Thursday, April 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) may edition

It's this time again... ;) to share with you books that I just can't wait to read... although my to-be-read pile is already so big that I swear... there are days that I'm convinced that my tombstone will read "crushed by her own books" ;) but it would be such a good way to go... death by your biggest passion... ;) but back to the good stuff :)

I think the book that I am the most excited about is "The friend zone" by Kristen Callihan... :) I loved the first one and I am wondering if the second will live up to all my expectations... and let's not kid ourselves... who does not love a good romance with a hot football player... I don't hear any objections... ;)

The second, and a very close one, book is "Born of defiance" by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I have to be honest with you... if someone would tell me that I will love so much a sci-fi-fantasy-sort-of series that takes place in outer space on different planets and worlds... I would not believe them... and yet here we are, seven books later, and I am in love :) so trust me, it's worth it ;)

As to my third choice... when my sister first heard that there is a book about a dragon shapeshifter and a woman who wants to steal something from him she was immediately sold to that idea... :) as was I :) and now, seven books later, and as much novellas (that are as good as full lenght books, which is not easy) we are still in love with the series... so I am very happy that very soon I will have an opportunity to read "Midnight's kiss" by Thea Harrison :)

And of course let us not forget about new addition to the Guardians of eternity series by Alexandra Ivy, "When darkness ends"... I don't know about you, but I can't wait to read the story of smoothtalking Cyn ;) plus, her books are always funny and sexy... just a perfect read for warmer days that are just ahead of us :)

As you probably know, thanks to my recent review of "Revenant" I am a big fan of  Larissa Ione and her Demonica series... so I just had to put in here a novella that is gonna be published in "1001 dark nights" anthology... "Hades"... ;) come on... that name alone gives you chills... ;) no...? Just me...? Oh well.... ;) that is not a problem, I'm just gonna sit here and drool all over myself waiting for the story of a fallen angel with a blue mohawk ;)

I have to admit, my to-be-read pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger instead of smaller... it's like I read one book and in the same time add another four... but I love it ;)



Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: "Revenant" by Larissa Ione


Author: Larissa Ione 
Title: "Revenant" 
Book 11 in Demonica series
Main characters: Revenant and Blaspheme

I've read this book about four months after it was originally published. It waited on my to-be-read pile for all this time and all I can say for myself is... I forgot how good this series is... it's the only explanation ;) I mean, it's a coping mechanism... :) like when a series is so good, that if you have to wait for a year for a new book, you just force yourself to forget how good it is, how well written and how much you love the characters and the most important part... how curious you are of what's next... ;) because otherwise the wait would be impossibly long... ;) so all I can say is that I was extremely successful in the forgetting part and now I'm kicking myself for that, because I could have read it so much sooner :)

And what a beautiful book it was... :) now I again remember why I love Larissa Ione writing style ;) it's funny and moving and sexy and touching and just absolutely amazing all in one book :) I have to confess that I even teared up a little in a scene or two... it's one of the highest form of compliment from me... when I'm so invested in the characters, their story and their fate that I keep forgetting that they are just fictional people from a book :)

It is truly brilliant how Larissa Ione was able to change and evolve this series taking us from one story arc to another in a way that feels effortless... and closing some major story arcs in this book ;) because it is sort of an ending but not exactly ;) let me explain... :) she posted on her blog epilogue to this book and a "what's next" post (here's a link for you) where she explains what's in the future of the series so you can breathe again, it is not the end :) I know I certainly felt relieved ;) I don't want to write more in my post because I don't want to spoil anything, so if you are curious right now, click on the link and find out ;)

The author creates a world, that is so easy to fall back into, even if you forget some details from previous books ;) each of the stories in this series (because I treat all of the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance books as one Demonica series) captures you and won't let go until the very end... and the farther we were in the series the bigger the obstacles in front of our main couple... and with each book I was talking to myself (which I do often, especially while reading ;D ) "How they can overcome this? How can they actually be together?" And each and every single time she just gives us solution and I'm like "I didn't see that one coming" or "I see what you did there... good one" ;) and it was the same with this book... although I have to admit, that I absolutely did not see that one coming... but it was both surprising and very satisfying :) as a reader, I'm very happy :) it is a definite must-read for not only Larissa Ione fans, but for every reader who loves a good paranormal-romance-adventure-sexy-funny-a-little-bit-of-fantasy book out there :)



Sunday, April 26, 2015

Not exactly PBD but...

A couple months ago I wrote a short post about a PBD... Post Book Depression - that sad feeling you get when you finish a really good book ;) Now I want to write about something similar, but not exactly... it's more of a positive feeling... let me try to explain :)

It's this feeling... I still don't have a name for it ;) that you get after finishing a truly amazing book... not a sad feeling... more like... it was so good, that you have to wait a few days before you read another, because through comparison, every book will be worse... and you need time to truly appreciate something else... so you have to take a break from reading...

I went through this less than two months ago, when I finished "Rock hard" by amazing Nalini Singh. That book was so great and fun to read, that I needed a couple days just so I could truly enjoy something else... so the next book won't look worse and pale through comparison ;) but I wrote all my super-happy feelings in a review of it and it helped me to move on ;)

And I'm going through it now... yesterday I finished "Revenant" by talented Larissa Ione and I'm lost again... in the best possible way... ;) that book was so amazing, so moving and so well written, that again, I need a few days to process it fully, so I can move on to something else... do not worry, a very ecstatic review will be posted shortly, just give me few days ;)



Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review: "Angel and Hiss" by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

Book 7 in series Bayou heat
Main characters: Angel and Indy, Hiss and Gia

This is another installment in highly entertaining Bayou heat series :) and I have to admit, it still amazes me how good of a story you can write in less than ten chapters :) and introduce a group or two of new characters... :) and throw some big revelations about the "Big Bad" of the second story arc... :) and give the impression that the smaller "Big Bad" will maybe get his own story someday... :)

This series is just getting better and better with each story... and I really love it, because it's not easy... more than once I experienced this with other books... the start of the series is very promising... a couple of more books are still good, but they do not have that "special" something... and then it's just down the hill... disappointment... :/ that's way I believe it's very important to be thankful and show a little appreciation when some people do it the right way... the very best way... ;) and are able to keep a series of books intriguing and fun :)

Honoring how short the books are, I'm also gonna write a short post ;) so... if you already know the series, it's an excellent addition to it, and if you don't know it... definitely give it a try... it's a fun and quick read :)



Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review: "Of silk and steam" by Bec McMaster


Author: Bec McMaster 
Book 5 of series London steampunk 
Main characters: Leo Barrons and Aramina Duvall

This is the last book in this particular story arc, which means that a lot of the plots that's been building comes to an end in this book. But of course there are always possibilities (and a few threads left unraveled ;D) for more books ;) and I'm really hoping there will be more, mainly because I am a big fan of this series and this author :)

I was impatiently waiting for this book because I was very curious about the main heroine... Duchess of Casavian was a mysterious character from the moment I met her (on the pages of the book obviously, I am aware that she is just a fictional character, although it's sometimes easy to forget ;) since Bec McMaster writes so good that her characters come very much alive in my mind ;D )

And I have the pleasure of saying that I was not disappointed. This book is an amazing conclusion to an arc that was building throughout 5 books. It's a reward for us, readers, to have the answers to most of the questions we had after previous books, when we learned more and more about this world, it's inhabitants and relationships between them. And even thought there are some casualties (it would be weird if there weren't any if you look at how many stuff happens in this book) I'm looking forward to more books in this world, because I would love to see how some of the characters that I grew to love, will find their happy ending :)

I was a little bit afraid, that the main couple will not get enough time to build a good relationship since so much more is happening in this book (and believe me, there is a lot going on...) but even though very little time passes in the book (I am not counting the epilogue) I was absolutely mesmerized by their chemistry from the very start and the way that the author handled their story :) but I did always loved a character (especially a woman) when at first she appears icy and distanced but there is so much more in her, a fire and passion that she hides behind all those barriers... :)

I thought I would need one more day to finish it, but when I was getting closer and closer to the end I absolutely could not put it down, so I was reading till 1 in the morning last night... ;) and even though I'm yawning right now it is solely because of lack of sleep ;) but it was worth it... ;) an amazing conclusion to an amazing series that I will definitely be coming back to ;) and it's a huge compliment from me, since my to-read-pile-of-books starts to look like a little mountain ;) plus another virtual little mountain of e-books :) but I will always find time for Bec McMaster and her enchanting writing :)