Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: "Ninja at first sight" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 4,75 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Greg Archer and Fiona Shepard

This lovely novella originally came out about two months ago... but after reading the first reviews about how awesome it was and how unbearable the next two months will be waiting for their book to be published... because this one is a prequel about how the married couple from the next Knitting and the city book met and got together ;) I decided to wait... ;) and after finally reading this story I can tell you that it was a very good decision... believe me, a week of waiting sounds sooo much better than two months ;) and now let me tell you more about this wonderful little gem :) but only a little bit more ;)

Fiona appeared in the previous Knitting and the city books, but here we meet her when she's eighteen and starting college :) and it's definitely nice to see how this awesome person that we already know and love from the series got to be the way she is now :) she's rather observing other people and life than participating in it, at least at the beginning :) and then there's Greg... <sigh> up till now Alex from "Love hacked" (book #3 in this series) was my favourite hero in her books... but Greg... he's tall, sarcastic and speaks with a british accent... <sigh> ;) I think I'm in love... :) I'm almost afraid to read the full lenght book about them... ;) cause I have a feeling they may become my favourite couple ;)

I thought I would write you a bit more about the actual story, but since it's only seven chapters long I don't want you to know everything before you even read it ;) but I will say this... it's a fantastically written story, as always when it comes to Penny Reid's books :) there is a swoonworthy hero and a kick-ass heroine, again, not a surprise ;) there are smart dialogues, hilarious humor and declarations of love that will absolutely melt you into one big puddle of "aaawwww" ;) I swear, every time I read her books, she's like a breath of fresh air reminding me that it is absolutely possible to write smart and beautiful romances that will steal your heart and make you daydream when you should really concentrate on something else ;) and if you are not familiar with this amazing woman... and you really should :) now it's the perfect time to try her out, because this novella is currently FREE :) I have no idea how long it will last, so you should get it while you can ;) here are the links to Amazon, B&N / NookKobo and Smashwords but if you are using something else, you should check with your e-book provider because it's probably free there too ;) and this novella is a really good way to see the writing style and get the feel of the books before you absolutely fall in love with her and feel the need to buy all of them ;) you can thank me later ;)

I had to really restricted myself with the quotes this time people... ;) because believe me, if I wanted to, I could find one on pretty much every page ;) so here are just a few that you can enjoy before you read this amazing novella for yourself ;)

The very first words ;)
"'I don't like this. I feel like I've been lied to.' My mother said this loudly, glaring at the open door to the suite area. I was certain her voice carried down the hall. 'I've never heard of co-ed dorms. It's disgusting. They might as well just hand out condoms and host an orgy.'"

One of the first interactions between Fiona and Greg ;)
"'Really,' he drawled, his eyes narrowing, his mouth curving in a slight smirk. 'I am so very interested in learning of my deficiencies.'
'That's a lie,' I said plainly, wiping off my hands with a towel. 'But, as sarcasm is an effective technique when debating, I'll allow it.'
'You'll allow it,' he stated, his voice impassive, monotone.
'Yes, I will. Even though sarcasm is beneath you. But I digress, as your lack of sincerity isn't the point.'"

When Greg comes to her one night drunk and declare some things through the closed doors ;)
"'Don't let me in,' he said, his voice back to its emotionless baseline. 'I might ravish you or force you into a hasty, unsuitable marriage.'"

Another conversation between Greg and Fiona :)
"'Shouldn't you be playing up your good points? Isn't that what guys do when they're interested in a girl?'
'But you've never been kissed,' he responded, his tone still flat but his eyes dancing with mischief, 'and you've never dated. This is my chance to ruin you for anyone else.'
'By telling me all about how terrible you are?'
'By being honest. By playing no games. When I tell you that I'm a selfish bastard, I mean it. And when I tell you that you're wonderful and amazing and stunning and definitely the most extraordinary woman I've ever met, you'll know I mean that, too.'"

One more reason why I love Greg :) when he tells Fiona when he "knew" ;)
"'I saw you...' he kissed my parted lips, 'you'd bent over to pick up your pen, or some such item...' he kissed me again, this time on the corner of my mouth, and my eyelids fell, my heart swelling, my breath catching, 'and I thought to myself...' one more press of his lips on my jaw, 'I thought, I am going to tap that ass.'
My eyes flew open, as did my mouth, and my head reared back, 'Greg!'
'And other things!' He grinned, wagging his eyebrows, pulling me forward, 'I thought, I am going to tap that ass, as well as other things, all having to do with how lovely you are and how much I respect you as a person.'"

And the last one with our main couple ;)
"'Face the window, Fe. It's time to cuddle.' Greg stretched beside me, over the covers, and nudged my shoulder, encouraging me to turn.
'Is this serious cuddling?' I teased. 'Should I take notes?'
'Yes and yes. You should always be taking notes when we're together. I'm a consistent source of how to do everything right.'"



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