Friday, July 31, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) july/august edition

Ok, to be fair, I should have posted the "july" edition of this post before the month in the title started... ;) but I take full responsibility for this... it was the result of a few things that came together in the same time and some books slipped through the cracks... but don't worry, I was able to find them ;) let me explain... :) at the end of june, when I should have done it, I was actually away on vacation so my mind wasn't very concentrated ;) plus, some of the authors I actually discovered in july, so it would be impossible for me to write about them earlier... or would it??? Sorry for that weird joke :) and last but not least, apparently if you do not update your "read" list on goodreads, it does not have the magical ability to read your mind and send you notifications about authors that you secretly read... ;) I know, I was shocked too ;)

So all in all, I decided to combine the july and august edition, so you won't miss some really cool books :) and it actually turned out ok, since I have for you three books from july and one from august :) but just you wait for the september edition... cause let me tell you... there are books that I'm gonna be raving to you about... ;) it definitely will be another long-kind-of-babbling-but-I-hope-still-cute-and-charming post ;) but that is not for another month, so let's dive into this one first :)

First... and if you can buy just one book this should be it ;) is Penny Reid and her newest book "Truth or beard" :) it's a contemporary-sort-of-romance and it's the first book in her new series Winston brothers which is kind of a spinoff from the Knitting in the city series... or to be more accurate, the fourth book in that series, when we meet the only sister of the seven siblings in that family :) if you follow my blog on a regular basis... and I think that you really should ;) you may know that I'm halfway through that first series :) but even though I haven't read all of her books, I feel confident enough to recommend it to you :) she has the most amazing, quirky, funny and wonderfully weird style of writing :) and I mean it in the best way possible ;) plus, if you're not doing it already, you have to start following her on facebook :) her posts are hilarious and I just adore how much she interacts with her fans :) I actually have a very interesting news about her, but I will share it with you at the end of this post so pretty please, be patient :)

Second book that came out in july, and I'm definitely looking forward to try this one, is "Stolen and forgiven" written in collaboration by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan :) it's the first book in a new series Branded packs :) I'm very curious about this one, since I love another series written in collaboration, Bayou heat and since Alexandra Ivy is the co-author of both of them, I feel pretty safe that I'll like this one too :) plus, I'm recently in a mood for some paranormal-shifter-sort-of-romance so this one is perfect for me :)

The last july book that I want to tell you about is another contemporary romance, but based in the world of F1 racing :) it's actually a sequel to "Revved" by Samantha Towle and it's titled "Revived" in fact I'm finishing this book at the moment, so you can expect a full review in the near-ish future :) I always recommend to read series of books in order, but if you are more interested in the second one, you can start with it :) and let me tell you, that I'm loving this book just as much as the first one, and it's a very good sign :)

The one and only book from august that I want to tell you about is "Rage and Killian", the newest addition to fantastic Bayou heat series by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright :) it's a paranormal romance series with shifters, a bit of magic, and sizzling chemistry ;) I'm always looking forward to new stories in this series, cause they all feel like another chapters to this bigger story... cause we get to see how the main couple come together, but there are always so much more happening in the meantime and we never get enough answers to satisfy our curiosity... :) and even if we do, we have tons of new questions ;)

And now for the very exciting news that I have for you ;) recently Penny Reid posted on fer facebook a calendar of some sort ;) it includes all of her future books for two years ahead :) if I would come up with the idea to sign up for her newsletter, I would have known about it sooner ;) so are you ready for the best... news... ever...?!? ;) there's gonna be more books after "The hooker and the hermit"!!! :) if you loved this book almost as much as me... because let's be honest, no one loved this book as much as me... ;) but I will graciously allow you to love it almost as much as me... ;) then you are now just as excited and thrilled as I was when I first read the news ;) I think I actually squealed... ;) at this point I don't even really care who will be the main couple :) I'm just infinitely grateful there will be more ;) the original picture came without all of the hearts and exclamation marks... these are just my goofy way of showing excitement ;) 



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A very special post... ;)

Ok, you guys... first, a little confession... this is a very special post for me, cause it's my first birthday post that I share with you ;) and yes, today is my birthday :D so that's why I decided to write about something else for a change ;) it is actually my first not-book-related post ever, despite the name of the blog ;) I hope you guys will stay with me and read it to the end... I promise not to bore you to death, and if you like my usual babbling you'll like this one too ;)

So with that in mind... :) I decided to share with you something about me, cause I feel like we've become a very special kind of friends :) and I want you guys to know me better ;) of course I would love to know you better too, so feel free to comment ;) and stay with me till the end cause I have some amazing quotes for you... :) what kind of quotes I can have in this sort of post you ask? That is an excellent question :) a very cool ones, that's for sure ;) stay with me and you'll know all about it :)

So first of all, I would like to tell you more about how I write :) at the beginning I did it differently... just sit down when I had the time, write a post, check it for spelling and everything... :) and then I would post it all in one sitting ;) but in time I realized that I was missing some stuff and found a way to make my posts better and more detailed :) now, what I do is take notes when I read :) I write down my feelings and impressions about characters and plots, mark pages with quotes I'm thinking about adding to my future review :) and a lot of other ideas that are flowing endlessly in my head about this blog :) and let me tell you... there were a lot of times, when my best ideas just had to appeared right before I fell asleep... and it's always the same monologue that I have with myself:

Get up and write it down.
But I don't want to....
Get up or you'll forget about it.
I'll remember it in the morning...
It never works like that... you'll forget about it and then be mad, cause it was a really good idea.
But.... it's so comfy and warm in here... oh fine... ;)

At which point I reluctantly get out of bed and get my phone, cause I write notes on it :) So now, when I'm sitting down to write a review or some other post, I'm able to make it longer, cause my notes help me with details :) and now I usually start with a "first draft" sort of thing :) I write down all my thoughts and impressions :) full of typos of course ;) but it helps me to go back to it the next day or couple of days later and built more on it :) and the last thing you should know about my reviews, is that I prefer to write about my feelings and impressions instead of copying the blurb and/or summaring the book... that's why I always prepare for you links below the cover in my reviews :) that way you can quickly check all the info that you want and you know from the start is this book is part of a series or a standalone :) cause for me it's a pretty important information :) I always like to know if there's more in case I love this one :) hope you guys like my style :) I try to pretend that it's a conversation between us and try to think about questions that you might have, or things that you would like to know :) but of course... and I cannot stress this enough :) I love, love, love when you guys leave me comments, cause I love our actual interactions, not only the ones in my head ;) this style of writing definitely works for me and I feel like it fits me very well as a person ;) I might change it a bit in the future, but don't worry, you won't loose you're quirky and slightly weird book reviewer ;)

Now that you got a little "behind the scenes" from me :) I think it's time for something more personal... ;) you already know how much I love books, but movies are another one of the things that I adore to do... :) I love watching movies in general... well, except for horror movies, I can't even watch trailers for those, cause I have waaaaay to vivid imagination and can't sleep later :) I kid you not... when I have to watch one, cause it's a preview before my actual movie when I'm in a movie theatre, I have to close my eyes and it helps only half way since I can still hear the dialogue :) but back to more pleasant types :) I love to watch different genres, but definitely prefer action/fantasy stuff when I go to the movie theatre :) cause when I pay to see something on a big screen, I like to get something in return... ;) not only a story but some cool special effects as well ;) I love me some good comedy, but I can watch it easily at home :) and since we are in the movie theme I'll tell you about my favourite movie of all time :) and don't get me wrong... I love a lot of them, but this one holds a special place in my heart :) you may be surprised... ready? :) it's "Stardust" :) I don't know if all of you know it, but if not, you absolutely have to see it :) it's a mix of all that I love... romance, comedy, adventure, action, fantasy and magic ;) theoretically it's an adaptation of a book, but it doesn't have a lot in common with it... in this case I don't mind, cause I like the movie better (I know, please don't hate on me, it works that way for me in this case ;) ) not only I love the main characters played by Claire Danes and Charlie Cox, but the secondary characters, including (among many others) talented Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Mark Strong and Ian McKellen as a narrator are jus as amazing :) and don't get me wrong, I am not saying that this movie is perfect and without any flaws... I'm just saying that it's a perfect blend of everything I love for me :)

I thought that I would write about something else for you, but I realized I got a little big carried away and this post is already very long :) so I will leave the rest of my thoughts for some other occasion :) hope you guys are still with me at the end of this ramblings :) so to finish, I'd like to thank you all so much... for reading my blog, for commenting every time (I'm looking at you Elena ;) I love them all and I'm always looking forward to reading them) I would keep writing even if I would do it just for myself, but knowing that other people read it and actually buy books based on my recommendations... it's an amazing feeling and I'm grateful for it every time it happens :) but the biggest thank you goes out to my sister... I was really lucky, cause not only I have a sibling, but I have the best... sister... ever... ;) seriously, you guys... she's amazing :) you don't know half the stuff she does for me :) she always supports me and I know I can count on her :) I love that we have so many things in common, that I can talk with her about books and fictional characters as if they're real for hours and she doesn't think I'm crazy :) I couldn't wish for a better best friend... I love you my little sister (oh come on... you'll forgive me for using that just today ;) ) and no... I'm not crying... it's just... I have something in my eye... ;)

As a proof of how awesome she is, I have quotes that I promised you at the beginning of this post... which you started reading last week ;) not only I got very cool gifts, but she managed to find one of the best birthday wishes ever :) so here they are for you :) I hope they will brighten your day as they did mine :)

"Hope you love your new age. It loves you because it looks good on you."

"Forget about the past, you can't change it. Forget about the future, you can't predict it. Forget about the present, I didn't get you one. Just kidding!"

"They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.

"I hope that your birthday is as much fun as you are, but that sets a very high standard."

"Your birthday says 'one year closer to cougar' but your looks say 'can I see your ID?'"

"Happy birthday to someone who is smart, talented, pretty, creative and fabulous! (I love that we're so much alike)"

"Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest."

"As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes and I can't remember the other two."

"I wish you to:
- have a hidden talent like Elsa;
- have a sense of humor like Anna;
- have a huge library like Belle;
- be hard working like Tiana;
- have a personal dragon like Mulan;
- always hit target like Merida;
- go to a ball like Cinderella;
- have a lot of guys around you like Snow White;
- be refreshed like Sleeping Beauty;
- have beautiful hair like Rapunzel;
- be brave like Astrid;
- have an imagination like Alice;
- have a beautiful voice like Ariel;
- have crazy friends like minions;
and have your very own 'she lived happily ever after...'"



Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review: "Zack" by Sawyer Bennett

Author: Sawyer Bennett 
Title: "Zack" 
Book 3 in series Cold Fury hockey 
Main characters: Zack Grantham and Kate Francis

This is the third and final book available in this series... I mean as of today... cause that first part sounded a little bit ominous ;) so let me be clear... there will be more :) in fact, the fourth book is just around the corner ;) and by that, I mean september, but still... it's not that far away... ;) sorry for the confusion, but it's sunday, so be nice and just let this one slide... ;) if you read previous books... or not, but it's in the blurb so it can't be counted as a spoiler, Zack lost his long time girlfriend, and a mother of his son, in a car accident... this book picks up around four months after that accident... Zack is starting to get back to the team and now he needs a nanny, since the season starts soon... enters Kate :) well, not literally, since it's actually Delaney, Zack's sister who picked her, but you get what I mean ;)

I think the best word to describe Zack in this book is guilt... he's feeling guilty, because he was driving the car... because he survived and Gina died... so he's feeling guilt, and nothing else... fortunately for him (and us, cause otherwise it would be pretty depressing book) this changes with the arrival of Kate... oh, Kate... I absolutely love her... I mean, all of the characters that Sawyer Bennett created are amazing and it's a pleasure to read her books, but I think Kate is up till now my favourite character in this series :) she's smart, super funny in the most geeky, dorky way possible :) as she calls herself at one point, and I agree that it describes her perfectly, she's adorkable ;) she instantly has this amazing connection with Ben, Zack's son, but it's because she's great with kids :) she's confident, understanding and very honest... I seriously cannot find something that I didn't love about her :) so they are like night and day, at least at the beginning :)

Their "relationship", cause I can't use that word in a normal way, since it starts as just-sex-with-strict-nothing-more-rules type of thing, especially since there's Ben, that they have to think about, is complicated... plus, he thinks that he will never be able to give her anything more... but in time, she gets under his skin... unfortunately, because his mind is consumed with dark thoughts and guilt, which you can totally understand given what he went through, he doesn't really see that at first... and I especially hated his way of treating Kate when she starts to be friends with Sutton and Olivia... I mean this whole servants-don't-socialize-with-my-friends thing (he doesn't use those exact words, but the meaning is pretty clear) is horrible... I mean seriously, in what century we live in... ;) so sometimes he's an ass, but you can understand his confusion and struggle... and his speech to Kate at the end of the book is really moving ;) so I forgave him everything ;)

Besides the main couple, we can't forget about little Ben... he is so cute that he'll make you smile a lot of times ;) and of course people from previous books also makes an appearance :) and we meet Ryker, the hero from the next one... and let me tell you... september can't come soon enough ;) I cannot wait to read his story... :) and Sawyer Bennett does that to me with every book in this series... I read one, and she puts this bits and pieces about future characters in it, so I have to read the next one... when the situation happens again... :) and the vicious cycle is complete ;) so now I can only hope that she will write and write these books forever ;)

I'm definitely in some sort of contemporary and/or sports-themed books mood ;) I can't read anything else, even if I try... and let's be honest, I don't try very hard ;) cause I keep finding awesome books that are the beginnings of an even more awesome series... and I can't stop reading... ;) hey, I'm not complaining, just stating facts ;) so join me in this amazing reading journey and give this book a try :)

I have some quotes for you today, although there aren't as many as I would like, but it's only cause Kate babbles a lot ;) and when I say a lot I mean really, really a lot ;) and I can't put here a quote, that would be longer than my whole post ;) but believe me, she's amazing ;) her whole attitude makes her a friend that all of us would love to have :)

As a proof, some of the nicknames that she uses on Ben and Zack :)
"Mr. Tadpole Climbing a Beanpole, Miss Sparkly Skates, Hell On Skates"

Part of the conversation between Kate and Sutton :) (Kate starts)
"'Do you think I should try to talk to him?'
She gives a snort and picks her fork back up to attack her salad. 'Talk to a man? Seriously? You don't have much experience with them, do you?'
'Don't you talk to Alex?' I ask with a grin.
'Of course I do,' she scoffs. 'But it's a battle half the time. And trust me, that's a man thing.'"

And as the last one... who says that during sex? ;)
"'Oh, Jiminy Crickets,' she mutters in her soft southern voice, and there's a grin a mile wide on my face as I look down at her.
'You're such a dork,' I tease her. 'Who says Jiminy Crickets while they're being fucked?'
She laughs softly. 'I do. And you haven't started fucking me yet.'"



Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: "Garrett" by Sawyer Bennett

Author: Sawyer Bennett 
Title: "Garrett" 
Book 2 in series Cold Fury hockey
Main characters: Garrett Samuelson and Olivia Case 

To finish/edit this post I'm gonna need my writing juice, so excuse me for a second... ;) ok, I'm back with my super huge cup of sweet-full-of-sugar iced coffee and I'm ready ;) would you just look at that cover.... <wipes a little bit of drool> sorry, got distracted a bit ;) but I'm gonna say that I spilled my coffee... that's the less embarassing version ;) ok, but back to the book... :)

I have to admit, that I was a little bit afraid, that I wouldn't enjoy this one as much as the first one... Why? I'm so glad you asked ;) do you sometimes get this feeling when you start a totally new series by author you haven't read before and you absolutely fall in love with it? With the writing style, characters, chemistry... oh, the chemistry... ;) but then you're a little hesitant before starting another book in that series... cause you're not sure if it will live up to all the expectations... :) it happens to me very often... fortunately, in this case, I was nervous for nothing :) cause it was amazing :)

I knew Garrett before... a little bit... ;) and he stole my heart with his charm and flirting from the very first scene :) but he is so much more than just this one-night-stand-kind-of-a-guy :) he was just never interested in a woman for more than one, two dates... and I use the term "date" very loosely ;) but throughout this book we discover that there is much more in him than we thought... he's a very brave, strong, loyal person... and when he cares for someone, he cares very deeply... and of course the fact that he's a very skilled smooth-talking guy definitely doesn't hurt ;)

Olivia is a bit of a free-hippie spirit :) it's easy to understand why, when you meet her mother ;) and what a scene it is when Garrett (along with us) meets her for the very first time... :) just wait and see... ;) plus, she has the most colorful friend ever :) Stevie is this totally flamboyant-owns-everything-he-is gay and I loved him from the start.... but this beach/paradise themed thing he did for Olivia at one point in the book was absolutely adorable... :) see how I was able to tell you about it without actually telling you about it? ;) spoilers-free-zone :) I was really afraid that the fact that she's sick will be kept a secret for a long time (and I hate when that happens in books) but fortunately, she tells him all about it pretty quickly... Olivia fights with her illness with the help from her friends... and Garrett when he learns about it, but I really didn't like her asinine idea about Garrett and their relationship that she gets near the end of the book... although I can understand where it came from... I still think it was stupid... but I loved to see who helped her see the true reasons ;) 

I also really love the fact that in this book we have again chapters from both Garrett and Olivia points of view :) and it's just as good as it was in the first one :) I came across couple of opinions, that some people don't like this changing of perspective, that it's hard to keep up with and might be confusing... and I get that... we all have our likes and dislikes :) I just happen to love the switch ;) especially when it is done in a way that you actually see the difference between the characters ;) otherwise, why do it? ;)

But don't worry, this is a book with a very happy ending... I would not recommend it to you otherwise ;) for me, a good book has to have a happy ending for the main couple... they might go through pretty tough stuff, but they have to end up in a good place... and don't start hating on me, cause I have no problem with other books or people who love them... it's just, for me reading is my way of relaxing... a little escape from reality ;) ok, sometimes more than a little cause I tend to disappear from the world when I dive into a really good book ;) that's why a happy ending is a must on my checklist ;) and this one has a truly beautiful one... especially the epilogue, set 41 years later... :) you'll love it :) so definitely don't worry and start reading :)

And since I was going on and on about how Garrett is a charming smooth-talker I just have to give you some examples to back up my words ;) so here they are :)

Part of the first conversation between Garrett and Olivia :)
"'So, do you have a boyfriend?'
Her head snaps up to me and a small grin forms on her face. 'Nope.'
'Nope,' she says as she holds her left hand out and wags her fingers to show me no wedding ring.
She smirks at me. 'No.'
'Potential lover?' I ask, raising my eyebrows.
'No.' she says and chuckles.
'Damn,' I say miserably as I clutch at my heart. 'So there's no hope for me?'
"Not at the rate you're going.'"

And another one some time later (but sooner than you think) ;)
"'So, as far as candy goes... I'm partial to Snickers,' Garrett says out of the blue.
I lift my head to grin at him. 'Is this your attempt at pillow talk?'"

When they are at the beach :)
"'I was thinking,' I muse out loud, sinking my feet deeper into the hot sand.
'See... that's a problem for me,' Garrett rumbles from beside me. 'You're supposed to be relaxing, so quit exhausting that brain of yours.'"

And the last one... don't get me wrong, he has amazing scenes with other people, it's a total coincidence that I picked only quotes from his conversations with Olivia ;)
"'Have you ever wondered what it is that could cause a man like me to give up his philandering ways and only have eyes for one very hot and sexy woman?'
'Just to be clear... that woman we're talking about is me, right?'
Garrett swoops in and gives me a swift kiss, pulling back just as quickly. 'Yes... I'm talking about you, dork.'"



Saturday, July 18, 2015

Flashback review: Bride quartet series by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts 
Bride quartet series

I'm super happy to present to you our very first "flashback review" :) to those of you who doesn't know exactly what that means, here's a quick recap :) I'm posting on my blog reviews of books that I'm reading now, so they're usually new... or relatively new, since sometimes I'm discovering new authors and books that I love, that were published some time ago ;) but before I started all of this, I read hundreds of other books :) and some of them I re-read a few times... ok, some of them even more than a few ;) so this reviews will be my way of introducing to you some of the books that maybe you haven't heard about before, but which holds a very special place in my heart ;)

I'm starting with one of my favourite series from a writer that I truly love :) it's a closed series, and all four books take place in a span of a year... it's about four women, who are best friends, have a business together (organizing weddings) and live together... but don't worry, it's a pretty big property ;) now let me tell you a little bit more about each book... :)

The first one, "Vision in white" is about Mac, the photographer, and Carter, who's a high school teacher... and when I say teacher I mean with elbow patches and everthing, professor kind of type ;) Mac lives in the pool house, where she also has her studio :) the way they meet is absolutely adorable ;) his sister is getting married, so he's accompaning her to a meeting :) Mac spills something before on herself, and while she's in the middle of changing, and only in her bra, Carter walks in on her :) and he walks in on her cause he's lost ;) he tries to get out of there so quickly that he actually bumps into the door ;) it's really cute ;) she has a crappy mother and a father who doesn't really care about her, but he's family is sooo much better, especially his sister :) and let's not forget about Bob :) he's a friend of Carter and he thinks of himself as this brilliant date advisor... I mean he even prepares a list for Carter, of things that he should do, so the date would be perfect :) the first book is more of a big introduction of secondary characters... don't get me wrong, Mac and Carter get their story and a beautiful happy ending, but the series just keeps getting better after this one :) the more you know these people, the more you love them :)

The secong book, "Bed of roses" tells the story of Emma, the florist, and Jack who is an architect/constructor :) Emma is a total romantic, with a big, wonderful, loving family... :) she lives in the guest house :) Jack comes from a broken home and has a huge commitment issues... he's best friends with Del (hero of third book and brother of a fourth book heroine) so he and Emma knew each other for a very long time, and it makes difficult to change that dynamic into something more... maybe that's why they hide their relationship from others at the beginning... in this book, since we know most of the characters pretty good already, we get much more fun interactions :) like when Emma's family organizes Cinco de Mayo party and invites everyone :) plus, Emma likes to play matchmaker... meaning she goes out with a guy, but when she gets to know him better, she actually decides that one of her friends would be perfect for him, so she kind of gets them together ;)

The third one, "Savor the moment" is about Laurel, the baker, and Del, a lawyer and brother of Parker, heroine of the last book :) Del comes from a very wealthy family, the property with the house and everything on it, actually belongs to him and his sister... he's more mature and when he decides what he wants, he will go for it with everything he got ;) Laurel lives in the main house with Parker... she's more cynical and distant... she comes from a poor family and believes that she's somehow "worse" and doesn't "deserve" to be with Del... but don't worry, it all turns out great in the end ;) in this book, there are one of the most fun group scenes in the whole series :) the Fourth of July picnic/baseball game and a little they-have-a-mini-orgasm-everytime-they-think-about-finally-having-free-time getaway the girls planned for everyone are just hilarious :) and that getaway includes a game night with a trophy and everything :) can you imagine the competition...? ;) but my favourite scene is with a wicked math ;) let me explain... when Del and Laurel starts to date, they give themselves 30 days without sex to see if it's going somewhere and if there's something more between them, because they don't want to mess up their friendship... and there comes a time, when Laurel does some really wicked math to prove, that the deadline already passed, so technically they're actually late ;)

The last book, "Happy ever after" is about  Parker, the... it's hard to explain with just one word, so let's just call her the organizer, cause she takes care of everything ;) and Mal, an ex-stuntman now turned into a mechnanic :) he's totally this tall, dark and mysterious type ;) and we can't forget about his amazing mom, who has adorable troubles with technology :) Parker on the other hand gives off a little bit colder, more sophisticated vibe... a little bit more "do not mess with me" vibe, that apparently works for everyone else, but not Mal ;) he's the guy, who finally understands her work, and she's the woman, who finally gets him to open up :) it's really quite beautiful :) this one, besides telling the story of Mal and Parker, is a fantastic conclusion to the whole series... :) cause we get to see not only Carter's sister wedding, but also a wedding of our very first couple, Mac and Carter :)

I would absolutely recommend you to read those books one after another, because the core characters appear in all of them... so when you get to know them in the first one, you only get more curious about their story ;) plus there are tons of fun group scenes... :) the girls have sexy breakfast stories ;) a little ritual that they do the next day, after one of them was on a really gooood date :) and of course this kind of a breakfast have to include waffles/pancakes and not oatmeal ;) plus there's this really amazing thing that they do with picking out a wedding dress when one of them gets engaged ;) guys on the other hand have poker nights, which are also super fun ;) and since they often help women during some of the weddings, and there are a lot of weird stuff that can happen there ;) so be prepared for the unexpected ;)

Because the women live together, it gives us a chance to see how close they are with each other :) even though they are all totally different ;) both women and men are diverse, not only in looks, but also in personalities, so everyone will find someone for themselves, that they'll love more than the others ;) the same can be said about the dynamics in each couple and their story of how they got together, so all of you will be able to find a story that moves you more than the others :) to be honest, I'm not able to pick my favurite couple, or book :) they all have something that I love... either a main character, or some truly wonderful scenes :)

Like in life, these books are full of both fun and sentimental scenes... characters, that you would love to be friends with... :) I hope you will give them a try, and fall in love with that series just as I did... but before I leave you, I just have to quickly say a big "thank you" to my favourite sister, who helped me immensly with this post :) you truly are the best and I'm forever grateful to have you by my side :)



Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: "Alex" by Sawyer Bennett

Author: Sawyer Bennett 
Title: "Alex" 
Book 1 in series Cold Fury hockey 
Main characters: Alex Crossman and Sutton Price

I found out about this book thanks to the wonderful people from "The locker room" facebook group :) seriously, if you love sports themed romances... and even if you don't ;) you should check it out :) I would thank personally the individual who recommended this series, unfortunately, I can't find the thread, so it has to be anonymous :) either way, I really hope that you will read it and know that you made my day, when you helped me discover this amazing books... and I say books, cause I already started another one in this series ;)

Now back to the book... it was fantastic :) truly wonderful... :) there were chapters from both, Alex and Sutton points of view, which immediately bumped it higher on my favourite books list ;) I really love this jumping between main characters, to see what's in their heads... especially when it's done as good as in this case :) this is a story of a really gooooood romance... between two people with hard pasts... she overcame it and came out of it stronger than ever, and he's still fighting his demons... it's all very complex, but I love characters with depth, and not just this shallow people that you sometimes get :) but what I loved the most, and what I think may be the biggest plus of this book is honesty between Alex and Sutton... there is no playing games... to grand promises... no pretending... there's just this "there's something between us so let's see where it's going" :)

Now about the main characters... :) Alex really is kind of a douchebag... and that's just me being polite ;) at least at the beginning, he acts that way... I mean, from the start I actually love that he's honest about himself, and doesn't pretend with anyone... but there's a reason fans call him "MVP" which in this case stands for Most Valuable Prick ;) he's an amazing hockey player, but hates the game... he don't get well with his teammates... the only reason why he's still on the team is because he really is that awesome :) and it's truly fantastic to see how he changes throughout the book... how he discovers new sides to himself, that even he didn't knew he had... and it's all thanks to Sutton... ;) but don't get me wrong, it's nothing that she does consciously... it's just how she is... I think she is one of my favourite female heroines in romance novels... :) she's so put-together, knows what she's worth... she's this truly inspiring, radiant person, who influences people all around her :) it's actually really adorable to see how Alex is different around her... without actually realizing it at first ;) and what is one of the best qualities in her, she can totally stand her ground... even with Alex :) she's not intimidated by him at all :) although maybe it's because she doesn't know about his all-star-arrogant-hockey-player ways, since at the beginning of the book, the only thing she knows about hockey is that it's played on ice ;)

Secondary characters in this book are also super fun :) I love her adorable family... and yes, there is such a darker past there with her birth father, but her "real family", how she calls them, is absolutely wonderful... :) her brother is just the best kid ever ;) and as the book goes on, and Alex starts to interacts more with his teammates, we get to know more about them... and this is the moment when you feel really happy to know, that it is an ongoing series :) cause let me tell you.... I'm super curious about other books :) but I'm actually glad that the second book is about Garrett, cause he stole my heart a little bit in this one ;) especially because after joining the team, he totally ignored Alex grumpiness and everything else and just didn't left him alone, until they were friends :) so I can't wait to read about his story, and the girl who will finally get his attention for longer :)

I have to admit that the ending and epilogue were so cute and adorable, that I think I was actually going "aaaawwwwww" for most of the time reading them ;) but it was sooo sweet :) I can't say more about it, because I don't want to spoil anything, so you just have to trust me... :) and have I ever disappointed you before? ;) so believe me when I say, that this book is an excellent start to what very quickly is starting to become one of my favourite sports-themed-romance series of all time :) it's smart, sexy and hilarious all in one excellent package and I'm very glad that I can share these books with even more people, who maybe haven't heard about them before... and that thought is truly scary... ;)

And because I love you so much... maybe even as much as I loved this book ;) here are two quotes for you ;) I would give you more, but there were too many to choose from, so let this be just an appetizer, and the rest of them you can enjoy when you read the book ;)

Part of the first conversation between Alex and Sutton :) (Alex starts)
"'Look, you might as well know I'm here under protest.'
'Really?' she asks, her voice satiny smooth but filled with sarcasm. 'I would never have guessed.'
'You'll find out soon enough that I'm not easy to work with.'
'I've had experience with difficult people.'
'I probably won't show up half the time you're expecting me and the other half I'll be a prick.'
'At least you've given me a heads-up.'
Christ. Didn't this woman knew when to be daunted by something?"

And another one, just a little bit farther down the road ;) (Alex starts)
"'You're like the good little angel that sits on my shoulder telling me positive things and acting as my conscience.'
'And that's a bad thing?' I ask with a laugh as I kick my tennis shoes off.
'Well, the corrupting little devil is usually dressed in a really sexy outfit and that is so much nicer to imagine.'
Snorting, I pull on the first skate and start to tighten the laces. 'I can be corrupting too, you know. I have layers.'"



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review: "Revved" by Samantha Towle

Author: Samantha Towle 
Title: "Revved" 
Book 1 in series Revved 
Main characters: Carrick Ryan and Andressa "Andi" Amaro

I actually didn't plan to read this book so soon, but my sister started it before me, and immediately came to me, like after a few chapters, and said that I have to read it next :) I mean, you should've seen her... ;) she came, told me that, and after I wasn't convinced stood next to me with a scary face... ;) like for real... scary-kind-of-scrunched-up-furrowed-brows-and-everything face ;) so I didn't have a choice and after bursting with laughter, I started it ;) and she was right... again :) this is actually the first book that I've read that takes place around Formula 1 and racing and I really enjoyed it :) so if you know about some others, please let me know ;) but before I make you do my job, let me recommend this one for you ;)

I have to honestly say, that I loved this book... even with the push-and-pull connection between main characters... I was afraid that it would be annoying, but to my surprise, it wasn't :) it actually made a lot of sense... both of them has their issues, hurts and fears that goes way deeper than they admit... plus, they're young, so the lack of proper communication with each other is understandable... ;) and it is a really intense world :) but you cannot argue with the sizzling-hot chemistry that they have together.... ;) so I was rooting for them the whole time... even if sometimes I really wanted to smack one or the other to help them realize things a little bit faster ;)

Even though Andi had this whole I-want-to-be-with-him-but-can't vibe, I really liked her... because I understood where this whole stuff and problems were coming from... and it wasn't just your stupid, made-up drama... no, she actually went through some traumatic stuff as a kid... and it's not a big spoiler, since it's in the prologue, so I'm gonna tell you... can you imagine what it must do to a ten-year-old, if you witness the death of your race car driving father during a race? So I couldn't judge her... I mean, she could handle the explaining part better, but hey... if it were too easy, the book would be half as long ;) and Carrick.... my oh my Carrick... he's just a poster boy for a bad-boy-but-still-cute-and-charming driver.... I mean, with the blond hair, blue eyes, that smile and that accent... come on, he's got an irish accent... I mean seriously, how many times one can read about a hottie with an accent, before one starts to consider moving to another country to find someone with that kind of an accent... ;) and I really loved how he kept calling her by her full name the entire time... can you imagine kept hearing "Andressa" with an accent? I would have a crush on him too ;)  

Besides the main couple, secondary characters in this book were really great :) I'm seriously girl-crushing on Petra right now ;) I hope she will get her book or at least throughout the series we get to read about her happy ending :) and it's not only her... there's also Benny and just so much more that I'm not gonna list them all here ;) but I am gonna say, that I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel :) cause Leandro makes a very memorable appearance in this book and I'm soooo curious about his story :) fortunately, it was published just days ago :) and my sister already inhaled it and said, that it can also be read as a standalone... sure, you always get a little bit more depth of the characters if you read them in order, but hey, if you're more curious about the story between Leandro and India, go ahead and check it out ;) you can look forward to my review of that book probably in a near-ish future ;) oh, and a fun bonus about "Revved" is that throughout the whole book we get names of artists and song titles in some of the scenes, which really helps with setting the mood, and picturing it all in your head... at least it worked really well for me :)

And because I love you so much I'm gonna again leave you with a few quotes, that I hope will help you see how amazing this book is and what a great connection Andi and Carrick have :) so you get even more curious and you'll read it sooner ;)

"'You're Andi... my new mechanic?' His eyes are wide with surprise.
I have to suppress the smile I feel. Tilting my head to the side, I put my hands on my hips. 'I am.'
'Well, fuck me. I was expecting someone...'
'With a penis and a deep voice? Sorry to disappoint.'"

"'So you missed me then?'
I turn my face to look at him. 'With every fiber of my being.' I deadpan.
A smile tips up his lips. 'A simple yes would have sufficed.'
'Why be simple when you can be amazing?'"



Sunday, July 12, 2015

Review: "The hooker and the hermit" by Penny Reid and L. H. Cosway

Authors: Penny Reid and L. H. Cosway 
Standalone, but... more in the review ;)
Main characters: Ronan Fitzpatrick and Annie Catrel

Can I have your attention please... :) I have a very important announcement to make... so here it goes ;) my sister read this book first and after finishing it, she immediately started to tell me... repeatedly... ;) to read it :) and I kept telling her that I will eventually get to it... but she was very insistent that this book is soooo amazing and awesome, that I have to read it NOW!!! :) finally, I gave up, cause when she puts her mind to something, she will get it done ;) so I read it... ;) and you guys... it was soooooo goooood... ;) it instantly became one of my all time favourites :) so I officially admit that she was right and as a result can freely use the words "I told you so" ;) and if they are not enough for her, she can instead change them to what Sheldon Cooper would say, which is "I informed you thusly" ;) so pretty please, learn from my mistakes and drop everything... maybe not everything, if what you're holding is pricey and/or holds sentimental value ;) but otherwise, drop everything and go read it :) you'll thank me later... and I will graciously not use the words "I told you so" ;)

Now that we have this over with, let's talk about the book itself :) don't you just love the title? ;) at first, I was like whaaaa...? But apparently "hooker" is a posision in rugby, which makes now so much more sense and fits this book in the most perfect way ;) you already now how much I loved it, and there are sooo many reasons why... ;) first of all, I think it's because of Annie... I mean, come on... she's a blogger, about different stuff, but still ;) she's socially awkward... and I mean really socially awkward... she blushes and has trouble speaking around people... she's clumsy... but she's also super smart and clever... and she's just amazing with written words... a lot better than actually talking with people face to face :) seriously, it's kind of like looking in the mirror... kind of freaky ;) we even have the same name :) so I'm asking, where is my funny and sexy rugby player?!? ;) <sigh> ;) and speaking of Ronan... with his tattoos... and inappropriate flirting...  and accent... oh my, the accent... ;) you all know how accents are one of my biggest weaknesses... and to top all that, it's not just any accent... oh no... it's an irish accent... <sigh again> ;) not to mention that I'm a total sucker for guys who ends sentences with the word "...... love (or sometimes it's luv)" ;) seriously, don't tell me that it's only me... ;) oh, and I almost forgot, Annie has the most amazing way I ever heard of how to cuss ;) it's in the quotes at the end of this post :) I'm so totally starting to do that ;)

The book is written by two authors, but it's very well put together :) also, there are two perspectives, so we can read both from Annie and Ronan point of view :) I really liked that, because you get a chance to glimpse into their minds, and it was done amazingly :) recently, all of the books with this type of writing (dual points of view) goes to the top of my list, cause I really love it :) plus, the book was super funny... I laughed soooooo much ;) I mean, the e-mails... her posts... the beginnings of each chapters :) this book is full of hilarious little diamonds that will put the biggest smile on your face ;) and not only is it funny, it is also super-sizzling-hotter-than-I-suspected hot ;) there are a few very... ekhm... interesting scenes ;) <wink wink> to Elena, you know what I mean ;) let me just say, that I will never be able to look at seatbelts in a normal way ever again... I mean... daaaamn... sometimes even my iced coffee wasn't cold enough ;)

As to the fact that this book is a standalone... :) I really hope that they decide to write something else together... because there is definitely a lot of potential for next books about some of the characters that we meet in this one :) so maybe we should start a petition... or a campaign of some sort ;) because I really need more ;) and you will too, once you read it :) in the meantime I will definitely try out some books written by L. H. Cosway :) I knew Penny Reid work before, but after loving this one so much, I have to see if L. H. Cosway is able to charm me the same way again ;)

I tried my best to find some funny quotes for you, but there were just sooooo many... ;) so with the help of my sister, here's just a few of them, but believe me when I say that the full book is sooo much better ;)

This is the amazing way in which she cuss ;)
"'Bollocks, bitches and Battlestar Galactica' I mumbled. I have a bad habbit of mumbling curse words when I'm aggravated; honestly, I think I might have a mild case of Tourette's. To soften the string of foul language and make me feel like less of a freak, I try to throw in a pop culture reference at the end. It usually works, but not today."

Part of a conversation in an elevator between Annie and Ronan :)
"'Mr. Fitzpatrick, that button is only supposed to be pushed in case of an emergency.'
'I'm living up to my bad boy reputation then, aren't I?'"

She has a blogger friend, who sometimes sends her silly jokes ;)
"'Hey, why did the hipster leave the ocean?'
'Because it's too current... ba-da-da-dum.'"

And this is what happens when she trips on a walk with Ronan :)
"'Whoa, are you all right?'
I nodded, scowling at my clumsiness. 'Sorry, I'm just obviously... I'm not good at walking... sometimes.'
'Well, you can't be good at everything,' he teased.
I felt my scowl give way and I rolled my eyes. 'Yes, of course it would be too much to expect that I'd be a proficient walker.'
'Luckily for you, I'm quite gifted at walking. Here,' he said, sliding his arm around my shoulders and pressing me close to his side, 'if I hold you like this, then you can share some of my mad walking skills.'"



Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: "Friends without benefits" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid 
Book 2 in series Knitting in the city 
Main characters: Nico Manganiello and Elizabeth Finney

Before I started this book I was in a bit of a rut... I just couldn't decide what I want to read next... paranormal... historical romance... urban fantasy... something contemporary... I couldn't make up my mind... finally I decided to read something that would make me laugh :) written by author that I already loved before... :) so I decided to start this book... and it was an excellent decision, because the first sentence improved my mood immediately ;) here it is for you guys: "I recognized him instantly even though the last time I had seen him in person he was seventeen, naked and asleep. I was sixteen, haphazardly dressed, and sneaking out his window." Ok, so technically it's two sentences, but you know what I mean ;) not to mention, that her dedications are always fantastic :)

I was afraid that after fabulously amazing, totally surprising and hilariously funny first book this one wouldn't be as good... but fortunately I was wrong :) on the one hand it's so much different than the first, but on the other hand, they were very similar... let me try to explain :) it was different, because the couple in this book and their relationship is not the same as Janie and Quinn's... I mean, Nico reminds me a lot of Quinn, since they both are very stubborn and relentless :) and handsome, let's not forget that ;) but Elizabeth is definitely not Janie... and don't get me wrong, I really liked her and I loved to see her journey and how she changes throughout the book... I just liked Janie a little bit better ;) but only a little bit :) so even though the couple and their story is so much different, the overall feeling of the book, fantastic style of writing and funny comments makes this one excellent addition to the series :) plus, the fact that she cannot pronounce his last name correctly the whole time is adorable ;)

The story of Nico and Elizabeth is... complicated... they have so much history between them... and I don't mean just funny or awkward, but there are also very sad events and memories that makes it harder to reach their happy ending... but I was cheering for them throughout the whole book, even though sometimes I had the need to grab Elizabeth by her shoulders and shook her a little bit to help her realize some stuff ;) on the other hand, Nico and his twinkling eyes had me on his side from the very beginning of the book ;) and he speaks italian... mmm... I think I would have the same reaction as Elizebth if I would hear him speak italian... ;) but I think that we already established my soft spot for guys with accents and guys who speaks foreign languages... ;)

In this book we also get to know a little bit more about the women from the knitting group... and let me tell you... I love all of them and can't wait to read their stories :) fortunately for us, each and every one of them will get her book :) a little break for my happy dance... ok, I'm back ;)  

So I absolutely encourage you to read this book :) I'm starting to think, that lovely Penny Reid will very soon become my go-to author when I want a witty and sarcastic humor, sexy flirting and a story that will grab me from the start and won't let go until I finally knows how it ends :) don't you just love a good series, when books fit together perfectly, and yet each stands on it's own and is different? Cause that's my favourite kind ;) and this is exactly this type of series, so don't wait any longer and just read, read, read ;) 

Last but not least, I also have for you some quotes, because apparently I can't help myself ;)

"And looking like sex on a stick - if sex were Italian and the stick had an unfair amount of charisma - he sauntered towards us."

"I narrowed my eyes. Maybe he would look less appealing and edible if I narrowed my eyes."

This one needs an explanation :) because apparently when parts of Elizabeth's body stops responding to her brain and make up their own mind, they all have one go-to response ;)
"I clenched my jaw and willed my feet to stop.
Brain: Stop, feet.
Feet: ... I like cookies.
My feet kept moving."

And what she says to him, when she walks in on him just in his black boxers baking... ;)
"The torso of magnificence and thighs of splendor. You want to cover up?"



Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guest review: "Reaper's property" by Joanna Wylde

Author: Joanna Wylde 
Book 1 in series Reapers MC 
Main characters: Horse and Marie

I'm very proud to present to you our very first "guest review" post :) as I explained previously, this is a review that I created with my sister, about a book that she read :) because it is the first post that I'm writing about a book that I haven't actually read myself, I hope it will all go well :) we had a big brainstorming session about it and I will do my best to describe to you all of her impressions and thoughts :) are you ready? Cause I'm not sure I am... ;) but let's start either way... ;)

First things first... don't you get immediate "Sons of anarchy" vibe just looking at that cover? ;) and let me tell you, they just get better and better... ;) my sister even saw the main character looking like Jax... even though he's blond and Horse definitely isn't ;) but maybe it's because of her withdrawal symptoms after the show ended... ;) she was a big fan :) and just like the show, this series is not for everybody... it's not your typical romance, and it's not your typical group of characters... although we do get a happy ending for the main couple :) their world is darker, more intense and more violent, but it doesn't mean that there is no room for fun, laughter and more mushy stuff ;) oh, and if cussing bothers you, then you should think twice before starting this book ;) just saying, you've been warned ;)

Some of you may be offended by the words "old lady" and "property" when they are used to describe women... I know I would be, if a guy would propose to me out of the blue to wear a vest with "property of..." but it is sooo much more than you think... :) it may seem to you wrong and bad at first, but when you actually get to know more about their world, rules and hierarchy, you start to realize the whole meaning of this... and deeper bonds that are connected to it :) so don't be judgy and give yourself a chance to truly understand it, before you totally reject it :)

This book is like a collision of two worlds... on the one hand, we have this amazing brotherhood of men, connected by so much more than meets the eye... they are one, big family... definitely not your typical family, but a family nonetheless ;) there are rules, that you can't cross without major consequences, but when you become part of that family, they will not give up on you easily... and you get to see what it looks like from the inside, thanks to the scenes with Horse and his brothers... ;) and on the other hand, we get a chance to look at them from the perspective of a woman, who's not a part of their world... she doesn't understand the rules and doesn't know what to expect... just as we :) everything is new :) it's a very interesting mix... :) but don't get me wrong, she is absolutely not some sort of wallflower... oh no, she can kick ass in her own way ;) and as we get to know more about the club, and meet more members, we are getting more and more curious about their stories... fortunately, this is an ongoing series :)

What is the most important thing that you need to know about this book? It's not a simple story... it's full of multi-dimensional characters... their world is complex... so don't judge, before you actually get to know them...;) plus, you wouldn't think that guys with nicknames like "Picnic" or "Bam Bam" can be scary... ;) but they totally are ;) don't worry, it's not just your orgies and guns and strip clubs... although they do own a strip club, but that's beside the point ;) there is also time and place for family barbecues with kids ;) so like I said, keep an open mind ;)

The best compliment that can be said about this book is that my sister read it non stop... whenever she had a free moment, she read... more than a couple of times she almost missed her bus stop ;) we decided that it's a combination of both, fantastic style of writing and extremely captivating story... you just can't put it down... even if sometimes you really should, especially in a public place... ;) fortunately, we now have a very hot weather, so you can blame the blushing on the temperature ;)

I think that writing this post actually went better than I expected... :) so much better, that I convinced myself to read this book ;) so I will definitely put it on my to be read list... maybe not on my short list... although can you still call it a "short list" when there are sooooo many books on it? ;) I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing this :)


A and J

Saturday, July 4, 2015

What's next... my little ideas ;)

Hello to all of you my lovely readers... :) I'm writing to you on this beautiful and hot weekend... and I don't mean just summer-hot... no no no... I mean heatwave-hot... so if I'm gonna start babbling or stop making sense, I'm totally blaming the weather and temperature ;) I think the only reason I'm able to put like half a sentence coherently together, is because I'm drinking my super sweet and yummy iced coffee :) I allow myself just one of these babies per day, cause the way I make it, it's full of sugar ;) so I drink just one cup... one huge, gigantic cup... ;)

I wanted to share with you my two ideas about future posts, that will happen very soon :) I have a lot more of them just bouncing inside my head, but they are still in the developing stage ;) and of course if you have some ideas or suggestions, please let me know :) I would love to hear what you think :)

Ok, so the first idea is a "flashback review" :) all of my posts that are titled "Review..." are about books that I finished recently, and I'm writing them with the characters and details fresh in my head :) but before I started this blog I read tons of other books... ;) so my idea is this... from time to time I will post "flashback review..." in which I will tell you more about a series of books, or just one, that I read earlier :) and recommend you something that you maybe missed... or haven't heard about before :) there may be a little less details, but rest assured, all my impressions will be spot on ;) because even if I may not remember all the details, I definitely remember how a book made me feel, if I loved it or if I'm gonna go back and read it again :)

The second idea is a "guest review" :) it's a little hard to explain... or maybe that's the temperature talking ;) ok, let me try again ;) every post titled "guest review..." will be about a book that I haven't personally read, but about a book that my favourite sister read ;) we are gonna have a very lenghty and detailed discussion during which I will write down our thoughts :) after that I'm gonna do my best and put them together in a nice little post ;) then she will edit it with me and I will post it here :) we are after our first brain storming session, and I have a lot of notes :) so our first "guest review" will be posted sometime next week and I hope you'll like it ;) since I never tried it before, we are all gonna see how it will turn out... but I'm hoping for the best :)

Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and finish when I'm still making some sense ;) I wish you all a happy weekend :) take care of yourself and talk to you soon ;)


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review: "Michel/Striker" by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

Authors: Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright
Book 8 in series Bayou heat
Main characters: Michel and Chelsea, Striker and Twelve

What is a better way to start this beautiful (and super hot) summer month... and my birthday month ;) than with a super hot paranormal little romance...? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question ;) cause there is no better way :) so without further delay I give you this delicious little dessert for your summer evening ;) ok, now I'm hungry... so I'm gonna go for a little ice cream break and you just keep reading ;)

I was actually totally caught by surprise by this book... meaning I somehow missed the release... to this day I have no idea how that could've happened... I just know, that I was looking for some other book by Alexandra Ivy and suddenly I saw this one... and I was like... Whaaaaat....?!? What is this?!? And more importantly... how did I missed this?!? ;) I guess it will forever be just another one of those mysteries that you never figure out ;) but let us focus on what happened after I finally found the book ;)

It still amazes me, how good of a story both these authors can create in only a few chapters... I mean, I should have known better after reading this series for a little while ;) would I liked to read more about certain couples? Sure... :) but I can say the same about characters from full lenght books, so maybe it's just me being greedy ;) the most important part is that we get a story for each couple, that does not dissapoint... sometimes I would love just a chapter or two more, but all in all, each story is satisfying :)

This book, as all others from the series, is another chapter in an ongoing story :) each book concentrates on a different couple, but there are a lot of stuff that takes place in many of them, a lot of story arcs that spans over a few books... this keeps you very curious about what comes next :) because even if one story arc comes to an end, there is a lot more that starts and keeps you guessing and wondering what's gonna happen ;) I really can't say a lot about characters from this book... I can't say anything really, without major spoilers, so I'm just gonna encourage you to give this series a try if you're a fan of one of the authors... or both ;) and even if you are not familiar with them, but you love a good-sexy-paranormal-shifters story, this one is a perfect fit for you :)