Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite paranormal romance

When it came to this category, I have to admit that the choice was very hard... cause the competition was fierce... ;) because A -> I read a lot of really good paranormal books last year and B -> my definition of "paranormal" is pretty wide so you can imagine my dilemma ;) but ultimately I had to give it to the book written by one of my favourite authors in one of my favourite series of all time... :) so let me present to you...

Ok, so I am totally aware that some of you may think that "Born of betrayal" by Sherrilyn Kenyon can't be counted as a "paranormal romance" and you totally have the right to think that, but hey... it's my blog, and my awards so I'm saying that it totally counts ;) besides, The league is one of my all time favourite series so I had to reward it in some way ;) all of the books in this series can be read as standalones, but I do encourage you to read them in order to see the change in some of the characters and to avoid spoilers ;) but if you really want to, you can start wherever to see if it will work out for you, because you have just enough informations in each book to follow the story and characters :) and once you fall in love with it then go back and start from the beginning ;) all of the books are written absolutely fantastic... they are full of sarcastic humor, but also some tragic stories... but don't worry, each book has a happy ending ;) they are always funny, sexy and emotional in all the right places :) and have bonds and connections between characters much stronger than blood... and I chose this particular book because besides a great story between the main couple, we have a lot of familiar faces making appearances :) it's like a cherry on top of a super yummy cake ;) not to mention that there are some really surprising twists along the way that make the wait for the next book really hard ;)

But as I said, the competition was pretty fierce, so let me share with you some of the books that were pretty close to the title ;) and don't worry, I'll leave all the links to my reviews of the books I am mentioning below, so you can check all of them in more details :) so first of all, I finally started reading Dark hunter series by the awesome Sherrilyn Kenyon, and those first few books I managed to squeeze last year were truly great ;) as with her The league series, they can be read as standalones if you really want to, cause you have the info to follow the story, but I do encourage you to read them in order ;) another fantastic read was "Revenant" by Larissa Ione :) I mean, what's not to love? angels, demons, a lot of laugh and a surprising tear or two along the way... ;) I also really enjoyed "The darkest touch" by Gena Showalter :) but I loved the idea of warriors possessed by demons as a punishment for their involvement in opening Pandora's box from the very first book ;) and I can't forget about "Shards of hope" by Nalini Singh :) I fall in love with that world more and more with each book I read :) those last three books that I mentioned are all part of different series and I strongly recommend you to read them in order, because they are very connected to one another and you might have troubles understanding everything that is going on in them without the knowledge from previous books :) I'm mentioning them to you more as an encouragement to check them out and start with the first book if you'd be interested ;) but they are all definitely worth reading ;)

Here are the links to my reviews of the books I mentioned in this post :)



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