Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite family

The choice in this category was fairly easy, but I think the only reason for that is because runner up series about two other families consisted of only one book each ;) I think that next year there might be a much bigger competition ;) don't worry, I'll write about all of them :) but first, let me present you the winners...

The Hathaways are an absolutely charming family that stole my heart from the very first book :) they are the main characters in a surprisingly named The Hathaways series by Lisa Kleypas ;) they are all historical romances with witty banter, subtle yet very sexy seduction, smart dialogues and one of the best writing styles I've read... not to mention a surprising twist or two along the way ;) I will leave links to all my reviews below, so now let me tell you a bit about the members of the family :) we have Leo, the oldest one of them all and only son... he's quite a mess in the first book, but pulls himself together, so when the time came for his story I was totally in love with him ;) then we have Amelia, the oldest daughter who always worry about everyone and takes care of them all... then we have Win, second daughter, who is the most fragile one of them due to barely surviving a sickness... but thanks to the time jump in her book and some treatments abroad she comes home much stronger :) then there's Poppy, third daughter and the one who wishes for a more normal, less eccentric life... and then we have Beatrix, the youngest and the most peculiar one, which in that family really means something :) she love all animals and is much better at interactions with them than with people ;) and there is also an honorary member of the family, Merripen, a gypsy who they found barely alive when he was a kid and who stayed with them and became a member of their family... :) I loved all the books and would have a really hard time picking my favourite :) if you are not familiar with them I hope that my post and the reviews below will convince you to give them a try :)

Now for the two runner ups ;) first, we have Winston brothers series by Penny Reid :) a series about six bearded and charismatic brothers... if I could I would love to read all of the books at once, unfortunately for me, there is only one available at the moment, with the second one on the way this year :) as all her books, this one is funny, smart and written in a unique and awesome way :) the second runner up family is the Cross brothers who are first introduced in "Hearts of blue" by L .H. Cosway :) it's actually book #4 in her Hearts series, but it can totally be read as a standalone :) and the next books in that series will be about the other brothers :) there are four of them, all of them bad boys... and there is parkour involved people... I might have drooled a bit when I first read about it ;) I think both of those famlies would be a much stronger competition if there only would be more books about them :) but because there were only one about each of them, I had to give it to Hathaways ;) but I predict that there will be a much bigger competition next year ;)

Here are the links to all the books I'm mentioning in this post :)



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