Monday, January 11, 2016

A very special super awesome post ;)

Ok people, before I go into all the awesomeness I have to share with you today, I have to add that I am fighting the remnants of a nasty cold at the moment, but I'm finally feeling better, so I hope I can be the charming, quirky and funny book dealer you all know and love... at least I hope I'm not the only one who sees me that way ;) anyway... :) I can already see that this post is gonna be really fun to write for me ;) ok, so let us start :)

If you are following the official fb page of my blog... and if not you are seriously missing out ;) go check it out :) I post there really cool stuff every day and it's the best and fastest way to contact me :) so if you are following it I shared a few days ago four numbers in a random order and said that all will be explained today :) so here I am explaining why those numbers are so important and why this post is super special :) so let us start with...

#1 :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ;) believe it or not but I started this blog one year ago... :) one WHOLE year :) it's crazy now that I think about it... it started a bit slow, but I think it evolved in a pretty cool way :) I love books and sharing my passion with you guys have been amazing :) it started more like a writing exercise, cause practically no one knew about it at the beginning, only my sister... and there will definitely be more about J in a moment ;) even I didn't know what exactly I want it to be :) but with time I think it turned out pretty good ;) and for that I have to thank first and foremost, my amazing sister J :) she is my #1 biggest supporter and a huge helper / researcher / creator of so many amazing things... :) because she makes all of the quotes / pictures that I post on the fb page of my blog... see, another reason why you should definitely check it out ;) we talk about books all the time, exchanging opinions and recommending stuff to each other :) so thank you my little sister ;) thank you for all your hard work and beautiful things you create for me to use and all your love and support :) this is your anniversary too :) but beside her I want to thank you, my awesome readers and supporters :) sometimes I still can't believe that there are actual human people who read my reviews... and not only read, but actually buy books based on them :) and the fact that you take time to like, comment and share your opinions with me is just mind blowing :) so I want to thank all of you for that, and especially Elena, Karina, Karen, Maraea and Ansuya :) there are... and you have no idea how happy that makes me... much more of you my dear readers, but these fabulous five have a special place in my heart ;) thank you ladies :) and now let us go to...

#100 :) happy 100th post you guys :) because this post that you are reading right now, is exactly 100th post on my blog :) and I think I would've hit it much sooner if not for a bit of a slow start... and I can promise you that we will hit the 200th mark much sooner... ;) I loved writing here from the very start but I have to admit that when actual people started reading it... well, besides me and my sister, cause we are people too ;) it really gave me the kick to do more and to be better :) and I have to say that I truly love how my style of writing reviews changed throughout this whole time :) I always try to write a spoiler free review, so even if you haven't read the book, or a series, your experience won't be ruined ;) and even if I happen to have some spoilers, I am sure to give you plenty of warnings before, so you won't read them accidentally :) I always try to write you everything that I would like to know before starting a book :) I am very happy that I stayed true to my feelings and opinions about books and that I share them with you honestly, but as I always say... those are only my own opinions... yours might be totally different :) I might love a book that you will not finish because it won't be your cup of tea and vice versa ;) and it's all good as long as we remember that we all have a right to like different things and we should respect that :) and now I can finally go to the last two numbers, cause they are connected...

#2015 and #14 :) I am super excited to finally be able to share with you guys the surprise I've been working on :) welcome to the first annual, cause I am planning on doing them every january, awards on my blog :) BOOKMARKS 2015 !!! :) and there is "2015" in the name, because I chose the winners from all the books I've read in that year :) and when I say "I chose" I mean me with the help of my sister, of course ;) so every week day, starting tomorrow, till the end of january, I will be announcing winner in one of the categories :) that gives us the last number :) there will be fourteen winners announced in their own blog posts throughout the next three weeks :) I can't wait to share them with you guys :) so starting tomorrow I will be posting my "favourite <insert the rest of the category>" winners :) and I very deliberately used the word "favourite" instead of "best" because like I've said before, just because they are my favourites it doesn't make them yours ;) and labeling a book "best" something might be restrictive in some ways :) so I decided to have fun and pick my favourite fourteen authors, books and book-ish winners :) can't wait to share them with you... and we will start tomorrow with a category very close to my heart... why? you're just gonna have to come back and see for yourself ;) and one more thing about my awards... :) some categories are legit, but some of them I made up strictly so I could talk more about a very specific book and share with you how much I loved it ;) and all winners will be rewarded with a beautiful graphic thing-y made by J :) and I do hope that you guys will share with me your favourite <insert the name of the category> after I'll announce my own winners ;) can't wait to start all of it tomorrow ;)

But don't worry, I will still be posting new reviews this month :) as I said before, every remaining week day there will be announced one winner of Bookmarks 2015 :) but on every saturday, there will be a brand new review for you guys :) it's insane... cause there are gonna be 17 more new posts this month :) see, I told you we're gonna hit the 200th mark much sooner ;) but in february, I am coming back to 2-3 new reviews a week... unless I will have another brilliant idea and then who knows what will happen... ;)



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