Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite conclusion to a series

Ok people, I have to be honest... I had a clear winner from the beginning, but I still want to mention three other amazing books that would make the choice that much harder if the winner was not a book that I was waiting to read for like a year and a half to finally know the answers... ;) and it was definitely worth the wait :) so without wasting any more time I present to you...

There could really be only one winner... "Winter" by Marissa Meyer, the conclusion to the amazing The lunar chronicles series :) I'm gonna leave the link to my review of "Winter" below, although it's a spoiler free review of the whole series so you can check it out without fear ;) it's full of details about the characters and stuff, but here and now I want to just concentrate on my feelings after reading that book... :) I've waited a very long time to read the final installment in that series and to learn the answers to all of my questions... and the more I waited the more I was afraid I'm gonna be disappointed... because it has happened before... when the first few books in a series are really good but then it becomes obvious that the author has no idea where she or he wants to take the story... and then the ending is just... meh... but that is soooooo not the case with Marissa Meyer :) after finishing the whole series I have to say that she knew where she was going with that story from the beginning... the connections between certain characters, things that we discover along the way... and don't even get me started on her writing style... she has the ability to write one of the most captivating stories I have ever read... :) I can't wait to read something else written by her to see if she can repeat that magical experience ;) but back to "Winter" ;) it was, just like the whole series, a perfect mix of funny, "aaawww" and emotional moments... it made me cry and laugh and gasp in shock... and most important... it left with me with the most satisfying feeling after finishing it... and as a reader who invested a lot of time and emotions in a series, that is the best feeling there is ;)

There are three more books I want to mention to you in this category... all three of them have a lot in common :) they are done in an amazing writing style... they have both hilarious and very emotional moments... and they are all last books in an arch... not the last one in a series... and I am very thankful for that ;) but all of them finish up some plots that were building throughout previous books :) if it wasn't for "Winter" I would pick my winner between them, that's why I want to mention them to you :) so there is "Shards of hope" by Nalini Singh a paranormal romance with psy, changeling and human characters and all the connections between them... then there's "Revenant" by Larissa Ione another paranormal romance, but this one with demons, angels and all other sorts of magical creatures ;) and last but not least we have "Of silk and steam" by Bec McMaster a truly amazing steampunk romance with paranormal elements :) as I said before, all of them are amazing so I hope you'll maybe consider them to be your next series to read ;)

Here are the links to the reviews I mentioned in my post :)



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