Monday, January 25, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite quote

My lovely people, this post is very special to me for many reasons... :) and I will share at least some of them with you in a moment ;) but first a few words of explanation for all of you who don't know about my official fb page :) I post there every day and it's the best way to contact me :) I write there about books that I'm reading, sharing links from my blog and post all these amazing quote / pictures :) what's a "quote / picture" you ask? well now is the time for my explanation :) they are these absolutely beautiful little gems that my awesome sister J is making especially for us :) she uses quotes from books that we read and paires them with pictures so I can have a bit of a "wow factor" ;) and I post them only on my fb page so if you want to see them on a regular basis be sure to check it out ;) and, you know, like, comment, share... generally show some love if you enjoy them and your quirky book dealer ;) but back to the topic :) all of those stunning creations inspired me to add this category, and when I was wondering what quote should win, one of them kept coming back to me over and over again... so let me present to you...

Penny Reid is the winner, because she wrote the character who said the words that goes straight to my heart every time I remember them... don't worry, I'll post that particular quote / picture below :) those words were said by Alex, the hero from "Love hacked", book #3 in her Knitting in the city series :) it's a contemporary romance that has it all... ;) it's hilariously funny, smart and hot in all the right places... ;) not to mention that Penny Reid has one of the best and most unique writing styles I have ever read... it's absolutely amazing and I am grateful every time I read one of her books that one of my friends recommended her to me :) the quote itself may not be very long but I sigh every time I read it... it may not have as much effect on you if you haven't read the book... and you really should read it, especially since it can totally be read as a standalone ;) but I do hope you can see why I love it so much... :) so here it is for you:

Today I want to also take a moment to write about a very special someone to me... you guessed it, I'm talking about my amazing sister, J :) she's totally the co-creator and the creative director of this blog ;) I can't tell you how many times she badgered me into reading an awesome book much sooner than I thought I would do it ;) how many amazing quote / pictures she creates all the time for us... :) how many times I have talked with her about books, so many things I write about are inspired by her words... :) she is the biggest supporter of my blog and I love her very much :) she may or may not be my favourite person ever... ;) and I want to use this post today to wish her a very happy birthday :) big hugs to you my little sister :) when I was planning out the categories I started with this one on this day just so I can write about how awesome you are on a post about a category that basically belongs to you, on your special day ;) I hope you know how I and all the readers appreciate everything that you do for us :) never change, just keep being the awesome person that you are :)



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