Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite collaboration

Remember when I wrote that some of the categoies were created specifically so I can talk about a book or an author again because I loved it so much and everyone should know about it? ;) well, this is one of those categories :) there was no competition since it was the only book co-written by two authors that I read last year and it was so fantastic that it deserves a catogory all of its own ;) so let me present to you...

"The hooker and the hermit" was co-written by the amazingly awesome duo: L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid :) individually they are fantastic... but when they combine their talents the result is truly spectacular :) the best proof...? a book that was suppose to be a standalone but it turns out is just the beginning of a new series :) but let's go back to the winner, shall we? :) it's a contemporary romance that has it all... ;) you don't believe me? well, let me prove it to you... ;) is it funny you ask? no... it's absolutely hilarious... ;) does it has good main characters? of course... :) who wouldn't love an irish rugby player... so we have an accent... <sigh> one of my favourite qualities... ;) and a socially awkward social media expert with an alter ego? ;) and how's the writing style? freaking amazing, that's how... ;) you definitely don't see which one of them wrote which part or however they did it... the book reads simply amazing, you keep turning page after page wondering what's gonna happen next and how it will all end :) I can hear you thinking... "ok, it's funny, written great and have good main couple... but is it sexy?" and the answer to that would be... hell yeah ;) believe me, there are some smoking hot moments in the book... moments that will make you never look at seatbelts the same way ever again... ;) and it has a truly lovely happy ending, cause I wouldn't recommend it otherwise... you guys know that I'm a sucker for a good "happily ever after" ;) I hope I convinced you to try it out because it's sooooo worth it :) you can thank me later... ;)

Here's the link to my review of this book if you still have doubts, but I mean come on... still...? ;)



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