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Review: "Hearts of blue" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 4 in series Hearts
Main characters: Lee Cross and Karla Sheehan

I swear to you people... L. H. Cosway wants to kill me with those heroes... ;) first she gave me a charismatic and charming as hell illusionist... then she gave me a mysterious knife thrower and fire breather... if that would not be enough, next she gave me a piano playing businessman with a body to die for... and now she's giving me parkour?!? PARKOUR!!! can you make them any more sexy?!? it's like you read my mind... ;) I am gonna die from hotness overload... ;) and it's not just Lee... there are four brothers in this family... FOUR :) I swear, it's like Winston brothers series all over again... when I read one story and then proceed to die a little bit with each and every day, waiting for the next story... ;) ok, that may have been a little bit dramatic, but this book was really that good... :)

Before I'll dive into this one, let me tell you a thing or two about the whole series... :) they are all contemporary romances that can be read as standalones :) I always encourage you to read series in order, cause then when previous couples appear it has more meaning to you, but you get all the informations you need in every book, so you can read them as you want ;) they are all connected more or less with each other, but as I said, all the informations that you need to enjoy a book can be found inside it, so no previous knowledge is necessary :) but as a person who read all of them in order, I have to say that some scenes have more meaning and are just... better ;) when you know more about people in it :) but the choice is yours ;) now let's talk more about this particular one... ;)

Karla is a friend and roommate of Alexis, heroine from the previous book... and a little warning here, if you haven't read the story of Alexis and Oliver, you may find some spoilers about stuff that happens with them in this one... but nothing that will ruin the pleasure of reading their story later ;) she is also a police constable :) this is especially important, when you take into consideration that Lee is... standing kind of on the other side of the law... ;) he's this smooth-talking-charming-your-pants-off-before-you-know-what-happened guy and I loved him from the beginning :) and those tattoos... ;) they both have strong personalities so I was very curious how their story would go.... and I was not disappointed :)

There is definitely chemistry between them from the beginning, even though she tries to hide it... she has very good reasons for this, but I can't blame her for finally succumbing to his charms... ;) but what I love the most about this book is that there is no easy way to judge who is right and who is wrong... because the further we go into the book and the more we get to know about all of them, the more clear is the fact, that nothing is as simple as it seem... not to mention that they are absolutely awesome together... I mean the text messages between them alone are... just... ugh, I can't say anything more... you'll see for yourself ;)

As I mentioned before, we have four Cross brothers :) and Lee is just the beginning :) he's the second oldest Cross, but he's the head of the family :) throughout the whole book, we get to know a bit more about all his brothers, and those little glimpses makes it that much harder to wait for their own books :) fortunately Stu (the oldest one) is next, with Trevor (brother #3) later and hopefully Liam (the youngest one) not far behind ;) and I can't decide which story I'm most curious about... cause I want to read ALL of them right now ;) there were more secondary characters in this book, and they were written really good, but I'm sorry... the Cross brothers got my whole attention and I regret nothing ;)

The whole book (besides the epilogue) was written from Karla's point of view and I have to admit that I wished that I could get inside of Lee's mind... but it was the only thing that would make this book even better than it already was ;) all of the rest was there... :) fantastic style of writing... captivating story, where actions had actual consequences and nothing was magically resolved overnight... and those characters... <sigh> Lee stole my heart ;) and as a bonus L. H. Cosway posted a scene from Lee's perspective on her blog :) I'm not surprised that fans picked this particular blackout scene... ;) you'll understand it once you read the book ;) but I do advise you to check it out after you read the book... or at least the part of the book with this scene ;) here's the link ;) I would love to say more, but I really don't want to spoil anything for you, so I'm just gonna say... go and read it now :) cause she did an amazing job... again... ;) and wrote a book that will definitely leave an impression ;) so I hope you'll give it a try ;)

Here's only some of the fantastic quotes, cause believe me, this book is filled with them :) I tried to pick not too spoilerific ones, so enjoy ;) happy reading

When Karla comes home and finds Alexis face down on the couch ;)
"'Man, the couch must smell really good,' I commented dryly as I came in and set the bag of Chinese takeout on the coffee table. 'Can I get a whiff? I love a good couch-sniffing session.'
'I'm not sniffing the couch,' Alexis whined before sitting up and shooting me the stink-eye. 'I was trying to convey my complete and utter sense of loneliness and despair. You know, like performance art, but shittier.'"

Karla and Lee at the beginning ;) Karla first
"'Take your hands off me right now or I'll arrest you,' I ordered, my tone harsh.
Seconds passed, like he was deliberating over what to do. Then he released me, but not before delivering a final statement, 'One day, Karla, you'll understand that me having my hands on you is never a bad thing.'"

When Karla describes her ex :)
"I'd broken up with him for two reasons. One, he'd been a controlling fuckwad, and two, I'd caught him shagging another woman - on my birthday, in the ladies' bathroom of the club where my party was being held. Nothing like a bit of adultery on your birthday to make you feel like truly celebrating - that was sarcasm, by the way."

Her thoughts on Lee ;)
"I couldn't seem to get away from him. Only yesterday I'd seen him at the football match, and now he was attending my gym. Some higher being was seriously trying to test my willpower. It was too ridiculous for words. So ridiculous that my feet were suddenly glued to the spot as I watched him throw a punch. He wore protective gear, of course, but he had no top on. I repeat: Lee Cross was just yards away from me, wearing no top."

Karla and Lee ;)
'Hmmm,' he mimicked, a grin shaping his lips as he leaned down, his hand braced against the door above my head. 'Miss Sheehan, do you think I'm stalking you?'
Involuntarily, I snorted, and subsequently flushed with embarrasment. Staring at the floor, I muttered, 'My ego's not that big.'
I felt his breath whisper across my skin when he replied, 'It's a good thing mine is.' His wink told me he wasn't talking about his ego."

Another one with Lee and Karla... one of many reasons why I love him... :)
His mouth moved against my hair. 'What is it, Karla?'
'Why are you hugging me?'
'You looked like you needed to be held.'"

One more with Karla and Lee ;) Karla first
"'I practice eskrima, but no, I don't think us training together would be a good idea.'
'Yeah, you're right. All those hormones and sweat flying around, who knows what might happen.' He looked away, smiling into his pint glass.
'You just can't help being a tease, can you?'
He turned back to me and shook his head. 'Not with you, babe.'"

Karla and Lee talking on the phone ;)
"'I'm going to put you on speaker for a minute because I have to change out of my uniform.'
I heard him groan. 'Forget talking on the phone. I should come over.'
I laughed. 'Nice try.'
'No joke. I can be there in fifteen minutes, maybe less.'
'You're incorrigible.'
'Oh, that's fightin' talk. Where'd you learn those fancy words, Constable?'
'Lee, you're flirting again. Quit it or I'll hang up.'
'Okay, no need for drastic measures. I'll behave.'
A quiet fell as I pulled off my shirt and tie, then unbuckled my belt.
'So, are you naked yet?'"

And the last one, this time with Karla and Trevor :)
"My unlikely companion was on his phone again. It was starting to irritate me.
'Who are you texting so furiously?' I asked.
Trevor chuckled. 'I've never heard texting described as furious before. Do my fingers look angry or something?'"



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