Monday, February 29, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #2

Who are #BookBesties
What is #BookMountain
How Maraea made me fall in love with hashtags 

Hello my awesome people in the second post of what I hope will be my weekly series :) although there is a pretty good chance that it will happen, since I'm having sooooo much fun writing this and thinking about some ideas for future posts :) and I want to encourage you to let me know if you have your own ideas as well :) or questions for me :) this weekly posts are the best way for me to incorporate your opinions into my blog :) and the fastest way to contact me is definitely through the official fb page of my blog :) so if you have something you want to share, opinion, question, or if you just want to talk about books, let me know :)

This time I'm gonna start from the last part of the headlines :) first of all, I'm kind of technologically impaired... :) I won't go into more details now, cause it's a subject that will deserve its own "random ramblings" post in the future :) but I never used hashtags before, and now some of them are definitely a regular theme in my life ;) and it's all because of Maraea :) she's one of my #BookBesties (definition of that will be in the next paragraph) :) I met her some time ago in one of the fb groups that I am a part of... we started by commenting on the same posts, which led to longer conversations under said posts... which then led to the discovery that we love a lot of the same books :) after some time we became fb friends and ever since then, we have an on-going and never-ending conversation about books :) mainly because she lives half way around the world... literally :) time difference between her place and mine is 12 hours :) so usually it's like that: I write something, after some time she writes me back and we go back and forth between us :) I loooove talking with her about books :) we exchange recommendations and opinions, and my favourite part is when we talk about a book that we both already read ;) because then our conversations can be filled with spoilers :) I can't write you guys here how much I loved when for example he proposed surprisingly in the middle of the book or how pissed I was when she died :) but I can share that with her and we can rant or sigh together ;) and she is a huge fan of hashtags :) reading her comments always make me smile :) she's definitely a source of joy in my life :) and the more I was talking with her the more hashtags I was starting to use :) I mix and match them as much as I want but there are two that I love the most... :) and just like that we go back to the headlines and that first line... :)

Who are #BookBesties? :) I dedicate that term to all of you who talk with me about books :) to all of you who exchanged recommendations with me :) it's a very broad term for me, which include everyone I can talk about books with :) so of course my biggest and oldest #BookBestie is of course my sister, J :) I can't tell you how many times we talked in the middle of the night about books... and many other things :) my new, but very active #BookBestie is of course Maraea :) there is a huge possibility that she was the first to use that term and I just snatched it to use for myself :) but now I'm sharing it with you, so it's all good :) but basically if we talked about books this term probably made an appearance at some point of that conversation :) and I have to say that I cherish each and every one of that conversations :) so big hugs to all my #BookBesties :) can't wait to talk to you guys again :)

And now we can go to the last unexplained part of the headlines... what is #BookMountain? :) it's another term that started in one of my conversations with Maraea... again, I don't really remember who said it first... :) but we were talking about our never-ending lists of books to read... we were laughing about the size of the piles on our nightstands ;) literally and metaphorically, since a lot of our books are e-books ;) and at one point of that particular conversation we decided that "lists" are boring and "pile" is definitely not strong enough to convey the amount of books each of us have to read ;) and that's when the term #BookMountain was born :) now that I think about it, it may have been Maraea who said it first... hmm.... eh, it doesn't really matter ;) but we both agree that it sounds so much better and cooler than your regular "list" or "pile" :) and it definitely describes in the best way the amount of books we have to read :) so now when we recommend something to one another we always say "I'm just gonna add that book / series to the #BookMountain" :)

That's a wrap for today people :) I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it ;) and of course you're free to use the hashtags I wrote about here, and make up your own, cause I'm certainly doing it all the time :) maybe not as many as Maraea, but hey... I'm a newbie in the hashtags game and she's a professional ;) be sure to let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or showing some love on the fb page of my blog :) and I have to praise myself a bit ;) since I was such a good blogger <pats myself on the head> good brain... ;) I have already a few reviews written, edited and ready to post, so the next few weeks you'll get a "random ramblings" post on mondays, and then brand new reviews on wednesdays and fridays ;) plus all the usual quote / pictures on my fb page :) so much good things coming your way... :) before I go I just wanted to share with you a song that's been stuck in my head lately :) first of all, because it's another way for you guys to get to know me better and second of all, it's also my way of checking if I can post videos on my blog, cause I haven't done that before ;) hopefully everything will be working ;)



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