Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite new author

Ok, so the winner of this category is an author that I discovered last year... not necessarily someone who published his or hers first book last year, cause sometimes I'm a little late to the party ;) and believe me, there were a lot of possibilities :) I've read a bunch of wonderful books last year written by authors absolutely new to me, and some of them will be even winners in different categories... ;) but when it came down to picking my favourite new author, the winner could be only one... ;) I present to you...

It had to be Penny Reid :) I read a lot of fantastically written books last year, but nothing compared to her :) she has the most unique and original writing style I have ever read... and I've been reading for a long time so that is saying something :) she writes contemporary romances that are smart, hilariously funny and a bit geeky from time to time ;) there are also swoonworthy heroes and kick-ass heroines ;) and all of her books are different :) the personalities of the main characters, their journey to be together... each and every one of her books that I've read so far tells a completely different and original story, and yet all of them has that unique stamp of quality and writing style that I already know and love :) so you can see Penny Reid in all of her books, but I bet that if I'd ask you for your favourite book written by her our answers would be different :) and I love it, cause all of us can find a story that speaks to us the most... a story closest to our heart :) and that is a unique gift and talent, to be able to write in such a way :) I definitely hope she will never run out of ideas, because a world where she would not write is a terryfying possibility that I don't want to think about... ;)

I have for you links to my reviews of books written by Penny Reid, that I read so far :)



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