Monday, January 18, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite historical romance

When it came to this category the decision was both easy and very hard ;) easy, because I was thinking only about one author as the winner and very hard because I read like ten historical romances written by her in the last year... :) and like I mentioned in one of the previous posts... she published those books some time ago, but I read them only last year ;) but ultimately when the time came for me to choose... the winner could be only one... ;) so I present to you...

Even though I loved loved looooved all the books written by Lisa Kleypas, "Devil in winter" had to be the winner :) it's book #3 in her Wallflowers series and it instantly became one of my favourites ;) I mean, what's not to love? ;) we have a walking, talking sin... ;) charming as hell main hero, Sebastian :) we have a shy and stuttering main heroine who hides much more inside her than anybody could guess... ;) we have sarcastic and witty banter... subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, seduction ;) and let's not forget about shocking and surprising turns of events :) people, this book has it all :) and did I mentioned that the writing style pulls you in from the very first page and does not let you go until you know how the story ends? ;) yes, Lisa Kleypas is that amazing... :) and even though I always recommend to read a series in order, you get all the informations you need to enjoy this story in this book :) but I will leave you below links to my reviews of all five books in this series so you can see how awesome they are ;) I hope that if you don't know her and her amazing writing style yet, you'll give it a try :) I promise it's soooo worth it ;)

Here are the links to the reviews of the books in Wallflowers series that I did :) in the correct order:



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