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Review: "Married by morning" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 4 in series The Hathaways
Main characters: Leo Hathaway and Catherine Marks

If someone would say to me, when I started reading this series that I would love Leo so much, I would probably laugh in their face... ;) why, you ask? I will gladly answer that... :) when I met Leo in book #1 I didn't like him at all... I will dive into more details about it in a moment... but that is why his transformation between that first book and his own story is so amazing... :) becasue now I am absolutely in love with him... :) so that is yet another magical ability of Lisa Kleypas... ;) she just keep making me love her even more with each new book I read... ;) with all her smart, sarcastic and funny dialogues... swoonworthy heroes and their declarations... <sigh> and that sensual and yet hot as hell seduction... :) what's not to love? ;)

So let's talk more about our main couple... I already mentioned Leo's transformation... I have to admit, that I really didn't like him... I mean, I understand why he was in such a state at that time... he was grieving after losing his fiancee, but he was behaving in a pretty self-destructing way... not only towards himself, but also his family... that's why I really loved the time jump in book #2 :) in the two years he spent with his sister Win in France he changed a lot... time spent outdoors, exercises and drinking less gave us all a chance to see the real Leo... and he is quite a charmer... ;) he's very smart and witty, with a sarcastic sense of humor :) he often plays the role of aristocratic rake, that doesn't really care about things, and treat nothing seriously, but it is just a pose... I love seeing the glimpses of the true Leo... :) and Catherine... we also met her in book #2 :) she is a companion to Poppy and Beatrix, the youngest Hathaway sisters, and she does her best to teach them how to behave in a more aristocratic society... :) she wears spectacles, and is half blind without them... I can certainly relate to that ;) and ties her hair in a very tight bun... she tries her best to stay in the background and do not draw attention to herself... you can deduce pretty quickly that she is hiding from something... or someone... and that assumption is correct ;) she is also extremely smart and there is much more to her that just this proper and official exterior that she presents to the world :)

This book starts when Catherine has already been working for the Hathaway family for about three years... the last one of them with Leo back in England... the only problem with this situation is that from the moment she met him, she instantly disliked him... and I have to add, without any fault of his own... :) at least at the beginning... ;) because when you are faced with such a nasty attitude, what else can you do after trying to take the high road several times? :) according to Leo the answer is: try to annoy the hell of the other side of this conflict... ;) so they engage in this back-and-forth full of insults and sarcastic-double-meaning comments... and since it is a romance, we all know how that will end... ;) after about a year of it, one kiss changes it all... ;) after that, Leo kind of can't stay away from her... ;) because it's obvious that there is this attraction between them... and it definitely make things interesting... :) and let me tell you... once those doors are open... there is no going back... :) cause it is pretty obvious that this animosity was hiding something more... a mutual attraction between them... ;) and after that one kiss... sparks fly in every direction... :)

As for the secondary characters, I am pleased to say that again we see all the Hathaway siblings and their significant others... :) and they are truly a very charming bunch :) I love how devoted they are to each other, how much love there is between them... :) and because of that they do spend a huge amount of time together :) I can't believe that there is only one more book after this one before this series ends... cause I'm definitely not ready to say goodbye... :)

I can't really say much about what happens in the actual book, cause I don't want to spoil you anything... so let me just say this... :) we do get to know Catherine and her story... and even if you can figure some of it out before, this book still have some super surprising twists and turns along the way... :) not to mention sarcastic dialogue... my favourite kind, to be honest... ;) and lots of "aaawww...." moments ;) I love how she pushes him to be a better version of himself... not by demanding anything, but just by being herself... :) and who doesn't love an adorable epilogue...? ;) the short answer is: everyone... me especially... ;) but I think that my favourite scenes are those, when he checks her higher brain functions after a kiss... ;) cause she claims that kisses don't have any effect on her... and he proves her wrong... every time... ;)

I have for you way to many quotes today but I simply could not choose any less ;) so you can see not only the main couple but also the fantastic dynamics in the Hathaway family :) and if that won't convince you to read this book I don't know what will ;) happy reading :)

The very beginning of the book ;)
"Anyone who had ever read a novel knew that governesses were supposed to be meak and downtrodden. They were also supposed to be quiet, subservient, and obedient, not to mention deferential to the master of the house. Leo, Lord Ramsay, wondered in exasperation why they couldn't have gotten one of those. Instead the Hathaway family hired Catherine Marks, who, in Leo's opinion, cast an unflattering shadow upon the entire profession."

Something between Leo and Cat ;)
"'So you actually need spectacles,' Leo finally said.
'Of course I do,' Marks said crossly. 'Why would I wear spectacles if I didn't need them?'
'I thought they might be part of your disguise.'
'My disguise?'
'Yes, Marks, disguise. A noun describing a means of concealing someone's identity. Often used by clowns and spies. And now apparently governesses.'"

Leo and Harry, his brother-in-law ;)
"'Cat went for the interview, Cam and Amelia liked her, Beatrix and Poppy clearly needed her, and no one seemed inclined to question her lack of experience.'
'Of course not,' Leo said acidly. 'My family would never bother with something so insignificant as job experience. I'm sure they started the interview by asking what her favorite color was.'"

Cat and Leo, after she helps him :)
"'Have I thanked you yet,' he asked, 'for hauling me out of the ruins?'
'No thanks are necessary.'
'All the same... thank you.' Lifting one of her hands, he cradled her palm against his cheek while his eyes remained closed. 'My guardian angel,' he said, the words beginning to slur. 'I don't think I ever had one until now.'
'If you did,' she said, 'you probably ran too fast for her to keep up with you.'"

A little banter between Leo, Merripen and Cam, his other brothers-in-law when they tend to his wounds ;)
"'Aren't you going to sacrifice a goat or perform a tribal dance?' Leo asked woozily. 'Or at least chant something?'
'We did all that downstairs,' Cam said. He handed a piece of leather strap to Leo. 'Put this between your teeth. And try not to make too much noise while we're working on you. My son is napping.'
'Before I put this in my mouth,' Leo said, 'you might tell me the last place it's been.' He paused. 'On second thought... never mind. I don't want to know.' He put the strap between his teeth, then removed it temporarily to add, 'I'd rather you didn't amputate anything.'
'If we do,' Merripen said, swabbing carefully around the injured shoulder, 'it won't be intentional.'"

And another one with Leo and Cat ;)
"'I've never hated you.'
Leo stared at her closely, more than a little surprised by the revelation. 'You haven't?'
'No. In fact...' she broke off abruptly.
'In fact?' Leo prompted. 'What were you going to say?'
'You were. Something along the lines of liking me against your will.'
'Certainly not,' Catherine said primly, but Leo saw the twitch of a smile at her lips.
'Irresistibly attracted by my dashing good looks?' he suggested. 'My fascinating conversation?'
'No, and no.'
'Seduced by my brooding glances?' He accompanied this with a waggish swerving of his brows that finally reduced her to laughter.
'Yes, it must have been those.'"

Part of the conversation between Leo and his sister, Amelia :)
"We should all go,' Amelia declared.
'No,' Leo said grimly. 'I'm going alone. When I catch up with Marks, you won't want to be there.'
'Leo,' Amelia asked suspiciously, 'what are you planning to do to her?'
'Why do you always insist on asking questions when you know you won't like the answers?'
'Because, being an optimistic,' she said tartly, 'I always hope I'm wrong.'"

And the last one with Leo and Cat ;)
"'Don't try to be charming,' she muttered. 'There's nothing more annoying than someone trying to make one feel better when one wants to wallow.'
Leo bit back a grin. 'I'm sorry,' he said contritely. 'Go on and wallow. You were doing so well at it until I interrupted.'
'Thank you.' She heaved a sigh and waited a moment. 'Blast,' she finally said, 'I can't do it now.'"



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