Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite sports themed romance

This is the category that caused me a bit of problems... let me tell you why... ;) I had a lot of choices but ultimately I was able to narrow it down to two books... don't worry, there will be much more recommendations for you in this post and lots of links to my reviews below, but back to my problem... ;) I had two books and was going back and forth between them unable to choose the winner... so I went to my sister and she had the swinging vote  ;) so let me present to you...

"Alex" by Sawyer Bennett is the beginning of her Cold Fury hockey series :) it's a contemporary sports themed romance that was absolutely amazing :) I loved how it was about people who acted like adults... you know, actually talking with each other about stuff instead of all that unnecessary angst and drama that you can sometimes find in books... you know, this kind of I-saw-him-hugging-a-woman-so-that-must-mean-he's-cheating-on-me-so-I-shall-dump-him-and-deny-him-any-way-to-explain-this situations ;) this book was definitely not this... :) it was funny and sexy and just straight up awesome to read :) I'll leave you links to my review of it, and all others in that series below, so you can check it out with more details, and don't worry, there will be more books published soon... :)

Now let me give you some more amazing book recommendations that can fall into this category :) and I will also leave you links to the reviews I wrote about them, so be prepared for a very lenghty list down below ;) I have to start with the book that was the closest one to snag the title ;) "The deal" by Elle Kennedy is the book #1 in her Off-campus series :) and as I said before, for me it's equally as good as the winner :) it's a new adult (and I'm only saying NA instead of contemporary, because it takes place in college) sports themed romance that stole my heart from the moment I read the first chapter... :) I actually re-read it not so long ago, and it was just as amazing as the first read ;) I loved the honesty between the main characters, the way they go from no interactions whatsoever to this unexpected friends to something more... :) this book, as all others in that series, is written just fantastically... :) it's funny, sexy and it ends before you know it, cause you keep turning page after page ;) besides the very close runner up I want to also mention three more series to you :) so there is Game on series by Kristen Callihan, another fantastically written NA / contemporary books that will make you laugh, cry and make "aaawwww" noises in all the right places ;) there's also The ivy years series by Sarina Bowen :) even though it's NA, the characters actually behave with a lot of maturity :) these books also have an amazing writing style and I am still in awe how she manages to write about some very serious issues but still makes me laugh so many times in one book :) I also want to mention Play by play series by Jaci Burton :) I may have not read it personally... yet ;) but my sister did and she recommends it :) and since it's on my to-be-read list I thought I'd share :)

And now it's time for this long list of links to my reviews I was warning you about in the post ;)
  • book #1 in Cold Fury hockey series abou Alex and Sutton -> "Alex"
  • book #2 in Cold Fury hockey series about Garrett and Olivia -> "Garrett"
  • book #3 in Cold Fury hockey series about Zack and Kate -> "Zack"
  • book #4 in Cold Fury hockey series about Ryker and Gray -> "Ryker"
  • book #1 in Off-campus series about Garrett and Hannah -> "The deal"
  • book #2 in Off-campus series about Logan and Grace -> "The mistake"
  • book #3 (even though I read it in january this year, but I wanted you to have all the links to this series in one place) in Off-campus series about Dean and Allie -> "The score"
  • book #1 in Game on series about Drew and Anna -> "The hook up"
  • book #2 in Game on series about Gray and Ivy -> "The friend zone"
  • book #3 in Game on series about Ethan and Fiona -> "The game plan"
  • book #1 in The ivy years series about Adam and Corey -> "The year we fell down"
  • book #2 in The ivy years series about Bridger and Scarlet -> "The year we hid away"
  • book #3 in The ivy years series about Graham and Rikker -> "The understatement of the year"
  • book #4 in The ivy years series about Rafe and Bella -> "The shameless hour"



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