Monday, February 22, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #1

The idea
The explanation
Why I cried on "Deadpool"

Soooo... you are probably wondering what is going on... :) let me explain ;) lately I've been thinking about the amount of books I'm reading... because it vary a lot... ;) there are days when I can read a whole book in one sitting ;) but there are also days when it takes me a whole week to finish a book ;) and since I don't want to left you waiting for a new post for too long, an idea was born :) to be perfectly honest this particular idea have been wandering around my head for quite some time now ;) I just finally decided to act on it ;)

When I started this blog, the plan was to write mostly about books, but also about other things... the "books" part of my writing is going excellent... ;) some time ago I've fnally reached a point where I'm very satisfied with the way that I write my reviews, with just enough informations to interest you, but not too much so no spoilers here... :) plus some quotes to tease you a bit so you'll read the book sooner ;) but the "other stuff" part... well, I've been neglecting it for quite some time now... ;) and ever since january, when I celebrated the first anniversary of this blog... go me! :) I started to think about a way to remedy that situation :) and I finally got it :) so now to the explanation of the idea :)

I decided to write a weekly post :) "random ramblings of a bookworm" ;) the idea is to write and edit it on the weekend and post it every monday on my blog :) each post will have a headline as you can see it above, at the very beginning :) that headline will give you a quick look into what I'm gonna be writing about :) and it will give me a chance to write about pretty much everything that I want... :) sometimes it will be book related and sometimes not :) sometimes it will be a mix of a few things :) to be honest, I'm pretty excited about it, although I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in reading it ;) but I hope that since you like my reviews, otherwise you wouldn't be reading my blog ;) that you'll enjoy my ramblings as well ;) after all, my writing style is still the same ;) don't worry, you'll still get new reviews each week :) depending on the amount of books I read and subsequently the amount of reviews available at the time, it will be one or two new reviews each week :) not to mention that you can also find me on facebook :) I post there every day all this very cool quote / picture creations made by my awesome sister J, book updates about what I'm reading and other stuff :) it's also the fastest way to contact me if you have questions, opinions you'd like to share or just want to talk about books ;)

And since we have the idea and the explanation parts out of the way, let's talk about the last part of the headline ;) last week I went to see "Deadpool" on the big screen... you know, that R-rated movie that's been shattering all kinds of records in box office :) and it was soooo amazing :) you might be wondering now "since she loved it so much why the <cried> in the headline?" :) don't worry, even though I cry very easily on all sorts of movies, animated movies, tv shows... seriously, sometimes it's just ridiculous how easily I can burst into tears ;) I just keep telling myself that it just means that I'm sensitive and that's not a bad thing ;) but even though I get emotional very easily, this time it was tears of laughter :) because the movie was absolutely hilarious :) you may already know that about me, or not, it's ok either way :) but sarcastic humor is my favourite kind :) I love it in books and in movies :) I fall in love the quickest in characters with witty and sarcastic banter :) and Deadpool stole my heart from the very first scene :) and yes, it's an R-rated movie for a reason, but hey... I'm a big girl so it was not a problem for me ;) although I tried to restrain myself a bit, cause my sister claims that when I'm at the cinema I laugh like a muppet :) I'm too loud and draw too much attention to us... to be honest, it's totally true, I just don't really care ;) I had the best time so if you like the mix of sarcastic humor and kick-ass action, be sure to see it soon :) you won't regret it :) plus, how I could not loved a movie that advertised itself with these posters ;)

Ok my awesome people, that's a wrap for today :) I hope you enjoyed reading this at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it :) because it's been fun :) talk to you next week with another "ramblings" post... and later this week with new reviews... and every day on my fb page... ;) so basically you have a lot to choose from ;) be sure to let me know what you think, share and comment cause I love talking with you :)



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