Sunday, January 31, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) february edition

Greetings my awesome people :) yes, it is this time of the month again... ;) time when I share with you some very cool books that will be available to us all very soon ;) this month I have for you three very different and yet very amazing books to choose from :) you guys ready to start? ;)

Ok, so the first one, "Stars above", is actually a set of novellas from The lunar chronicles series by Marissa Meyer :) some of them were published before, but it's the first time when they are all together in one place :) plus, let's not forget about, I wanna say five new stories, but I'm not sure :) you'll just gonna have to wait and see for yourself :) The lunar chronicles is a YA fantasy sort of a series, but definitely don't be discouraged by that, cause I immensly enjoyed it even though my real life YA days are long behind me ;) if you don't believe me how awesome it was, just check out my totally spoiler free review of the whole series :) personally, I can't wait for this additional glimpse into this amazing world that she created... not to mention that she has a very captivating writing style and it's always a pleasure to read one of her books :)

Second book I am totally looking for is "Jockblocked" by Jen Frederick :) it's book #2 in her Gridiron series :) this choice might come as a surprise to you, cause you might be wondering "why the second book if she hasn't read the first one yet" ;) let me tell you why... ;) I actually read the first book, and really enjoyed it :) I even have a review all ready to be posted, just haven't got the time to do it... I was busy with Bookmarks 2015 ;) if this is the first time you hear the phrase "Bookmarks 2015" it's the annual awards that I did this year on my blog for the very first time and you can find all of the posts with winners in different categories in january this year here on my blog :) but back to the book :) it's a new adult sports themed romance and the hero of this book actually appeared in the previous one, and I have to say that I am very curious to see his story ;) in fact, be sure to come back on wednesday, cause the review of the first book will be my first post in february ;)

And the last one I want to talk to you about is "Brotherhood in death" by J. D. Robb :) it's book #42 in her In death series... :) 42... I know, right? I have no idea how she manages to keep the quality so good after so many books :) but they are awesome :) it's a series set a bit in the future, but main changes are just in the technology department ;) about a New York detective... or a lieutenant at this point ;) they all can be read as standalones but I do encourage you to read them in order to see the amazing changes in the characters and interactions between them :) but each book follows a different case, and that case is resolved in the book, so you can pick up whichever you want, to try it out... and once you like it, then go back to read them in order ;) I wanted to write you about this book even though I am like two books behind in this series :) hopefully by the time that book #43 will appear I will be all caught up ;)



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