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Review: "King of hearts" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 3 in series Hearts
Main characters: Oliver King and Alexis Clark

First of all... I need to say this little thing to my sister... you were right ;) I should have read this book weeks ago :) but we both know how forcing me to read a book ends... ;) so I read it in just the right moment to appreciate how amazing it was :) but don't worry, I'll read the fourth one now, without additional delay ;) but I do have to tell you guys at this moment, that all of the books in this series can be read as standalones... but if you read them in order, you can see some of your favourite couples more, and that's always a plus, is it not? ;) and now let us dive into more details why this book is fantastic and you all should read it... ;)

Let me start with our main couple... about Alexis... now she is a gem :) a hilarious, speaking-her-mind-openly-even-when-she-probably-shouldn't gem ;) to be honest, for her own good, she could use a filter... or two ;) between what's going on in her brain and what's coming out of her mouth ;) but on the other hand this book would be much less entertaining if that was the case ;) she's loud and inappropriate sometimes and a bit crazy and I just love her :) she's a colorful and interesting character and she captures your attention from the start :) Oliver on the other hand... he's this confident, driven and determined man... he's honest, and by that I mean sometimes too honest, cause he seems to not know the meaning of the word "tact" ;) and did I mentioned that he looks like sex on a stick...? ;) cause he totally does... ;) and to top all of that, he calls her "love"... :) and I freaking melt ;) cause if you are not yet aware of that, it is my favourite term of endearment... "love" or an even better version... "luv" ;) <sigh>

There is a spark between them from the start... that turns into some serious chemistry... but since she works for him, and doesn't want to jeopardize it, she tells him that she's a lesbian... I know, right? ;) I mean, what can go wrong with that? ;) but it's just one of the examples what's coming out of her mouth without some brain supervision ;) don't worry, this claim doesn't last very long... it's totally exposed in one hell of a sexy photoshoot... :) I don't want to say more, cause I don't want to spoil you anything but just... damn... :) who knew that all of his suits were hiding... that body ;) I really love how there's no big promises and words exchanged between them... cause none of them expected anything like this to happen... they are both kind of taken by surprise, and start to deal with all of that when... something else happen that change their lives forever... dun dun duuuuunnnnn... sorry, but this moment needed that :) and when I say that it change their lives I am talking about a major, six years ahead jump in time right in the middle of the book :) I know, I was like... what the hell is going on?!? ;) but it works perfectly :) especially if you already read book #2, cause that's when we first met him... and what a different man he was there... drunk all the time, sleeping outside... but don't worry if you haven't read it yet, as I said earlier, this one can be read as a standalone too ;) although I really encourage you to read the whole series, only cause it's that amazing ;) but back to Oliver and Alexis ;) I won't say anything specific about a second part of the book cause... spoilers, obviously ;) but I am gonna say this... they are both different when we see them again... which is not a big surprise, since not only a lot of time passed, but also a lot of things happened in that time... and I just have to leave it at that, even though I am dying to tell you more ;)

Besides our main couple there were sooo many awesome secondary characters... :) I have to start with Karla, she's roommates with Alexis and is the heroine of the next book... which I just can't wait to read ;) you will too once you read this one ;) there's also Bradley, her photographer friend who is absolutely hilarious... there's also Elaine, Oliver's mother whose story was a very emotional one, but with a beautiful ending... there are also some other characters... and I think about one of them in particular, that I can't tell you anything more about... :) that would be too spoilerific ;) but believe me when I say that one of these mysterious characters steals every scene he/she is in ;) all in all, like all her other books I've read so far L. H. Cosway has a way of creating colorful, interesting and absolutely different characters that only add to the whole story :) she has a way of sneaking in all sorts of characters into her books and before you know it... BAM :) you love them and are writing all over the place all sorts of pleas to her about writing and giving them their own stories ;)

Even though it took me a while to finally start this book, I finished it pretty quickly ;) well... I kinda had too ;) I mean, after you reach the second part, after the time jump it's just... you have to know more... how it will end? ;) at least I had this situation, where it was "just one more chapter" and before I knew it, I was reading the epilogue ;) the whole book was absolutely fantastic ;) the first half was more funny, while the second one was definitely more emotional... but it worked together beautifully :) to see the differences in both of them, how time changed them and yet did nothing to all the feelings between them... this book truly is a wonderful and unique gem and I hope you all will give it a try ;)

I have for you a few quotes to show you why I loved this book... and Alexis in particular ;) but there were so many of them that I couldn't put here... since they were too spoilerific ;) and I am talking about a whole lot of amazing things Oliver says to Alexis... mostly that, but also some others ;) so don't wait too long and just check out this book ;) happy reading :)

One of many reasons why I love Alexis... :) she's just my kind of a girl ;)
"I lived on the tenth floor of a big grey tower block in Bethnal Green with my BFF, Karla. The stairs were a hassle, but I had to admit that hauling my arse up and down them every day did wonders for my glutes. Too bad my penchant for cake undid all the good work."

A little exchange at the beginning of the book between Alexis and Oliver, when he apologize for being maybe a bit too direct ;)
"'You'll have to get up a lot earlier in the morning to offend me, Mr King.'
His lips pressed together. 'Really? How early are we talking?'
I suppressed a laugh and smiled. 'The crack of dawn, pretty much.'
He let out a playful sigh. 'It's a pity I treasure my beauty sleep.'"

Part of a conversation between Alexis and Karla :) Karla first :)
"'The Silver Bullet is putting on a ska night on friday,' she said. 'I saw the poster on my way home from work.'
I grinned at her. 'A ska night it is then. We'll paint the town beige, since red is reserved strictly for those age twenty-five and under.'"

A little something when Oliver finds Alexis eating lunch in his office bathroom :) yes, you read that right ;)
"'Enjoying your lunch?' he said, raising an eyebrow.
What was that sound, I hear you ask? Why, it was my heart plopping right out onto the floor and crawling away in mortification.
'I, eh, uh...' I tried to think of an excuse, but drew a complete and total blank. Finally I went with, 'You have a couch in your bathroom.' Yep, that gem was all mine."

A bit of truth when Alexis runs into her ex ;)
"Rekindling a relationship with a criminal was not something smart women did. And rekindling a relationship with a dumb criminal was definitely not something smart women did. I liked to think I was a smart woman. My vagina, on the other hand, was the equivalent of a dumb blonde. And that blonde wanted what she wanted."



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