Friday, January 22, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite musician

To be honest I haven't read that many books about musicians last year, so the choice who would win wasn't that hard ;) but I think that even if I would read more this particular guy would still win... cause he absolutely stole my heart... :) so let me present to you...

Noah is the hero from "Rock redemption" by Nalini Singh :) it's part of her Rock kiss series, but to be honest, all of those books can be read as standalones :) but back to our winner ;) I was afraid before reading this book... I knew it would be emotional and a bit dark, but on the other hand I had total faith in Nalini Singh and her ability to write a fantastic story worthy of those characters and with a satisfying ending... and I was right :) and even though it was heartwrenching sometimes to read, it was truly a beautiful story... but don't get me wrong, it was heartwrenching to read because his story was very sad and not because the words were awful... cause the writing style was amazing as always... :) Noah and the way he changed and faced his demons in this book absolutely deserved this win... I will leave the link to my much more detailed review below, so you can check it out ;)

Besides our winner, I need to mention two more ;) first, there is Zander from "Rise" by Karina Bliss, a wonderful, slow building romance between a rock star and his biographer :) I loved how their relationship changed throughout the book and that it was a story between a fully grown up people ;) it's always refreshing to read a book without unnecessary angst and drama that could be solved if people actually acted like adults ;) and then we have Stage dive series by Kylie Scott :) I actually have not read it yet, but it's about the four members of one band and my sister says it's awesome ;) I totally trust J and her word on that and so should you ;) it is definitely on my to-be-read-at-some-point-in-my-life-hopefully-really-soon list ;) but since we are talking about musicians I wanted to mention it to you so you'll have another recommendation... ;)

Here are the links to my reviews of the books I mentioned in this post :)
  • book #3 in Rock kiss series about Noah and Kit -> "Rock redemption"
  • book #1 in Rock solid series about Zander and Elizabeth -> "Rise"



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