Friday, January 29, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite book

Ok people, are you ready to see the last winner of Bookmarks 2015? :) cause I don't think I am quite ready to say goodbye ;) I had a lot of fun compelling this list of winners for you and even though it was a lot of extra work for me writing it, you guys are worth the effort :) I hope you enjoyed learning about my winners in each category and that you found a good recommendation or two along the way ;) now it's time for the last catogory, the most important one, like "best movie" during Oscars ceremony ;) it's still the last category of the night, right? ;) hey, it's been a while since I watched it, I usually end up reading about the winners online :) but I digress ;) back to the main topic ;) I read a lot of really great books last year and a lot of them were the winners in previous categories, so you know most of them :) and now let me present to you...

"Love hacked" by Penny Reid is book #3 in her Knitting in the city series :) but it can totally be read as a standalone :) it's a contemporary romance that is smart, hilarious and sexy as hell :) it features an amazing main couple and a story full of both fun and "aaawww" moments, action and many surprising twists and turns along the way :) I had a blast reading it and I recommend it all the time to everyone who will listen... and to some people who won't ;) Penny Reid has one of the best and unique writing styles I have ever read :) it's absolutely quirky in the best possible way :) I mean, there is a reason why this woman won three other Bookmarks this year :) I will leave the links below so you can see for yourselves how amazing she is :) there were categories when the choice was very hard, and some others created with a sole purpose to give me one more opportunity to talk about how amazing a book or an author was :) when it came to this category I knew without a doubt that this one will be my winner :) I may not be able to explain it logically besids all the arguments I mentioned to you already, but there is this extra special something in this book... at least for me... this story resonates with me in some way that I am not able to fully explain... it really moved me and I keep coming back to it from time to time :) there is not one bad thing I can say about it :) it was absolutely perfect for me and that is why it's the winner :) I hope I convinced you to try it out, if you haven't already ;) and if you are following my blog or my official fb page there is a pretty good chance I already badgered you to check it out and now you are just reading this post and agreeing with me about how awesome it was ;)

That's a wrap people :) I will see you next year in january to see the winners in another edition of my awards :) who knows what categories will appear then? it all depends on the books that I will devour this year ;) of course when I wrote "see you next year" I meant that the second edition of my awards will be next year... I sincerely hope that you will keep visiting my blog and fb page and reading my reviews and posts on a regular basis :) and be sure to leave a comment or interact in any way with me, cause I love that and I appreciate it very much :) it's always a pleasure for me to talk to people who love books as much as me :) 

Here are the links to my review of the winner book and all other categories that Penny Reid won so you can see why I love her so much ;)



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