Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite contemporary romance

Ok, when it came to this category, I had a bit of a problem with my decision... a lot of the books that I truly loved this past year will be mentioned in different categories, but when it came to this one... it was a choice between the two... or to be more accurate, between a book and one of the books in a great series... :) but ultimately, the book won ;) so let me present to you...

All in all I had to go with the T-Rex ;) let me explain... ;) "Rock hard" by Nalini Singh is part of her Rock kiss series :) and even though all characters are connected to one another in one way or the other, all of the books can be read as standalones :) what I find truly hilarious is that from the series about members of a rock band, I chose the only book about someone else ;) cause Charlie (the heroine) is best friends with Molly from book #1 ;) and Gabriel, or T-Rex ;) is her new boss :) I absolutely adored this book :) it wasn't a big shock to me since I love Nalini Singh and her writing style :) her way of creating stories and characters and those complicated and beautiful connections between them works for me every time :) so no wonder I loved this one so much :) it takes place over a bit longer part of time than usual and it's a big plus... :) to see how the relationship between the characters slowly builds up :) the whole story is the perfect mix of funny, endearing, sexy and just oh so cute ;) and did I mentioned that Gabriel is a former rugby player...? ;) just so you can picture him a little bit better in your head... ;)

A very close runner up was actually a series... ;) Hearts series by L. H. Cosway :) and again, even though there are connections between the books, all of them can be read as standalones :) but from all the books in this series "Six of hearts" (book #1) was the closest one to almost snag the title ;) because Jay... <sigh> who wouldn't love a smooth talking, charming as hell illusionist...? ;) I absolutely adored him but ultimately I had to give this one to Gabriel ;)

I have for you links to my reviews of the books I was talking about so you can check them out for yourselves ;)



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