Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Review: "Soulbound" by Kristen Callihan

Title: "Soulbound"
Book 6 in series Darkest London
Main characters: Adam and Eliza May

I have waited a bit with reading this book, even though I was very looking forward to do it... but it's only because it is a very specific kind of a story, and one have to be in a right mood to dive into a kind-of-a-mix-of-victorian-steampunk-paranormal-romance book ;) I was in a bit of a contemporary reading mood for a long time and I needed a change... the only problem with that, was that I knew I wanted to read something else... I just haven't got a clue what should that be ;) fortunately I remembered that this one have been patiently waiting for me and since it is a very unique blend of many genres I figured that now is a perfect time for it :)

What I love about this whole series, is that each and every book is different than the others... don't get me wrong, they create a beautiful story together, but each couple, their dynamic, the journey they have to go to their happy ever after, the main characters... all of that differ in each book... and I love that in a series :) that way each of us can find our own favourite story, while enjoying all of the rest as well :)

The downside of reading so many fantastic series of books is that at some point you have problems with remembering all the details, what happened when, and how did the last one ended... ;) at least I have that problem :) who knows, maybe you guys have a better memory than me ;) so of course I was a little bit afraid that I may have forgotten some important informations or characters ;) if you know that feeling, don't worry :) in this book we have a sentence or few here and there that helps to refresh our memory when it comes to people or events from previous books... and even if you don't remember every little detail, it does not take away the pleasure of reading this book :)

Now about that main couple... :) we met both of them before... :) Adam is the king and maker of GIM (ghost in machine) and a guy with a curse looking for his soulmate... yes, you guessed it, it's Eliza ;) and how does their first meeting goes you ask? it happens in... I wanna say the previous book...? I'm not sure... ;) and what Adam does? he chains Eliza to himself... and we all know how well that has to go... I mean, who wouldn't want to be magically chained to a man you don't know... ;) so they are not off to a great start... Eliza escapes him before the start of this book, but I can't tell you how... first of all, it would include some massive spoilers about characters and events from other books, and second of all... to be honest, I don't really remember all of the details... ;) it's just that I read a lot of books... so after some time, this stuff kind of flies out of my mind... it is not an infinite space after all ;) sometimes it's an upside, cause when I go back and re-read a book, it feels almost brand new... since I don't remember much ;) but back to the main couple... :) Adam and Eliza may start on a very rough grounds, but their relations slowly change... they are both proud, and not very good at expressing their thoughts out loud :)

Besides characters from previous books... and by that I mean people who already got their own book :) we get to see more of Sin... and know of course I have to get my hands on his and Layla's book :) I mean come on... I can't tell you what happens, cause it's too spoilerific ;) but let me just say that I'm gonna impatiently wait till the day this book will be published... :) I would really love to tell you more about certain characters or events, but everything that comes to my mind is absolutely too spoilerific, and if you are new to this series I don't want to ruin in for you :) so I'm only gonna add that you have to read all the books in order, cause they are connected to one antoher, and actions in one of them have consequences in others... and reading them in order is the best way to avoid spoilers ;)

I know that I usually have quotes for you guys, but I read it so fast that it actually slipped my mind to find them ;) because from the start we jump right into action and I was so curious about what's gonna happen next that I totally forgot to pay attention and find some quotes... :) I hope you can forgive me this time ;) all you need to know is that Kristen Callihan is a fantastic writer that creates stories and characters that makes you turn page after page to find out how it'll end :) so be sure to check her out :)



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