of them before I started it :) I am planning on doing more "flashback reviews" about them, but since I read a lot, I am busy writing current reviews for you, but I am gonna work on that, because she is absolutely amazing and you all should know more about her books :) to those of you who are completely new to my term of "flashback review" here's the link to the one I did about another Nora Roberts series, it's all explained it that post :) so you can check it out -> here <- whenever you want :) now let's go into more details about the book that this review is really about, shall we? ;)

Iona is originally from America, but she moves to Ireland to meet her family there :) I will share with you a more detailed reason in a moment ;) she sells pretty much everything she owns, and follows her grandmother advice... she's this petite little person, with a blond pixie cut... so no wonder she is compared to a fairy more than once in a book :) she's very open and easy going, which is quite an accomplishment when you learn more about her and see that she didn't have as much love and family growing up as she should have... but I think my most favourite quality of hers is that she's babbling a lot when she's nervous... it's quite adorable ;) Boyle on the other hand is quite the opposite... big, kind of man of a few words... :) he owns the stables that she starts working in :) he's definitely more calm and stoic, but he has his moments... ;)

Now about those details I promised you before... :) first, a bit of an explanation about the whole series :) it's a trilogy, and each book will focus on one couple, but there is a much bigger thing going on besides the romance :) what I love about Nora Roberts books is that she has this amazing ability to combine this sort of a contemporary romance genre with a bit of magic... or sometimes a bit more, like in this case :) so this book starts with a prologue-ish part that takes place in the year 1263... I know, but stay with me, cause there is magick involved... and no, that is not a typo :) "k" is there on purpose ;) so, at the beginning we learn the story about a Dark Witch and her three children... and it does not end well... I have to admit that it actually brought me to tears... but it's a story that also involves an evil sorcerer... so basically, without spoiling too many details, we know that we will have the descendants of those three kids in the books :) and they are gonna fight the evil sorcerer who plotted his revenge and want to steal their powers... that's pretty much all I can say about it ;) and if you are wondering why the series has an O'Dwyer name in the title and yet none of the main characters here have it, so who is the descendant... well, the answer to that is of course Iona :) she comes to Ireland knowing the stories, knowing they are true and wanting to find her cousins :) and about them... ;)

Let's dive into the secondary characters in the book... although I'm not really sure if you can call them that ;) usually in Nora Roberts trilogies we meet most, if not all, of the characters in the first book :) and the same can be said in this case... so even though each book tells the story of a different couple coming together, the rest of them are a huge and important part of all of them :) so we have Iona's cousins, Branna and Connor O'Dwyer :) there is also Meara and Fin :) and he has a magickal connection of his own, but I won't spoil you anything by saying it here :) usually in my reviews this is the place where I tell you a bit more about them, but since they will be main characters and will get their own reviews, I'm gonna leave out most of the details ;) all I can and will say is that they are a different bunch, but I absolutely adore and love all of them and cannot wait to read their stories :) and I cannot forget about the animals... all three children, as well as their descendants, have a unique bond with a specific animal... I don't want to say too much about it, cause it's much more satisfying to learn it as you read, but I am gonna say that we are talking about a dog, a hawk and a horse :)

I am a huge Nora Roberts fan, and this book definitely delivered... :) I am curious about what's gonna come next but since she never disappointed me before, I'm not worried :) plus, my sister J already read all three of the books and she said they were awesome so I know there will be a good and satisiyng ending to all of that :) she read it some time ago and has been relentlessly convincing me to finally read it too... and lately she was so succesful that not only did I started it, she almost re-read it too ;) it was a great mix of romane and world building... we got a fantastic introduction to all our key players and the story definitely left me wanting more :) but don't get me wrong, our main couple got their happy ending ;) she has the most amazing ability to incorporate this more magickal and paranormal elements into her stories :) and her writing style is wonderful... it makes you fall into the book and doesn't let you go until you finish it ;)

I have just a few quotes for you today... :) mostly because the ones I really wanted to use were too spoilerific, and the other ones were definitely too long ;) there is this really amazing banter between our main six characters, but I can't just put here whole pages from the book :) so you'll just have to believe me, that there is much more awesomeness where these few examples came from ;) happy reading :)

Part of  the first conversations between Iona and Connor, when she visits him and Branna in the morning ;) Connor first
"'Good morning to you. You must be cousin Iona from the States.'
'Yes, I...'
'Welcome home.' She found herself enfolded in a big, hard hug that lifted her up to the toes of her boots. 'I'd be Connor, if you're wondering. Come in out of the cold. Winter's still got its teeth in us.'
'Thanks. I know it's early.'
'That it is. The day will insist on starting that way.'"

Part of a conversation between Iona and Boyle... ;) he can seem harsh at times but it all comes from a place of care ;) Boyle first
"'That's my mobile. If you get nervous, ring me up. Better you ring Branna, but I'm just minutes away if it comes to that.'
'That's... That's so kind.'
'Don't get watery about it. I've just hired you, haven't I, and done the bloody paperwork. I can't have you running back to America. Lock the door and go to bed. Switch on the telly if you need the noise.'
He walked to the door, opened it. 'And remember,' he said, looking back at her. 'You can hold a flame of your own making in the palm of your hand.'
He shut the door. Even as she started to smile, he rapped hard enough to make her jump.
'Lock the bloody door!'"

Part of a conversation between Iona and Branna :)
"The delight carried her out of the workshop and into the kitchen, where she threw her arms around Branna for a spin.
'Well, then, I see groping with Boyle's given you a fine burst of energy.'
'It was a really good groping. He asked me out, in his Boyle way. <We'll go have dinner sometime.>'
'Christ Jesus!' Eyes wide, hand flying to her heart, Branna goggled. 'It's all but a proposal of marriage.'
Too happy to be dampened, Iona laughed. 'It's a big step up from grunting at me.'"



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