Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bookmarks 2015 :) favourite book that made me cry

This is one of those catogories that I created just so I can talk yet again about a book that rocked my world... ;) because it was so amazing that all of you should check it out... so without much delay let me present to you...

"The air he breathes" by Brittainy C. Cherry stayed with me for days after I finished it... it's the beginning of Elements series, but all books are gonna be complete standalones... now let me tell you why it made such an impression on me... it was written in a fantastic and captivating style that kept me glued to the pages... seriously people, I was mesmerized... and now let me talk about the name of this category... "favourite book that made me cry" is actually a very special category for me... because I am a huge cry baby when it comes to tv shows or movies... I get teary eyed or I'm just crying my eyes out a lot ;) I think it's because the picture, combined with the right music really moves me... but when it comes to books, it almost never happens to me... I think it's because it's that much harder to paint using only words... but this book did it for me... I cried many times... not only because it's a very sad book, I mean both of main characters suffered this huge life changing losses in their lives... but I also cried in many "aaawww" moments as well... I am still amazed how she was able to move me with just her words... this book stayed with me for days after I read it... I actually needed like two or three days before I was able to read anything else... and that is the true proof how big impact it had on me, because usually I read something all the time ;) don't worry, it also had this absolutely beautiful ending :) let's face it, I wouldn't recommend it to you if it didn't ;) so I really hope you'll give it a try :)

Here's the link to my review of this book with much more details :)



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