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Review: "Branded" by Laura Wright

Author: Laura Wright
Title: "Branded"
Book 1 in series The Cavanaugh brothers
Main characters: Deacon Cavanaugh and Mackenzie "Mac" Byrd

This is the first book in a four-book series... and they are all already available if you can't stop reading after this one... cause there are some pretty big revelations at the very end... ;) because besides the romance between each couple in individual books, there is this bigger mystery about their dead sister... dun dun duuuunnnnnn.... but more about that in a moment :) for now let's just focus on this one, shall we? ;)

Mac is a foreman on the Triple C ranch... the very same ranch that belongs to Deacon's father... the one he left as soon as he could... she is hot-tempered and opinionated... she's also tough and fierce in protecting the ones she counts as her friends and family... plus, I can't help but love a girl who, and I quote "only begs if chocolate is involved" ;) now about Deacon... :) he's the oldest of the three brothers and a businessman... not to mention that he's very arrogant... cause there is confident... and then there's Deacon ;) he's ruthless and cold... or so it seems... ;) because let's not kid ourselves, in this types of books, there's always more to main characters than we think... ;)

She had a crush on him when they were younger and she was his sister's friend... but now it looks more like hate-passion... cause the hot feelings are still there, but now besides passion, there's also anger, so it's a pretty explosive mix ;) so when they are put together in the same place, things start to heat up ;) although I have to admit, that the change in him, at least for me, was a bit sudden... with her, I mostly get it... she had a crush on him years ago, and some of the feelings came back when he returned, but him...? I missed a bit more of an evolution of the character... but it's hard for me to stay mad at that, when he kept calling her darlin'... ;) you all know that this term of endearment... right alongside luv... and accents are my kryptonite in books... ;) I get all week in the knees and can't fight it ;)

Besides the romance story there is also this bigger mystery that will be solved throughout all four books that I mentioned before... who murdered their sister 12 years ago... in this book we can see entries from her diary and learn a bit more about her... I assume that in future books we will see more of them and then we will finally discover who did it...

We get to meet a lot of characters in this book... there are all of the brothers, who grew apart after that horrible tragedy... now they came back together for the funeral of their father... and believe me, all of the unresolved issues came with them... there were a few moments when I was asking myself "what the hell happened in that house?!?" and the short answer is... a lot of terrible things... and to avoid spoilers let me just say, that I can't blame them for running away from there the moment they were able to do that... besides the brothers we also get to meet some of the future heroines... and I am very curious just how some of those couples will get together ;)

The book starts a bit slow, introducing everyone, but when they are finally in one place and the interactions start... well, then it gets better ;) so stick to it :) although this whole book feels like a big introduction to this series and all the characters :) I haven't read other books yet, but my sister did, and J says that this first one is actually the worst one of them all, and that they just keep getting better ;) so I will definitely give them a try ;) because they were written pretty good... even though I had one thing that made me shiver every time I read it... and not in a good way ;) let me just say this... the word "cream" should never... ever... be used in a sex scene, unless we're talking about "whipped cream" ;) but all in all it wasn't bad and I do want to see other brothers get their own happy endings and the mystery of the murder finally solved... so at some point I will go back and finish this series :)

I have for you a few quotes to show you what is waiting for you inside the book ;) happy reading

Dedication ;)
"To you, my readers. Save a horse and ride a cowboy."

Interaction between Deacon and Mac at the beginning ;)
"'What do you want, Deacon?' she muttered irritably.
'I heard you yelling all the way down the hall,' he said. 'How's a man supposed to get any sleep with all that racket?'
She snorted. 'If I see a man I'll ask him.'"

A little bit of Deacon :)
"'Whether you believe it or not, I'm not looking to destroy you, Mackenzie. Beautiful works of art should never be destroyed.' Deacon realized what he'd said one second after it was out of his mouth. Where the hell did that come from? he mentally growled. Not from any rational or reasonable place he knew of. Shit, that was Hallmark card, romantic bullshit territory. He didn't deliver that kind of slop to women."

Part of a conversation between Deacon and Mac a bit further in the book ;) Deacon first
"'That's not how I remember dares.'
She pointed the fence stretcher at him. 'That's because you're old.'
His eyes widened.
She broke out laughing. 'Yup. And sorry to inform you, but memory's the first thing to go.'"

And the last one with our main couple ;) 
"'I was too old for you then, of course,' he said. 'But I always admired the way you handled yourself. How strong and brave and fearless you were.'
She didn't buy it for a minute. 'If I remember correctly, you thought I was a pain in the ass and a bad influence on your sister.'
His eyes danced with heat and amusement. 'But a strong, fearless pain in the ass.'"



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