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Review: "Elements of chemistry" by Penny Reid

 Author: Penny Reid 
Book 1 in series Hypothesis 
Main characters: Martin Sandeke and Kaitlyn Parker

Ok, first things first... I feel the need to confess that I took a break from this book when I was around the middle of it... and it had nothing to do with the book being bad or whatever... :) and all with me and my mood changing... ;) and since I've been reading for a pretty long time, I know that when my mood changes I have to follow it ;) because whenever I force myself to read a book it never ends well... :) so when suddenly in the middle of the story my mood changed, I listened to it and pressed pause on this one ;) and once again it was a great decision :) <pats myself on the head and says "good brain"> ;) cause after a break I got back to it and it was amazing :) and thanks to my note taking while reading I should be able to write you a review that will show you how great it was :) so let's dive into more details... ;)

Kaitlyn and Martin are both in college and are lab partners in chemistry class :) she's socially awkward... which I can relate to... :) maybe not as much as Kaitlyn, but still ;) she's also super smart and very analitycal... she has this process of going through what happens to her and around her that sometimes I was a bit jealous of, cause I tend to get lost in my emotions... ;) but back to our main characters ;) Martin is also super smart... and he's on the rowing team so we have brain and muscles with him ;) but don't worry, he's not perfect... because who likes perfect heroes, right? ;) he's confident, borderline arrogant... and I added "borderline" only cause I'm nice ;) he's also distant and definitely has this alpha I-know-what-I-want thing going on ;) to be honest all the time I was reading this book I had flashes of "Neanderthal seeks human" cause Martin and Kaitlyn non stop reminded me of Janie and Quinn :) and hey, it's not a bad thing :) "Neanderthal seeks human" was the first Penny Reid book I ever read and I immediately fell in love with her quirky writing style and unique characters :)

If I had to put them all in order, I think this one would be my least favourite Penny Reid book... and don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that it was awful or anything like that... :) I mean, one of her books had to take this place, and for me, it's this one... I'm sure that for some of you it will be her favourite book that you will re-read over and over again, and that's awesome :) there's a reason why we all have different taste ;) I just hope we can all respect our choices :) and the reason why I liked this one the least is the relationship between Martin and Kaitlyn... oh, there's a lot of chemistry, and I can't really argue with that... my problem was the timing... at least in the first half of the book... ;) cause this whole sweeping-away-for-a-week-on-an-island-and-falling-in-love situation is a bit too much too fast... ;) it's very intense and a bit unrealistic for my tastes... but then we have around nine months jump ahead in time... and we see the change in both main characters... :) and that's when the book really had me... :) what I also liked is that she didn't care who his family is and she wasn't intimidated by them... she saw him as his own person :) well, she was affected by his body in a certain way, but who can blame her for that... ;) let's just say that he has a nickname "Stroke" for a reason ;)

Besides the main characters we have also both their families... I don't want to talk about Martin's family, cause they are not good people... and let's just leave it at that, since I don't want to spoil you something that we find out a bit further in the book... but there is a reason why Martin is the way he is and why some interactions are hard for him... on the other hand, Kaitlyn's family is definitely peculiar, but they do love and support her... even if sometimes it's expressed in an unexpected or weird way ;) there is also Sam, Kaitlyn's friend and roommate :) she's a fun character and I do hope this book wasn't the one and only time that we've seen her ;) and I can't forget about Abram... <sigh> ;) he's gonna be the hero of the next book in this series :) at least if nothing has changed since Penny wrote about it in one of her newsletters ;) and I do hope it didn't cause I immediately found him interesting when I met him in this book and I really need to know more about him ;)

I really enjoyed this book :) and even though I will never love Martin as much as I love Alex... <sigh> oh, Alex... I swear, I can't explain it logically, but he just melts my heart... :) or Duane, who at this point is my favourite Penny Reid hero #2 :) but it does not mean that this story hadn't had its moments... :) and I do mean all of them... hot and sexy moments... hilarious and sarcastic moments... along with swoonworthy and "aaawww..." moments :) but I tend to expect nothing less from Penny Reid :) she has this amazing and totally unique way of writing... :) I want to be friends with the women I meet on the pages of her stories... and don't even get me started on her heroes... ;) she slowly ruins me, cause now my expectations are getting higher and higher... ;) so if I'm gonna end up a spinster I am blaming you, Penny ;) but all jokes aside, before I forget, you may be unaware, that there is an amazing fb group of Penny fans ;) so if you like her books, be sure to join Sharks of awesome :) they are a daily doze of hilarious, and sometimes very inappropriate ;) memes, pictures and stories... not to mention the amazing support they have for one another :) at this point I would like to thank you all amazing people for bringing a smile to my face every single day :) you guys are truly awesome :)

I have for you some quotes, because you can say a lot of things about Penny Reid books, you can like some stories and/or charaters more than others, but her writing style is always spot on and smart and quirky and unique all in one :) I love her and she constantly makes me laugh :) so happy reading ;)

A little something between Martin and Kaitlyn :) Martin first
"'Do you hide in the cabinet often?'
'Is this an everyday thing?'
'No. Only on special occasions, like when strange people arrive to plot your demise.'"

Some of the things that's going on in Kaitlyn's mind ;)
"One day I would persuade my grandchildren to gather 'round while I put in my good dentures - the ones with no space between my two fronth teeth - and I would tell them fot the millionth time about how Hercules had once accidentally kissed me in the chemistry lab at my Ivy League University."

Kaitlyn and Martin after that kiss in the chemistry lab ;) Kaitlyn first
"'What was that?'
'That was necessary.'
'Yes. That needed to happen.'
'It did?'
He nodded once and bent as though he were going to do it again. I stiffened, my hands moved instantly to his chest and I thwarted his advance - because if he started kissing me, it was surely a sign of Armageddon. Also, I was so far out of my comfort level, I was in an alternate dimension."

Part of a conversation between Kaitlyn and Sam ;) Sam first
"'You should tell him face-to-face that you don't want to go. You should explain your reasons why and establish boundaries for future interactions. And you should have me there as your representative to make sure he doesn't try to zap you with his sexy ray.'
'Zap me with his sexy ray?'
'You know what I'm talking about. I barely saw him and I'm feeling the effects. He's got like an... electromagnetic pulse of sexy or something. So does his friend, Eric. They're a menace. They shouldn't be allowed in public.'
'That's not how electromagnets works.'
'Whatever. You get my point.'"

Another something between Martin and Kaitlyn ;) Kaitlyn first ;)
"'I'm not bringing anything because I'm not going.'
He squinted at me. 'You promised.'
'Under duress.'
'I wasn't holding a gun to your head.'
'No, just holding yourself to my body. That's quite enough to put me in a state of duress.'"

Again a conversation between Martin and Kaitlyn ;)
"His gaze skated over my face then flickered to my hands, still fists on my lap. Then he gave my hands a smile. Apparently they amused him.
'Are you going to hit me?'
'I don't know,' I answered honestly. 'It depends on if you take your pants off again.'
'You'll hit me if I take my pants off?'
'Yeah... I might give you a junk punch.'"

Why I adore Sam and hope that she will get her own story ;) she and Kaitlyn ;)
"'Thank you, Katy. Just... thank you for this moment.'
'You're welcome. Never say I didn't give you anything, especially since there are four more shirtless rowers on their way.'
'I will die happy here, today, in this spot,' she sighed.
'In your puddle of lust.'
'Leave my puddle of lust alone. Get your own puddle.'"

And the last one with Kaitlyn, Sam and Martin after the girls went rowing :) Kaitlyn first
"'I'm not blushing. It's just warm in here.'
'Whatever. I'd high-five you if I could move my arm.'
'How do you think I feel? You're already an athlete, I hurt in places I didn't know existed.'
'You're the idiot who wanted to learn how to row. Why, Kaitlyn? Why? Why would you do that? Why would you ask that sadist to teach you how to row? Why?'
I tried to shake my head but I couldn't. 'I don't know. Shut your whore mouth. I just want to die.'
A knock sounded from the door; Sam and I said in unison, 'Come in.'
Martin poked his head in. I moved only my eyes because even my neck muscles were sore.
'Hey, you ready?'
'No. I've decided to die instead.'
He considered me, assessing, then asked, 'Are you sore?'
'I would nod but I'm too sore.'"



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