Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review: "Macabre magic" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 1,5 in series Hearts
Main characters: Jason "Jay" Fields and Matilda Fields

This is actually not really a book, more like a novella... :) or if you really want to be precise, it's four long-ish chapters ;) but it's Halloween themed so I thought, that it would be a perfect time to write about it today ;) well... actually my sister thought about it ;) so you can thank J for this little surprise :)

This novella is another look at my favourite couple ;) we met Jay and Matilda in book #1 :) I posted my review of it in august this year, and you can find it in this very cool list on your right ---> at least it's on your right when you read this post on your computer... I have no idea where it is when you read it on some other mobile devices... ;) anyway... ;) Jay is a magician and we see him and his wife, Matilda, on their honeymoon :) Halloween is just days away and during one of their conversations, Matilda admits, that she never get scared... she doesn't even think that Jay would be able to scare her... ;) which leads to a very interesting bet... :) I can't say anything more without describing all of the events in this story, but let me just add... never bet against a determined magician... ;)

I loved this little glimpse into the lives of this adorable couple... :) it reminded me their book, and I really loved it... :) I mean who wouldn't love such a charmer like Jay... <sigh> ;) and I'm really proud of myself, cause I was able to write down two quotes for you... before Jay put a spell on me again... ;) cause I still remember my inability to concentrate long enough to find quotes about him in his own book... to this day I have no idea how that happened... the only explanation is that he just charmed me into oblivion... ;) so happy reading you guys and I hope you enjoy our (me and J's) little Halloween surprise ;)

Jay and Matilda still on their honeymoon  :) Matilda first
"'I've almost forgotten there's such a thing as clothing.'
He feigned a confused look and put on a haughty voice. 'Clothing? What is this sorcery of which you speak?'"

Jay and Matilda start talking about the bet ;) Jay first
"'I bet I could scare you,' he murmured low, his voice giving me momentary shivers.
'That sounds ominous. Do you mean you could scare me because you're in fact a pycho killer, or scare me with a magic trick?'
His eyes crinkled at the edges, and there was mischief in his gaze. 'The latter, obviously.'"



Friday, October 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) november edition

It is this time of the month again people... ;) time for me to share with you books that I'm looking forward to the most... :) and let me just say... november is a very good month for me... :) cause I have my eyes on a few really interesting books... and they made me count down days to the release day... and now they are so close... ;) I've actually had a huge problem with deciding about which book I should write first and after careful consideration the end result is...

"Winter" by Marissa Meyer :) and the main reason why I had to start with this one, is because it's a conclusion to The Lunar chronicles series :) I will finally know how everything will be resolved... at least I really hope that I will get the answers I'm looking for... ;) the whole series is YA, but I can honestly recommend it to anyone... each book is loosely based on a fairy tale and have to be read in order cause they are all very tightly connected... it's written really well and I was hooked from the very first book :) I mean who wouldn't be curious about a version of Cinderella when she is part cyborg? ;) I was sold right then and there... and it only gets better... :) so now, when the final book is just days away it's a perfect opportunity to catch up on the story and characters... :)

The second book that I am most impatiently waiting for is "Born of betrayal" by wickedly talented Sherrilyn Kenyon :) it's the newest addition in her The league series :) and although I would recommend to read all books in order, so you can see the development of certain relationships and connections between characters, they all can be read as standalones ;) cause there is always just enough informations to understand what is going on ;) it's hard to put a label on this series, but I think the closest one is a sci-fi romance :) because this series includes different races and planets, but don't be discouraged by that :) it's full of sarcastic humor, surprising turn of events, and yes, sometimes a heartbreaking ones... but each of them ends with a happy ending... :) it's one of my favourite series of all time, so be sure to give them a try ;)

Another book, and it's just days away... :) is "The game plan" by Kristen Callihan :) it's book #3 in her Game on series and I've been looking forward to this one ever since I finished the previous one because heroines of those books are sisters :) and their relationship and love between them reminds me a lot of me and my sister :) and since I (the older one) already got my book ;) I'm really curious about her (the younger one) story ;) plus, it's a contemporary sports themed romance so what more can a girl want? ;) and they have both points of view, so you can get inside the mind of not only one, but two main characters... :) and I love that... especially when it's done as fabulous as in this series... ;)

The last full lenght book that is on my radar is "Hearts of blue" by L. H. Cosway :) it's the newest addition to her Hearts series :) they are contemporary romance books, and theoretically all of them can be read as standalones, but I would really recommend to read them in order... cause certain characters appear in more than one book and this way you get the whole picture and no spoilers before reading the actual story ;) I read the first two books in this series and really loved them, but I have yet to read book #3 (the previous one) so I'm not dying of curiosity like my sister ;) because we met there characters from this new book and from the moment she read about them, she was counting days to the release of their story ;) well.... the wait is almost over J :)

Last but not least is "Pia does Hollywood" by Thea Harrison :) it's the newest novella in her Elder races series :) it's a fantasy / paranormal romance series that I would recommend to read in order, cause there are some events that have consequences in more than one book, so it's the best way for you to avoid spoilers ;) it's another story that revolves around the couple that we met in the first book :) they are a personal favourite of my sister so she's definitely happy with this newest addition ;) but let's be honest... who wouldn't want more stories about a dragon and his mate...? ;)



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: "Hearts of fire" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 2 in series Hearts
Main characters: Jack McCabe and Lille Baker

It's the second book of the series, but they can be both read as standalones :) although it's definitely more interesting to read them in order, cause in this one we get to see couple from the first book again :) and for a very interesting reason I might add :) I was wondering should I write why, but since it's in the blurb of the book, I don't count it as a spoiler :) do you remember Jay's brother who died in a fire? well... he didn't exactly died.... yes, you got that right... he's the hero of this book... and what a book it is :) and at this point I would like to dedicate this particular review to my sister, J :) she is always helping me and supporting my blog... :) not to mention that she is the creator of all the pictures/quotes I post on the official fb page of my blog :) go ahead, take a moment to check them out ;) I'll wait for you ;) ok, now we can go back to the book ;)

This was a great read... it was the same style of writing that I loved in the first one, but the characters were very different :) Lille is this artistic type... always drawing... with an awful mother... controlling and downright mean... when she gets invited to join the circus by Marina (a few words about her later) she accepts, sneaks out of home and starts her grand adventure :) she's very curious and asks a lot of questions... it's actually really endearing :) and Jack... well... let's just say that where Jay was charismatic, charming and talkative... Jack is definitely the silent, more dangerous type... after all he's a fire breather and a knife thrower and he looks like Johnny Depp in "Chocolat"... <sigh> ;) I love that movie so that was a huge plus of the book :)

I really liked how they start as sort of friends... although it's hard to even call them that at the beginning... ;) at first he's more of a grumpy protector of sorts... ;) it definitely takes time for their relationship to develop into something more... he's got major trust issues... for a very good reason I have to add... that's why it's even more beautiful and rewarding when he opens up to her :) the change in him is really astounding... :) not to mention that besides their relationship we also have a mystery in this book... because someone is attacking women from the circus... dun dun duuuunnnn.... ;) I'm not gonna add anything more, only that it's all resolved in this book, so you will get the answers you're looking for :) 

The secondary characters in this book were definitely colorful and I wouldn't mind if I got a chance to get to know them a little bit better :) we have Marina, who I mentioned before :) she is the owner and the big boss of the circus :) she's kind of a mother-figure-and-a-friend-at-the-same-time to Jack... we have Oliver, Marina's half brother... we see him as a man who sleeps outside and who always drinks... that's why I'm even more curious about his story... what happened to him, why did he end up like this... and how can he have his happy ending... fortunately his book is next and already released, so if you're gonna be curious, you can dive right into it :) and we can't forget about Lola, one of the performers in the circus :) she befriends Lille immediately and is a truly charming addition to this world :) and of course we see again couple from the first book :) and because I love them, scenes with them were one of my favourites in this book... :)

Even though I liked the first book more... because Jay totally stole my heart and put a spell on me... ;) oh come on, don't judge me... if he hasn't charmed your pants off, that means you haven't read the book correctly... ;) I have to say that this one was a different, yet a very good addition to this series :) not to mention that I'm sure there are tons of people who prefer this sort of mysterious, broody, silent type as the hero of the book :) and that's totally ok :) I respect that :) I always try to write for you stuff that I'd love to know about the book if I was considering reading it, and then I add my personal opinions and feelings after finishing it :) spoiler free of course :) so this one should definitely go on your list... and if you love this type of a hero... then it should go to the top of your list :) but as always, the decision is yours :)

This time quotes are here only because of my sister :) I don't exactly know why I haven't written them down myself, or how I read the book and apparently didn't chose anything... it's still a mystery for me :) but fortunately for all of us, I could count on J... as always :) so before you go and read them, let's take a moment to thank her... ;) thank you J ;) ok, and now happy reading you guys ;)

Part of the conversation between Lille and Marina ;)
"'Oh, yes, Jack's a fire-eater. He's a big attraction with the ladies, as you might guess. A pity he never mastered the art of charming them.'
Her words made me imagine Jack sitting at a dinner table, knife and fork in hand, ready to dig into a plate of fire.
'Oh, well, I suppose when you look like that, you don't really need charm.'"

Conversation between Lille and Lola after Lola made her participate in Jack's knife throwing act ;)
"'Have fun?' Lola asked when I reached her.
'Oh yeah. Big time. Thanks for offering me up for sacrifice, by the way,' I said annoyed.
She laughed loudly. 'It's the sexiest thing that's happened to you all year, admit it.'"

Lille and Jack at the beginning :)
"'I told you not to come. Why didn't you listen to me?' he asked, tilting his head to the side, a subtle edge to his words.
'Oh, I'm sorry, Dad. I forgot you had a say in what I do with my life. Please accept my humblest apologies,' I said, heavy on the sarcasm."

And another one with them from the beginning ;) Lille first
"'I thought you made it clear you didn't want to come.'
One eyebrow went up as he shook his head. 'I never said that.'
We stared at each other for several seconds, almost in challenge, before Lola interrupted with a laugh that seemed to hold secret knowledge. 'Okay, you two. Let's start walking, or you'll be having that staring contest all day.'"

Lola and Jack when Lille gets a tatoo :) Lola first
"'I don't have a disease, you know. You can come share this lovely big couch with me. You won't catch anything.'
Jack very subtly arched his brow, arms still folded over his chest. 'I'm fine where I am.'
'Oh, for Christ's sake, sit down! You're putting us all on edge, standing over there like the angel of death.'"

Lille and Jack a litte bit further down the road :) Jack is shirtless... because that is a very important detail ;)
"His back had been turned to me the entire time, which was why I got a little fright, when he asked knowingly, 'Enjoying the view?'
I didn't even bother to act coy. 'Uh, yeah. I am, actually.'
I could tell from his profile that he was smiling. Wow, Jack really was in an unusually good mood today.
'Can I get you some water? You must be thirsty.'
'I've only been waiting about an hour for you to ask that, so yeah, I'd like some water, Lille. How did you last so long as a waitress, huh?'"



Saturday, October 24, 2015

Review: "A wallflower christmas" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 5 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Rafe Bowman and Hannah Appleton

I count this book as one, big epilogue to this lovely and charming series... :) because not only we get a glimpse into the lives of all our beloved couples, see what our original wallflowers have been up to... ;) we also get a beautiful romance as a bonus :) and knowing Lisa Kleypas, it is written as usual with style, and is full of witty banter, scenes that will make you laugh out loud, and "aaawww..." moments... ;)

Rafe is the oldest brother of Lillian and Daisy... he's very outspoken, a bit of a charmer... ok, maybe even more than just a bit... :) and a rake ;) he arrives in England for an arranged meeting with a possible wife, Natalie... but that girl is not our heroine... ;) I know, it was a bit of a surprise to me too... ;) Hannah is actually the companion of the girl who they want him to marry :) she's very smart... and all in all lovely :) he's not like other men that she is used to, so at first it's a bit of a clash of characters... ;) but you know... those kind of stories are always such a delight to read... :) 

This book takes place a few months after the events from the previous one... and it's really hard to write more without spoilers :) I feel safe to say that, as the title suggests, this book takes place around christmas time :) and it's a bit shorter than the usual full lenght book... but the story is absolutely beautiful, so don't worry it doesn't feel rushed at all... :) and that's about it... I can't tell you more... :) ok, I was just kidding... ;) but only a little bit ;)

As I said before, we have a beautiful, sort of accidental courtship, between unexpected characters... :) and what a lovely story it is... :) of course I won't spoil you any cute details, but let me just say... that the story and the scene with a toy soldier... <sigh> you'll understand when you read the book... :) besides all of this romantic and swoon-worthy scenes, their story, as well as the rest of the book, is surprisingly full of moments that made me laugh out loud... :) Rafe is such an unabashed charmer... he's one of my top favourite characters in this series ;) not to mention that all of the original wallflowers are back... at least for a scene or two... :) and there is one particular scene I have in mind, that I absolutely could not quote for you here, because it will be more fun for you when you discover it on your own... I'm just gonna say, that it's a scene when Hannah takes advice from the wallflowers... believe me, you'll know that it's the one I'm talking about when you read it ;)

I absolutely adored this book... not only the romance between the main couple, which was absolutely adorable... but I also loved all the little scenes with our beloved wallflowers and their husbands... they were beautiful and made me want to read their stories all over again :) but after reading a few books written by lovely Lisa Kleypas I'm starting to expect nothing less than a charming story, amazing characters, great style of writing, witty banter, surprising turn of events and some very hot but classy scenes... ;) and she delivers every time :)

I have for you only a few quotes not because the book was shorter ;) but because even though it was shorter, it was so full of these little gems, that I want you to discover them on your own... so these few are just to get you curious enough to read the actual book... ;)

Why I love Rafe... something he said to Hannah when they first met ;)
"A mischievous whisper tickled her ear. 'This is how we court girls in America. We grab them and kiss them. And if they don't like it, we do it again, harder and longer, until they surrender. It saves us hours of witty repartee.'"

Part of a conversation between Hannah and Natalie :) Natalie first
"'Mr. Bowman is one of the most splendidly formed men I have ever encountered. What flaw could you possibly find in his appearance?'
'His posture,' Hannah muttered.
'What about it?'
'He slouches.'
'He's an American. They all slouch. The weight of their wallets drags them over.'"

Part of a conversation between Rafe and Hannah ;)
"'Good morning to you, too.' He looked her over with an insolently thorough glance. 'Why aren't you still abed?'
'I'm an early riser.' Hannah decided to throw back the audacious inquiry right back at him. 'Why aren't you?'
A playful glint shone in his eyes. 'There's no point in lingering in bed when I'm alone.'"

And yet another reason why I love Rafe ;)
"In a lightning-fast reflex, Bowman grabbed her before she could fall, and pulled her against his solid chest. She felt the flex of powerful muscle beneath his shirt. 'If you wanted me to hold you,' he murmured in a teasing undertone, 'you should have just asked.'
'Rafe Bowman,' Daisy Swift admonished playfully, 'are you resorting to tripping women to gain their attention?'
'When my more subtle efforts fail, yes.'"



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: "The year we hid away" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 2 in series The ivy years
Main characters: Bridger McCaulley and Scarlet Crowley

I read this one immediately after I finished the first book because I loved her style of writing so much I had to make sure it was not a one-book-fluke ;) and fortunately for me, it wasn't :) the second book was just as good as the first one :) not to mention that I was curious about Bridger, ever since he appeared in the previous book ;) and boy did he get a story of his own... :)

So about that main characters... ;) we met Bridger before, and he was kind of a... let's just say he wasn't a one-woman man... ;) but in this one, we learn that it was more of a do-it-until-you-can-cause-those-days-are-numbered kind of a thing... because now the situation is entirely different... he has a lot of stuff on his plate... school, a couple of jobs... not to mention the fact that he has to hide his 8-year-old sister who lives in his dorm room... it's a lot for just one guy... and Scarlet has a story of her own... she practically ran away from home after she changed her name to avoid all the attention that goes with the fact that her father was indicted of some pretty horrible things... so they are both secretive and in a very hard places in their lifes...

They start this sort of a friendship with a bit of flirting as a twice-a-week thing, since those are the only days when they have classess together and can spend time with each other... from the beginning there is sort of an understanding between them... none of them pressing the other one for answers and declarations of any sort... it's just a nice break for both of them... but after some time it evolves into something more... she learns pretty fast about his sister... well, in terms of pages in the book, because if you look at the time that passed, it takes a bit longer ;) he learns a bit later about the situation with her father... but what I love the most is how rationally they all act... almost all the time ;) there's no angst... maybe a bit of a heartbreak but for very valid reasons... and don't worry, there is a beautiful happy ending waiting for you :)

Since they both live pretty secretive lifes, there aren't many secondary characters... but there are some ;) we do get a glimpse of the couple from book #1 and it is lovely to see how are they doing after some time :) there is Bridger's sister, Lucy, who already stole my heart after our previous meeting ;) Scarlet's uncle and more characters who appear towards the end of the book in the most endearing way ;) I don't really wanna say who exactly and why, cause it may spoil you what happened so you're just gonna have to trust me on this one ;) 

What I really like about her books, is that all of her characters seem so real... I'd like to be their friend... ;) and they do face some pretty hard stuff... but the books are not depressing at all... in fact, they beautifully show how you can fight for yourself and what you want in life... not to mention that all of the issues that the characters face are not magically resolved overnight... :) and that is not as common as one would want in books ;) and it's another story with both perspectives... and I always love that ;) being able to see inside not one, but both minds of the main characters is always a huge plus of a book for me :)

I have for you only two quotes today, but it's because in the beginning, there are a bit less interactions between them, and all the best ones are much later in the book... and of course they are much too spoilerific to put here... ;) so just go and read it for your own ;)

A little interaction between Bridger and Scarlet ;)
"'I have to go,' he whispered after melting my knees one more time.
'I know,' I whispered back. 'Listen to me not complaining.'
'And I do appreciate it,' he said, reaching for his t-shirt where it lay on my floor. He handed me my bra. 'Cover yourself, or I may not make it out the door.'
'This is me, resisting the urge to fling it out the window instead...'"

And just one more with the main couple... :) <sigh> :)
"When I hugged him goodbye, he said, 'Thank you, Scarlet.'
'For what?' I whispered. 'For being your Tuesday and Thursday girl?'
His eyes bored into mine. 'For all seven days. Because I think of you on all of them.'"



Sunday, October 18, 2015

Review: "Festive in death" by J. D. Robb

Book 39 in series In death
Main character: Eve Dallas

First of all, let me give you a little bit of info about the whole series :) I wrote that Eve is the main character, cause it's true ;) if you are not familiar with this series, it revolves around a New York Police Detective (Lieutenant for some time now) and each book is a different case :) don't worry, they are always solved in their own book :) all of them can be read as standalones, because there is always enough information to know who's who, but I really recommend reading it in order :) or, you know, start from the one that interests you the most and if you like it, then go back and start at the beginning :) cause that way, you see the growth of all these interactions and relationships between different characters... some unexpected friendships ;) and a little scene here and there will mean so much more to you thanks to that knowledge :) and don't be discouraged that the books are set a bit in the future (around 2060) because the biggest difference is the advance in technology, so there's no weird sci-fi stuff... ;)

So now let me tell you something more about this one :) Eve is woken up in the middle of the night by her "friend" Trina... why the air bunnies you ask? ;) because theirs is a complicated relationship but make no mistake, they are friends :) Trina helps one of her friends to get even with her lousy ex and unfortunately they stumble upon his dead body... that's when Eve comes in :) Trina, very wisely might I add, calls her and the investigation begins :) the victim was a personal trainer, very good one, but not a good person... in fact, he was pretty much disliked or hated by everyone... he had many clients, because he was good at his job, but there was no warm feelings there... and I can see why... he really seems like an ass... and when you think he's just an obnoxious and arrogant narcissist... unfortunately it gets worse... but he is a murder victim and Eve, as always, will do her best to solve the case :)

Aside from the usual investigation, we have christmas just around the corner :) so the whole book is peppered with this adorable scenes here and there... and that's when your previous knowledge about characters and their relationships with Eve comes really handy ;) but don't worry, they are cute even if this one is the first book of this series you ever read :) there is Eve buying presents... and it's really hilarious... cause she hates doing that... and she's so miserable when she does that, and so exhausted afterwards, that it's actually adorable... she goes through that "traumatic", at least for her, experience ;) to get her friends gifts... she really does love them more that she will ever admit out loud ;) she might be all hard and gruff, but she always remember about people who are close to her... her family and friends... :)

A lot of secondary characters make an appearance in this book, mostly thanks to the whole christmassy atmosphere and the party at Eve and Roarke's mansion (Roarke is her husband who owns half of the world as Eve always jokes) :) and scenes with them, especially in more relaxed tone, are always a delightful bonus for me ;) and in this book, they are even more cute than usual... exchanging presents and having fun at the party... it's really heart-warming and beautiful... :)

Every time I read a book in this series I'm amazed... how, after all this time... and we are around book #40 people... :) how does she come up with the ideas...? :) because all those books are interesting, and the development of characters is exceptionally good :) not to mention that I am two books behind ;) and she keeps writing... I would like, very selfishly might I add, that she will always be inspired and just keep on writing about Eve and everyone else... cause I can't imagine a time, when I would have enough of that world and it's characters :) so if you haven't read this series yet, start with this book, or pick another one from a very long list, but do it... because seriously people... if you don't know it yet... you are missing out... ;)

This time I have for you a bit more quotes than usual, but I was very vigilant while I was reading, to show you how amazing this series is ;)

Description of Peabody, Eve's partner ;)
"Detective Peabody came to the bedroom door. Pink cowboy boots, big puffy coat, a couple miles of rainbow-striped scarf and a bright blue hat with ear-flaps. She looked, Eve thought, like an Eskimo running away to the circus."

Conversation between Eve and Peabody when they visit the gym as part of the investigation :)
"'I hate them all,' Peabody muttered. 'Every one of them. Just look. All perfectly packed in frosty outfits designed to show off every cut, rip and ripple. Smug looks on their faces, a sheen of sweat on their skin. And zero percent body fat among the whole buff bunch. How am I supposed to enjoy my frothy hot chocolate now?'
'You don't have a frothy hot chocolate.'
'In my mind I did. Now even its imaginary frothy goodness is spoiled.'"

Part of the conversation between Eve and Roarke to show you how much Eve hates shopping :) Roarke first
"'I'll let you get back to it. I can fit a quick bit of shopping in before my next meeting.'
'Don't say shopping.'
He grinned at her. 'Haven't finished yet, have you?'
'There's time. Plenty of time.'
'Mmm. Barely started then.' He kissed her between the eyebrows. 'Best of luck there. I'll see you at home.'
'I started,' she called out, heard him chuckle as he walked away. 'Sort of.'"

Part of a conversation between Eve and Roarke... finally a woman I can relate to :)
"After pulling on clothes, she grabbed a pair of boots.
'Not those boots,' Roarke said with barely a glance when she came out to sit and pull them on.
'What's wrong with these boots?'
'Not a thing, but the gray with the mock laces will pick up the color of that sweater, polish things off.'
'I don't need to polish... Fine, fine, fine.' Easier, she figured, to change the damn boots than get into a fashion debate she'd certainly lose."

A short conversation between Eve and Roarke about their cat ;)
"She joined hands with him, started out. The cat raced ahead, ringing cheerfully. 'Did Summerset put that stupid bell on him?'
'I put that stupid bell on him.'
'You?' She shot him a stunned glance. 'Seriously?'
'It was a weak moment,' Roarke admitted. 'Give him a bit of the festive, I thought. And now he's ringing like a mad thing, most of it on purpose to my mind. He's enjoying it.'
'The bow, too?'
'I said it was a weak moment.'"

And last one, at the party, with Eve and Roarke :) Roarke first
"'You have such interesting areas of modesty. Couples routinely hold each other when they dance slow.'
'Yeah, maybe, but I bet not that many of them have their commanding officer watching.'
'A dance. I'm not taking off your clothes, Eve.'
'I bet you are in your mind.'
'Well, I am now, so thanks for the idea.'"



Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: "Night pleasures" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 1 in series Dark hunter
Main characters: Kyrian and Amanda Devereaux

I feel the need to give you a fair warning... I'm a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon, so my review might be biased... even more than usual ;) cause, you know... all of my reviews are just my own opinions, that can be totally different than yours, and that's cool ;) but when it comes to this woman... I can't help it... I just love her and her style of writing... and some things that might irritate me in other books doesn't bother me in hers at all... ;) and the same can be said about this one... I loved it... :) I know, you must all be in shock... I'm gonna give you a moment to gather your jaws from the floor ;) all good? ;) ok, then let's dive into more details :)

Kyrian was a general in ancient times and served under Julian of Macedon... if that name sounds familiar, I'm gonna get to that in a moment ;) now he's a dark hunter fighting with Daimons night after night... Amanda is an accountant with a very... let's call them interesting ;) with a very interesting family... and by that I mean eccentric with a hint of paranormal... in some cases a bigger hint ;) she has nine sisters... including one twin sister ;) and now to the reason why Julian may sound familiar ;) both Kyrian and Amanda have ties to the characters from this book :) it's a companion novel, and as I mentioned before, Kyrian served under orders of Julian and Amanda's sister, Selena, is best friends with the heroine of that book, Grace :) but don't worry, if you haven't read that book, all that you need to know is explained in this one :)

I'm not gonna tell you what the dark hunters are or how you become one because it is very well explained in the book, and I don't want to ruin it for you :) what I can tell you is that they are all different, but each of them has a very tragic story... there is a reason why happy people, who lived long and healthy lives don't become dark hunters... each of them have unique abilities and a different way of reverse the whole process... but as I said before, it's all explained with great details in the book :) I'm only gonna add that I love the community they created for themselves... even though they can't be near each other for long periods of time, otherwise they drain each others powers, they created a whole website and a system of communicating... so they can support each other and help in any way they can :)

I adored the secondary characters in this book... :) Nick, Kyrian's squire, is fantastic... I love his sarcastic sense of humor :) as a bonus information, he has his own spin-off series that actually starts ten years before this book... Nick now has 24 years, and at the beginning of spin-off his fourteen :) I'm so gonna read those books, but probably after I finish with all of the dark hunter ones :) although that might take me a while... ;) and Acheron... <sigh> now he's something else entirely... he was the very first dark hunter ever created and he's more powerful than others... sort of a boss to all of them... and that's prety much what we know so far about him... but let me tell you this... I'm very curious what story is there behind those eyes of his... :)

The whole thing between Kyrian and Amanda starts with a case of mistaken identity... and to think that she only wanted to help her twin sister... she went to her house to let her dog outside and was attacked only to come awake handcuffed to a very hot and sexy stranger... who happens to be a vampire... sort of ;) and she's thrown immediately into the world full of paranormal stuff she actively tried to avoid her whole life... because even is she wants "normal" she's far from it... cause she's not normal herself... their whole relationship progresses pretty quickly... to be fair, it is a very stressful situation and things happen in that kind of cases differently... and even though sometimes those things bother me in other books, in this one... it didn't... it all kind of "clicked" for me ;) but I did warned you that I love that woman soooo... ;)

I enjoyed this book very much.. :) I actually read it years ago, but in another language and it was so much better in original :) plus I loved that the couple from previous book / companion novella appeared in this one... and with such adorable additions ;) not to mention that I'm a sucker for a cute epilogue... and the one in here...? definitely cute ;) if you add to it the fact that Kyrian has an accent... I really can't find anything to complain about ;) it's just a perfect mix of paranormal, sexy and funny all in one package :) oh, and before I forget, be sure to check out her website ;) I have never seen a better place for a reader... it's full of additional informations, pictures, book trailers... you can get lost in there for hours... ;)

I have for you just a few quotes, but believe me when I say that there are much more of those in the actual book :)

Relationship between Amanda and her family when they acted "weird" to scare off her fiance... successfully I might add ;)
"'Hey, you're not still sore about Cliff, are you?'
'Of course I am. I know you did all that on purpose.'
Completely unabashed about the fact she'd broken Amanda's engagement, Tabitha released her hand. 'We did it for your own good.'
'Oh yeah, right.' She beamed a false smile. 'Thank you so much for watching out for me. Wanna poke my eye out while you're at it, just for fun?'"

Amanda's reaction to all things supernatural with her sister ;)
"If Amanda rolled her eyes any harder back into her head, she'd go blind from it." 

Kyrian's sense of humor, when they are chained together at the beginning :)
"'Can he hear us?'
Kyrian shook his head, 'No, the mike channel is closed. For the moment, he's off plotting his Igor-esque revenge. I don't know about you, but I have this image of him rubbing his hands together and laughing like Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.'"

When Amanda learns who he is ;)
"Mr. Do me Gorgeous Man is a vampire! 'Oh no, no, no.' Amanda's entire body shook from terror and it took every piece of self-control she possessed not to launch into a screaming fit. 'Are you going to suck my blood?'
He arched a sardonic brow. 'Do I look like a lawyer to you?'
She ignored his sarcasm. 'Are you going to kill me?'
His face completely unamused, he sighed irritably. 'If I intended to kill you, don't you think you'd already be dead?'"

One of Amanda's inner dialogues ;)
"She wanted this man.
What are you, nuts? The man's a vampire!
Yeah, but he's a really, really sexy one."

And just a small glimpse about Nick ;)
"'Fine but I have a few things I need you to do today.'
'And that is different from any other day how?'
Sarcasm, thy name is Nick Gautier."



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: "Scandal in spring" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 4 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Matthew Swift and Daisy Bowman

This is the fourth book, telling the story of the final wallflower from the lovely group we met in the first book :) I have to admit that I was a bit afraid before reading this one... it's just cause I loved the previous one so much, I was afraid that this one will be disappointing in comparison... fortunately, even though the third one is, and probably always will be, my favourite one in this series, this one was an absolute delight :) I would definitely recommend to read this series in order, so you'll avoid spoilers :) plus, that way you can see how all of those wonderful relationships and friendships were created and changed in time... :) 

Daisy is the youngest one, not only in the Bowman family, but also among the wallflowers... she's also the smallest one :) but hates that ;) so don't try to call her short or petite ;) she loves to read... she's happiest when she can find a quiet place to curl with a book... and I can totally relate to that desire ;) she's a bit of a dreamer... she knew Matthew before, they actually met about seven years ago... she remembers him as a "bag of bones", an arrogant and cold man, but that is not who comes to England... not at all... :) I mean physically... cause he's still confident, bordering on arrogant, man :) but he definitely can stand up for himself, even with Westcliff, and you can't say that about a lot of people... ;)

Matthew arrives in England because Daisy's father decided that it's about time that she should marry... and since she can't seem to find a husband among the peers, he will find her one on his own... fortunately Matthew definitely wasn't part of the plan to surprise Daisy in the ultimatum her father gave her... so that's a plus for him... and you can see that there is much more in him... especially his feelings for Daisy... he wanted her for a very long time... but he believes that he can never be with her because of the... dun, dun, duuuunnnn.... well, I can't tell you the reason ;) but I felt that the moment needed a bit of a music theme ;)

She doesn't really want to have anything to do with him, but it's a relief when she discovers that he's as surprised as she, when he hears her fathers announcement... and with time she sees that there is much more between them that she originally thought... :) and after things get a bit heated, I loved that she was the one to take actions to change the situation between them... when she was sure he wouldn't move it forward and share something with her without a proper motivation, she came up with a plan ;) a brilliant plan I have to add ;) well... definitely entertaining... that's for sure ;) 

There is a time jump between this book and the previous one... about more than a year... cause someone's baby is already about 10 months old... and someone else is going to give birth very soon... ;) of course I'm not gonna give you names... ;) but it's very cute :) again, we see all other wallflowers, but now they are all married :) we see Lillian the most, since she's the older sister, although I have to say that she was a bit overprotective... but I know that she was only worried about Daisy... as an older sister myself, I absolutely understand that... and I know it only looks ridiculous from the outside, because on the inside you feel that you're totally justified... ;)

Again, Lisa Kleypas was able to write a book that is elegant, witty and very surprising :) not to mention hot... you would be surprised how sensual a scene can be with practically no details whatsoever... ;) believe me... very... ;) she has a way of creating very interesting characters... you may not always agree with everything that they do, but you root for them nonetheless... :) I truly adored this book... it was a beautiful conclusion to the series... I know that there is also a fifth book, but I'm kind of counting that one as a bonus... sort of a big epilogue... :) and since this is the last book with our wallflowers as main characters, I'm naming this one "the last one" :) but don't get me wrong, you absolutely have to read the fifth one, it's amazing :) like I said... a big, awesome present just for us :)

I have for you a few quotes from the book :) it was full, as always, of these little sentences and amazing longer conversations so I tried to pick a few to get you curious enough to pick this book and read it for yourself ;)

Lillian and Marcus, talking about Matthew ;) Lillian starts
"'Are you saying his attractive?'
'I believe many would claim so, yes.'
Lillian thrust a hand in front of his face. 'How many fingers am I holding up?'
'Three,' Marcus said, amused. 'My love, what are you doing?'
'Checking your eyesight. I think your vision is failing. Here, follow the movement of my finger...'
'Why don't you follow the movement of mine?' he suggested, reaching for her bodice."

When Matthew helped with the little girl's teeth problems ;)
"'What were you saying to her?' Lillian demanded.
He glanced at her and replied blandly, 'I thought I would distract her long enough for the ice to numb her gums. So I gave her a detailed explanation of the Buttonwood agreement of 1792.'
Daisy spoke to him for the first time. 'What was that?'
'The Buttonwood agreement led to formation of the New York Stock and Exchange Board,' Swift said. 'I thought I was quite informative, but it seemed Miss Isabelle lost interest when I started on the fee-structuring compromise.'
'I see,' Daisy said. 'You bored the poor baby to sleep.'
'You should hear my account of the imbalance of market forces leading to the crash of '37,' Swift said. 'I've been told it's better than laudanum.'"

Matthew and Daisy a bit further in the book ;)
"'I've wanted you for too long.'
'I trust you,' she whispered.
Matthew shook his head, easing his hand away from her. 'You have terrible judgement. You're in bed with the last man in the world you should trust, and you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life.'
'Is this your idea of seductive banter?'
'I thought I should give you one last warning. Now you're doomed.'"



Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: "Rock redemption" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 3 in series Rock kiss
Main characters: Noah St. John and Kathleen "Kit" Devigny

At the very beginning I have to admit that I was afraid before reading this book... don't get me wrong, I loved all of the other ones she wrote, not only in this series but her other books too, and I knew I love her style of writing and creating stories... but I was still afraid... because from the moment I met Noah, I knew there was something very dark in him... and I knew that reading his story will be emotional and sometimes even painful... and I was right... but it doesn't change the fact that I loved the book and the story she created for Noah and Kit... but let me tell you more... :) although this time it will be really difficult to tell you what I think without spoiling some major stuff from the book... but I'll try my best ;) I may forget to write about some things but make no mistakes... I loved this book very much and I wholeheartedly recommend it for you to read immediately when you'll have your hands on a copy of it :)

We actually met both of the main characters way back in book #1 but this whole series can totally be read as standalones so you can pick the one that interests you the most first :) don't worry, all that you need to know about them is in this book :) Noah is the guitar player in the band Schoolboy Choir and Kit is an actress... she's friends with other band members, cause all of them met years ago when none of them was famous... the guys met even earlier in a boarding school :) but I digress... ;) from the beginning we know that Noah has some very dark things in his past... he barely sleeps, and by that I mean the kind of sleep when you can close your eyes, relax and recharge for the upcoming day, because he does sleep around... a lot... they both come from wealthy families with a lot of connections, but both of them wanted to achieve things on their own, without their parents money...

They actually had chemistry before... but started with some sort of a friendship... but let's not kid ourselves... just because there was no actual physical intimacy between them, doesn't mean that the relationship between them wasn't intimate and unique... and he really crushed it when he arranged so that she will caught him in bed with a groupie... and it's not a spoiler, cause if you read other books you already knew that and if not, it is in the prologue, so... and now it's two years later... and the feelings are still there... it's a very complicated situation and I wasn't sure how it would all turn out in the end, but fortunately for my poor little heart, everything ended up really beautiful... :)

Their journey to try and be friends again... and then maybe something more... is long and difficult... and for very good reasons... he has a very dark past... I kind of suspected what happened to him... there are only so many things that can have such a huge impact on your life, so even though I sort of knew what that horrible thing was gonna be, it didn't make reading about it any easier... and I don't mean the writing style, cause it was flawless and perfect as always... but some of the scenes were so emotional... so gut-wrenching... I really wanted to smack some people for their reactions and things they did... ;) but don't worry... besides some very hard and sad moments there are surprisingly many "aaawww..." moments as well... :) I think the scene with the teddy bear is one of my favourites in the whole book... :) and you might be surprised who really loves all of that "romantic bullshit" ;) it will make more sense when you read the book, trust me, it's both hilarious and adorable ;)

I read some opinions that people didn't like that it took them so long to go from sort of friends to the whole romance part... and I don't really get it... I mean, I get their point, and we do have the right to our own opinions, it's just mine is totally different :) I think it would be unbelievable if they just hop into bed in chapter 5... there is much more things that need to be addressed and resolved before they can move on to more romantic part... I actually loved their friendship and the intimacy of these little things that many of us don't appreciate on a daily basis... and they were huge steps for Noah to take... to open himself up to Kit the way he never did with anyone... there were some moments that took my breath away... words that broke my heart a little bit... I believe it was the best way to tell their story... it all fits together and makes sense and even though it's different and difficult... it's absolutely beautiful in its own unique way... 

And let's not forget that there is a lot of other stuff going on... Kit has a stalker, and although that whole situation takes place more in the background, since the relationship and interactions between Kit and Noah are the most important part, it does get resolved in this book :) we get to see more of the band members and their significant others :) a bit more of Fox, because he and Noah were friends since they were both 7 :) but we also get a bit more glimpses into the situation between Abe and his ex, Sarah...  or should I say his soon not to be ex any more... ;) cause even if it wouldn't be in the "author's note" at the end of this book you could see the signs... and we all know that Nalini loves to put a little pieces here and there for us readers to find and wonder what's gonna happen next... do we understand all of those little nuggets of informations correctly... ;) and if you aren't already signed up for her awesome newsletter... and you really should because it's always full of goodies and short stories that for a few months are available just for us, you're gonna want to do it now, cause in the newest one, the one you'll receive when you sign up now, there is an awesome bonus short story with Kit and Noah :) it is absolutely hilarious and you have to read it :) trust me ;) you can sign up on her website :)

I have to say, I waited for this book for a long time... I was super curious about their story and I'm happy to say that Nalini delivered... as always :) it was emotional, beautiful and I could not put it down... the best proof is that I started reading it in the afternoon thinking that I'm gonna read like maybe half of it and then finish it the next day... nope... the book had other plans... ;) so I may or may not have neglected some stuff that fortunately could've been pushed for a day and I read the book until the words "the end" took me by surprise at 1 in the morning ;) and you can go ahead and scratch that "may not" part because that's exactly what happened... but it was soooo worth it... :) it was different, but that's because their story was different, their journey unique and I loved every part of it... I hope you'll give it a chance to steal your heart... don't worry, it won't be lonely, cause my own is already waiting for you :)

I have for you a few quotes today... I couldn't put the most beautiful ones here, because I want you to have your own "aaawww..." moments when you read the book, and knowing all the best parts before you even start reading is not cool :) so I have for you a few funny ones and two that totally made me love the vulnerable side of Noah...

Little scene with Molly, Fox and Noah :) Molly starts
"'Go sit with Noah. This breakfast is on me.' A glance at Noah. 'He's earned it - he stopped at every single antique shop along the way.'
'You have no idea how many there are.' Coming around with two steaming mugs of coffee, the lead singer passed one to Noah, then grabbed a stool beside him at the counter. 'And I swear the staff and customers have their own secret language. They say things like provenance and patina and upcycle like they're words actual people use.'"

Another one with Noah and Fox :) talking about the wedding between Fox and Molly ;)
"'What about the dress?' Noah asked. 'Isn't that like a big deal?'
'What the fuck do you know about wedding dresses?' Fox scowled. 'You have a secret addiction to reality TV I don't know about?'
'Yeah, I'm all <say yes to the dress already, lady>.'"

One of the reasons why my heart goes out to Noah...
"'Be my friend, Kit. Please.' Noah hated himself for what he'd done to her, hated that he hadn't just let her go, but he couldn't. 'I'm sorry.' The words were inadequate, but they were all he had. 'I'm so sorry, Kit. I don't expect you to forgive me, but please don't shut me out.' His blood roared in his ears, his face flushing burning hot then going ice-cold when she didn't raise her head. 'I can't breathe knowing you hate me.'"

This time it's with Abe and Noah :)
"Heading back down the street afterward, they made it to the restaurant right on time.
'This is bad.' Abe glanced at his watch with a scowl. 'We're being way too well behaved. What's next? No shenenigans on tour? No raising hell? Punctuality is a slippery slope, my friend.'"

All the bandmates and Thea :)
"'You could go solo,' Noah said when the song ended.
'So could you, dipshit.'
Lips curving, Noah shook his head. 'Me? I'm just a pretty face.'
'And I'm just a schmuck piano player.'
'And David's just the drum guy, while I can sing some. We are who we are together.'
'We're better than who we are alone.'
'You aren't better,' Thea said with an arched eyebrow. 'You're phenomenal. Split you up and you'd be good, perhaps even great, but it wouldn't be this magic.'"

And the last one with Noah... <sigh>
"'Be with me.'
Kit froze against him, a flesh and blood statue.
'I can't be what you need,' he whispered against the side of her head. 'But be with me anyway.'"



Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: "Demon from the dark" by Kresley Cole

Author: Kresley Cole 
Book 10 in series Immortals after dark 
Main characters: Malkom and Carrow

To be completely honest, I have to admit that I took a break from this book when I was right about in the middle of it... don't get me wrong, it's not cause it was boring, or horrible or something like that... no no :) I started it immediately after finishing the previous one, which I really loved ;) but around the middle, I realized that I will definitely not get all the answers that I was looking for in this book... also, my mood changed suddenly... and believe me, I learned the hard way never to force myself to read a book I'm not in a mood for... cause I never truly appreciate it that way... so when my mood changed I decided to press pause on this one, and jump genres ;) so I read a few others, that you already saw from my reviews, that I truly loved :) and when I was ready, I got back to this one ;) and it was a great decision, because that way, I could appreciate this book in all it's paranormal glory ;)

So about the book itself... ;) I have some sort of up-and-down relationship with this series... because there are books that I immediately love and just can't put down... but there are books that I struggle with a little bit... don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly love this series and recommend it with a clear conscience... ;) the best example of that struggle is this book... I was having a problem throughout the first half, mainly cause Malkom and Carrow don't speak the same language, therefore communication is practically nonexistent between them... and I am a woman who loves words, soooo... ;) fortunately for me, the second half was sooo much better... :) plus, Malkom was a bit of a barbarian/neanderthal in the beginning... and I can totally understand why... I mean, he lived for hundreds of years in isolation... but I definitely prefer Malkom from the end... ;) I was actually surprised when I got a little bit teary-eyed at the end... cause there are a few of those "aaawwww..." moments ;) and I do love them ;) Carrow surprised me... from previous books I thought of her as this party girl... but there is so much more in her story that makes her who she is... plus, there are circumstances in this book, that further changed her... and for the better may I add :) of course I can't go into any more details, cause I don't want to spoil anything for you :)

And let's not forget how many huge things happened in this book... how many characters from next ones appeared... it will definitely make you so much more curious... :) and there are a few stories, that I just cannot... for the love of books... ;) figure out how some of those characters will end up together... cause it seems impossible :) but on the other hand, I wasn't sure how Carrow and Malkom would actually end up together, and I think that it is truly a magnificent gift, to bo able to turn around a story that annoyed my a little bit in the beginning, into a story that kept me awake until 1 in the morning, cause I had to know how it ends :)

I would really love to go into more details about the story in this book... what happened... because let me tell you... the answer is: a lot :) we see so many characters that we already know will have their own books, since this one was published some time ago and there are already others in this series... but I simply cannot say anything without spoiling some major surprises :) soooo... sorry, my lips are sealed ;) it's the same reason why there won't be any quotes this time :) first, because like I said earlier, there weren't many interactions that included words between the main characters in the beginning :) and second, when something good was finally happening... it was too spoilerific to put in a review ;)  

So even though I struggled a bit with this one, I still love the series and recommend it for you to read... especially since all of us like different stories... for some of you, this might be your favourite book in the whole series, and I totally respect that :) that's what I love about books... we may all love different stories and characters, but we are all connected through our love for the words on paper... or some sort of electronic device ;)



Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: "The air he breathes" by Brittainy C. Cherry

Book 1 in series Elements
Main characters: Tristan and Elizabeth

I have to admit that this book wasn't on my list... and if not for my first BB... that means Blogger Bestie and I am totally starting this as a thing now ;) if it wasn't for her review I may have never heard about this book... and this author... and that thought is truly terrible... so thank you again NightOwl Reader :) for the first, and definitely not the last, book recommendation I will find on your blog :) and even though it's technically first book in a series, they can all be read as standalones :) I can't put an easy label on it and say that it's a contemporary romance... yes, it's set in current times, but it is so much more than just a romance... let me tell you why...

Tristan and Elizabeth both suffered an unimaginable loss... around a year earlier she lost her husband and father of their daughter, 5-year-old Emma, and Tristan lost both, his wife and 8-year-old son... I don't ever wanna say that I know what it feels like... I can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering both of them went through... and are still going through when we start the book... let me just say, that Brittainy C. Cherry does an amazing job when she describes them... they feel like an absolutely real people... not like fictional characters that you just read about, but when you put down the book they slip your mind... no, they felt real... so real that there were numerous occasions when I wanted to simply reach out and hug them... let them borrow some of my strenght just for a minute...

They start off on a really wrong note since she hit his dog with her car, but fortunately Zeus is all right :) his known as the town asshole... a jerk... a weirdo... a monster, who is a recluse and just keeps to himself most of the time... when it turns out that they're neighbours she tries to reach him... because there is a scene in the vet's office that makes her see that there is more to him than this obnoxious and rude guy who only yells at people... and it starts slowly... as this sort of weird friendship... or maybe a better way to call it, is that they feel a connection... a heartbreaking connection, because they understand each others pain... no one else can really say the same... they can try, but only Tristan and Elizabeth know... and they slowly help each other... at first they help each other remember and then they help each other move forward... a little bit unintentionally... it takes a lot of time, weeks passes before we know it and that's ok... these things takes time... not to mention that another amazing plus of this story is that they do not diminish feelings and the love they had for their partners before... it's not this I-have-never-felt-this-before situation... because they both loved... and it was beautiful and meaningful... but it was cut short... and now it's different but in no way it's better or worse, there is no competition... it's simply different...

And if you think that the main characters are the only interesting people in the book, you're mistaken... cause it is full of secondary characters that are so enriching to the story she created... I mean, first of all Emma... Elizabeth's daughter... she stole my heart from the moment I learned that her favourite toy is a mummified teddy bear... yes, mummified... because after watching "Hotel Transylvania" she loves mummies and zombies... :) and then there's Faye... she's best friends with Elizbeth and she's crazy, funny, with no inhibitions whatsoever and I absolutely adore her... we all need someone like Faye in our lives to bright our day when we need it the most... and there are tons of other people... Elizabeth's mother and her parents-in-law, Tristan's parents... just to name a few... they are a perfect addition to this amazing book...

Now about the book... it was... it's really hard for me to put into words all of the feelings that are inside of me right now... cause this book was absolutely amazing... beautifully written... and so emotional... I can't count how many times it made me cry... and I don't mean only as in sad moments... they were also so many endearing and touching moments too... what's the most surprising to me, is the way her words moved me... I will be the first to admit, that I cry very easily... during movies, tv shows... but very rarely it happens to me when I read... I'm more of a visual kind of a person... I need a picture, a scene, maybe some music and then it all hits me... but it's very hard to move me to tears with only words... and it takes a special kind of talent that this author has in spades... an ability to portray emotions and paint with words that will move you so much... her words traveled from pages straight to my heart...

Don't worry... it's not a depressing book... yes, it has its sad and hard moments... very emotional ones that will hit you straight to your heart and stay with you for days after you read them... but it is also filled with happy and funny moments... little things that will bring the biggest smile on your face... touching moments that will bring tears of joy and happiness to your eyes... and make you forget that you read about fictional characters created in someone elses head... not to mention that there are chapters both from Elizabeth and Tristan points of view... a bit more of her, but I always love when I can see inside the minds of both main characters... and it is done brilliantly here... showing the depth of emotions of each of them... and the charming epilogue set five years later is just a cherry on top...

It is truly terrifying to see how one moment can change everything... how it can shatter everything you took as a constant in your life... how it can take away people that you couldn't imagine your life without... when you feel like your world ended and yet you are still standing... and breathing... and you live... but I love how this book shows, that there is always something more for us... even if at that moment we feel nothing, with time... things change... you never know who you might meet... what can happen... this is a beautiful story about loss, friendship and starting your life again... opening yourself up again for the beauty of the world... this book will stay with me for a very long time and I really hope you will also give it a try... cause we all need this kind of a story from time to time...

I have only a few quotes for you and they are all from the beginning of the book... I didn't want to give you more, because I want you to experience for yourself their journey... see how it all changes... so that's why there is no white feathers scenes here (you'll understand when you read the book why they were one of my most favourite of all), no confessions from Elizabeth or Tristan... believe me... this way will be much more rewarding in the end... I hope you know me well enough to trust me on this at this point...

Elizabeth and her mother in law
"I wiped away the few tears that slipped out from my eyes, 'Stupid tears.' I laughed, embarassed.
'You know what makes the tears stop?' she asked.
'What's that?'
She poured me another big glass of wine. Smart woman."

First scene with Faye
"'Please tell me I'm not dreaming and my best friend is back!' Faye screamed, leaping over the counter and tackling me in a bear hug. She didn't let me go and turned to Matty, the owner of the shop. 'Matty, tell me you're seeing this too and I'm not just screwed up from the crazy amount of drugs I took before coming to work.'"

A bit of conversation between Elizabeth and Faye, Elizabeth starts
"'Oh my God... You slept with Matty?!'
'Shut the hell up! Do you want the whole town to know?' She blushed, looking around. 'It was an accident.'
'Oh? Was it? Was it an accident? Were you casually walking down Main Street and then Matty started walking toward you and his penis accidentally tumbled out of his pants? Then did a strong whoosh of wind pass through, knocking said penis into your vagina? Was it that kind of accident?' I mocked.
'Not exactly like that.' She pushed her tongue against the inside of her cheek. 'The wind kind of pushed the penis toward my mouth first.'
'I know! I know! This is why people shouldn't go out on windy days. The penises are on rampage on the windy days.'"

Tristan and Elizabeth at the beginning, when she tries to start her lawn mower
"'Stop,' Tristan scolded me, his brows narrowed and his eyes filled with irritation. 'What the hell are you doing?'
I frowned, staring at his tight lips. 'Mowing my lawn.'
'You're not mowing your lawn.'
'Yes I am.'
'No, you're not.'
'Then what am I doing?' I asked.
'Waking up the whole fucking world,' he grumbled.
'I'm sure people were already awake in England.'"

A scene between Tristan and Elizabeth a bit further in the book when he helps her when she drank a bit too much, Tristan starts
"'How are you feeling?'
'Dizzy. Silly. Stupid. Sorry about, you know, vomiting on your toes.
I smirked. 'Karma, I guess.'
'Was that a smile? Did Tristan Cole just smiled at me?'
'Don't get used to it,' I joked.
'Dangit. Too bad. It's kind of nice.' She went to stand up and I followed her movements. 'Your smile was the highlight of my day.'"

And the last one, between Elizabeth and Tristan, Elizabeth starts
"'I was thinking of ways I can pay you back for helping me with my lawn work.'
'I don't need your money.'
'I know, but... well, I can help you with your house. With the interior,' I offered.
'Just think about it,' I said.
'Are you always so hardheaded?'
'No.' He paused and smiled a bit. 'Yes.'"



Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: "The year we fell down" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 1 in series The ivy years
Main characters: Adam Hartley and Corey Callahan

This book was... just... amazing :) I really loved it :) my sister read it some time ago and kept telling me that I have to give it a try... and I kept answering that I'll do it when I'll be in the right mood... cause we all know that nothing good ever comes from forcing ourselves to read a book you don't want to... ;) but lately I've been reading a lot of darker, paranormal stuff and I needed a change... something lighter, more optimistic and funny... and this was just a perfect fit for my mood ;)

Both Adam and Corey are students at Harkness university... he's a junior, who broke his leg in two places and gonna wear a cast for 12 weeks and she's a freshman who's in a wheelchair after accident.... and she'll never regain full mobility after her spinal cord injury... he's actually in a relationship with someone else, and I thought that this might annoy me more before I started the book, but actually... it was not a problem... first of all, his girlfriend is not very likable and secondly, she leaves for a whole semester to study abroad and during that time they apparently have some sort of an open relationship... I don't really get it, but hey... no one said that Corey is the only character in this book who has to put her shit together... ;) Adam has stuff of his own that he has to deal with :) but don't worry, it all ends really good ;)

They start off with a friendship... you know, since he's in a relationship... although I really should put <""> around that word... ;) but to be honest she does have a bit of a crush on him from the start... and who can blame her? ;) I mean... if a cute, charming, funny and sexy guy... with dimples and everything... moved across the hall from me I would have a crush on him too... ;) in time, when they get to know each other better, her feelings grow... and he starts to feel something more too... :) I think it's because he begins to see how different would it be like to be with someone like Corey... and even though it takes some time for him, he does the right thing :)

The secondary characters in this book are really interesting... I loved Dana, Corey's roommate from the very moment I met her :) not to mention Adam's friend Bridger... I liked him so much that now I'm really curious about his book :) fortunately for me, it's the next one ;) Bridger's sister Lucy and Adam's mom are just another few examples of people who are a beautiful addition to this book and story :) 

A very big plus of this book is dual points of view... I really like that, because it gives me a great way to see inside the minds of both main characters... and if it's done as well as in this one, I have no reasons to complain... ;) not to mention that her style of writing really works for me... even though there are some hard and sad things, the book itself is not depressing... it's actually very funny and light... it's a bit shorter than I would like ;) cause I'd really love to read more about them... ;) I saw some opinions that people didn't like Adam, that it took him too long to realize some stuff... but I think it was very real... he had his own stuff to deal with and I get it :) I actually really liked him ;) also I love that the story took 5 months to unravel... not to mention an additional 3 months time jump in sort of an epilogue-ish last chapter ;)

But what I loved the most, is that this book showed a hard but beautiful journey of Corey... a girl whose whole life got turned upside down and it will never get back to what it was before... and yet she fights for what's important to her... even if it takes time... even if she has moments of doubt... she wants to find happiness in her life again... and I cheered her on throughout the entire book :) I can wholeheartedly recommend you this beautifully written story... if you haven't read it yet, you should add it to your list ;)

I have a few quotes for you to show why I loved this book and Sarina Bowen's wonderful style of writing :) but believe me... there's sooo much more, just waiting for you, when you read the actual book... ;)

First meeting between Corey and Dana in person, after weeks of exchanging e-mails ;) I loved Dana from that moment ;)
"'Corey! I'm Dana!'
I spread my arms, indicating the chair. 'How ever did you recognize me?'
Her eyes sparkled, and then she said exactly the right thing. 'Facebook. Duh!'"

When Corey meets Adam :)
"'Hi there,' he said, revealing a dimple.
Well hello, hottie, my brain answered. Unfortunately, my mouth said nothing. And after a beat I realized I was staring at his beautiful mouth, frozen like Bambi in the forest."

A bit of Adam with his girlfriend :)
"The moment was broken by a shrill female voice erupting from inside his room. 'Hartleeeeey! I need you to hang this photograph, so you won't forget me while I'm in France. But I can't decide which wall!'
Hartley rolled his eyes just a little bit. 'So make three more of them, baby,' he called. 'Then you'll have it covered.'
'Honey?' came the voice again. 'Have you seen my mascara?'
'You don't need it, gorgeous!' he called, tucking both crutches under his arms.
'Hartley! Help me look.'
'Yeah, that never works,' he said with a wink. 'Good to meet you. I have to solve the great makeup crisis.'"

During one of their games (Adam and Corey play a hockey video game) when she was losing ;)
"'You know, you depend too much on your team captain,' Hartley said one night, when I was losing.
I wasn't about to tell him, but the reason I was losing that night had very little to do with my center, and everything to do with the fact that Hartley was not wearing a shirt. I'd spent the last half hour trying not to drool over Hartley's six-pack."

And the last one ;) when Corey visits Adam in the hospital after some minor procedure :)
"'What did you bring me?'
'An italian sub and a bag of chips. And Gatorade.'
'Have I ever told you that you're beautiful?'
'Any time I offer you food.'"